Valentines Day Poems: Valentine’s Day is a special day for many. It is a day to spread love and spread joy. Telling your special someone that they are loved and that you care for them is important everyday, but Valentine’s Day is another day to say “I love you,” that is meaningful and symbolic. If you have given someone your heart you should remind them to nurture it and take good care of it. Telling someone that you love them keeps a relationship happy and positive. Words mean much more than we give them credit for. Words can heal and words can cure. Words of course can also break a person, this is why it is important to share words of love with your significant other at all times and especially on Valentine’s Day, which is a day all about showing love and affection. These poems convey a special message and remind loved ones how much you value and cherish them.

Happy Valentines Day Poems

Happy Valentine's Day to a love that is true
There is nothing in this world that I wouldn't do for you
You are the brightest light in my life
You shine brighter than any star
I love you more each day
I love when you are near and I am sad when you are far

I've been looking for a love like this my entire life
You are so beautiful and smart
I hope that we never part
You make me feel okay whenever I am having a bad day
You make me smile like no other
You are my shelter
Happy Valentine's Day

I love you more than the sun
I love you more than the moon
I love you more than the rain
You take me out of the gloom
Whenever we are apart I miss listening to your beating heart
Happy Valentine's Day
I never want to be apart

Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend
I feel like our love will never end
When I am with you there is no need to pretend
You are more than my lover
You are my friend
You are my muse
You are my voice
I couldn’t stop myself from falling for you
I had no choice

I love you so much
Happy valentines day to a love that shows
You make me feel so comfortable
You are so important
I love how you glow
You are the one
I hope you know
You are so real
My love for you will always flow

You are my everything
You are my heart
I will do anything for you
I never want to part
You are beautiful like the sun
You are the one
Happy Valentine’s day
To a person that knows how to have fun

Happy Valentine’s day to a love that is true
Your love makes me feel brand new
For you there is nothing I wouldn't do
You are my light
You make me whole
I love more than your body
I love your soul

You are the one
You are my light and sun
I love you more than anything
I want you to wear my ring
Happy valentines day to the love of my life
You are all I need to get by
I never want to say good bye

Happy Valentine’s day to my love
You came from the heavens above
I would do anything to keep you mine
I want to hold you all the time
You are one of a kind
You have a beautiful mind
My love for you is what you will always find

Life is better with you in it
And you are lovely I will admit
You feel like the breeze
And smell like the summer trees
I fell for you at first sight
When I am with you
I am at the greatest height
Happy valentine’s day to my light

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I love you smile
I love your eyes
You are beautiful and you are wise
You always know how to make my day
I love you more than the flowers in May
You are my best friend and the love of my life
You are my sunshine
You are my future and my past
Your love has got a hold on me
Happy valentine’s day
I know this love will last

I will always fight for your love
You make me feel like I am in the skies above
Every kiss heals my sadness
It is nice to have you in a world full of madness
I will never take you for granted
If i did I couldn’t stand it
You are my everything
Much more than a fling
If i ever lost you my heart would sting

You bring out all the colors in my world
When I am with you I never get bored
In my life I hope you always stay
Your love I will always crave
Your love crashes into me like a wave
I love your eyes
And I love your style
For you I will always go the extra mile
Happy valentine’s day
Please stay awhile

When I’m with you I swear that I can breathe
You breath life into me like the oxygen in the trees
Every kiss you plant on my lips I always savor
You are not minor you are major
I will always keep you out of danger
I will always keep you safe and warm
Your heart I will never tear
For you I will always be there
I appreciate the love we share
Happy Valentine’s day
To a love that is rare

I am glad we are on this road together
My love for you cannot be measured
Our love I will always treasure
You can count on me to love you forever
I will never let you be lonely
In my arms you will stay
I will love you each and every day
Happy Valentine’s day to my one and only

I give my heart and my soul
To a love that is true
I am so glad that I met you
I have never loved anyone this much
I crave your kiss and I crave your touch
You are my favorite person in the world
We share so much and I love the time we spend
I hope our love for each other never ends

I love staring into your eyes
You love caught me by surprise
When I see you it gives me a rise
Happy valentine’s day
I am tangled in you
You show me what love is
For you there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do
You make me smile when I am blue
When I need someone to hold me
You are right on cue

You voice is my favorite sound
It lets me know that you are around
In your eyes I see so much
Your hand I always want to touch
Let me know what I can do
To make this the best Valentine’s day for you
You are the person I have dreamed of
You shine brighter than the stars above

I want to wrap you in my love
And hold you in my embrace
Our love is not a race
We can take our time
You and me will always be fine
It feels good to be with you
I know that our love is real
Happy Valentine’s day to a love that is true

You are the first thing I think of when I wake
My heart is something I will always give you
My love you can always take
We are meant to be
You mean so much to me
In love with you I will always be
I grow fonder of you each day
I love you more than words can say

You make my heart soar and my spirit fly
Your love takes me so high
When I am with you
Everything seems brand new
I am deeply in love
I have fallen hard
The love we share
Is so rare
Happy Valentine’s day
For you I will always care

In your arms is where I long to be
Your love makes me feel so free
Your love knocks me to my knees
Your love helps me overcome my pain
In your arms is where I want to remain
Your words keep me sane
Your words heal my soul
When I am broken you make me feel whole

You always know the right words to say
To calm me down and ease my pain
You are the sun when all I can see is rain
Your love I can not resist
Your love makes me want to exist
I am lost in your sea
You mean so much to me
Happy Valentine’s day


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