Thank You Poems for Wife: Wives are incredible. They do so much without asking for anything in return. Here is a collection of poems to say thank you to your wife for all that she does. Whether you want to express your gratitude and appreciation of the little things or the big things, there’s a poem here for you. There are poems here that acknowledge that marriage can be a challenge, poems that reflect on life before and after marriage, poems that explore the idea of fate, and more. Which one do you think says, “Thank you, wife,” the best?

Thank You Poems for Wife

You do so much that goes without praise
Do wonderful things on good, bad, and long days.
You always work hard,
Without keeping any kind of scorecard.
Though I don’t always say it, I have so much gratitude.
Despite my sometimes careless attitude,
I notice what you do.
You’re positively brilliant through and through.
Thank you.

Thank you for loving me the way that you do,
I hope that I do the same thing for you.
You’re simply the best wife that there is,
In all that you do, you’re really a whizz.
You’re supporting, loving, forgiving,
And make every day better for living.
I’m so grateful for what we’ve got,
It’s something that could never be bought.

On that special day, when we said “I do”,
I can’t say that I had any clue,
What you would mean to me, my wife,
How much you would change my life,
You’ve made everything better, day by day,
It’s something I could never repay.
Every day I’m grateful to know
That we’ve go many more years to go.

You’re the rainbow to my rain,
You’re the soothing balm to my pain,
You’re the morning to my night,
You’re the resolution to my fight,
You’re the right to my wrong,
You’re the harmony to my song,
You’re the up to my down,
You’re every jewel in my crown.
You’re the absolute love of my life,
Thank you for being my wife.

I know that putting up with me can be a task,
But you do this and so much more for which I would never ask.
You love me, you’re patient, you care.
I’d be the perfect husband if life was always fair.
I’m far from it, but I’ll try my best for you.
Thank you for all that you do.

Did you know that every day is better because of you,
Because of all that you are, all that you do?
Every hardship is made easier with you as my wife,
I am so grateful that have you in my life.
Thank you for loving me every day
In the most perfect, incredible way.

It’s not always laughter, sunshine and smiles.
Honestly, things get difficult every one in awhile.
Yet I never worry because I’ve got you as my wife,
And I know we can deal with a bit of strife.
I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine.
Thank you for being my sunshine.

Time goes fast and sometimes I forget
The million things you do between sunrise and sunset.
The way you think of and help others,
Think rarely of your own problems, and often of another’s.
Thank you, wife, for your selflessness each day
It’s more than I can every repay.

There are days I can’t keep anything straight,
My thoughts, my tie, what I’m doing, the date.
I would lose my head if it wasn’t for you,
You stop my plans from all falling through.
You’ve got a real knack for keeping me on track.
Your support is immeasurable; it deserves endless praising.
Thank you wife for being amazing.

For always being patient and kind,
For always being loving, even when you’re tired
For your sense of humour and your strong mind,
For being all that I ever desired,
For every one of your curves,
For being more than any man deserves,
For choosing to be with me for life,
Thank you, my amazing wife.

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I’m not perfect by any means,
Yet you love me all the same.
You accept me and my scruffy jeans,
You make me feel no shame.
You do these things with grace,
And make our home such a comforting place.
Thank you, wife, for all this and more.
I can’t wait to see what the years have in store.

Dear wife, you’ve made this house a home.
When I was a young man, I used to roam,
Looking for something that I didn’t know,
Then I met you and you loved me so.
Thank for your love and your care.
The truth is that home is anywhere,
As long as it’s with you.

I used to think I’d never settle down,
I’d be on my own, move from town to town.
But then I found you, my lovely wife,
And suddenly there was comfort in my life.
You’ve shown me comfort in stability,
Honour and strength in humility.
I’ve settled down, yet still feel driven.
Thank you for all that you’ve given.

For better or for worse, we said
Till death us do part.
Through every careless word and every unmade bed,
Through the good and the bad, you’ve still got my heart.
You’ve shown me forgiveness, love, and understanding.
Always giving, yet never demanding.
Wife, I’m grateful for it all –
The good and the bad, the big and the small.

Wife, how can I show you how grateful I am?
A romantic trip to Amsterdam?
Shall I decorate the house with the petals of flowers,
Open some bubbles, the world all ours?
A gentle foot rub,
Scented oils in the bathtub?
You name it, whatever you want to do,
I’ll do it to show how grateful I am for you.

I’ve been grateful since the day we met.
I was just going about my life and there you were.
I hadn’t even given a thought to marriage yet.
My friends asked what had happened to me. I said, “Her.”
You’ve made my life better with every day
In the most beautiful and graceful way.

It’s the little things
That give our daily lives wing.
It’s in the way you know how I like my eggs,
The way you gently cross your legs.
It’s in the way you sigh quietly as you read,
The way you value every flower, every weed.
Thank you for everything, big and small.
Wife, you’re the best of them all.

Marriage isn’t easy, even for the best,
And yet you make it seem so.
I feel positively blessed,
So I want you to know:
I’m so thankful that you’re my wife, my better half.
You make me excited and happy. You make me laugh.
I love you without hesitation.
Thank you for being my inspiration.

The excitement I felt waiting at the end of the aisle
Is just as strong now as it was on that day.
You still make me want to smile
As much as when I committed my life to you, my wife, come what may.
Thank you for loving me, patiently, gently.
I will always aim to love you back just as intently.

I don’t believe in fate or the stars aligning,
Our lives are subject to our own defining.
You’re the wife I’ve chosen and choose to love,
No divine intervention to speak of.
And for whatever reason, you’ve chosen me.
Thank you for making me a part of your life.
I couldn’t have chosen a better wife.

Sometimes it feels like everything in my life brought me to you.
When we fell in love, I didn’t know what would ensue,
But I went with it and I’ve felt no regret.
You’re the best thing to happen to me yet.
Thank you for being a brilliant partner and wife,
For helping making ours a beautiful life.

The photos and memories are testament to our life –
I your husband, and you my wife.
The things we’ve done, the places we’ve seen,
The love we’ve shared, and everything in between.
None of it would be possible without you,
Thinking of others in all that you do.
Thank you for being selfless and kind.
Without you, I would unwind.


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