Thank You Poems for Friends:  Friends are an important part of life. It is important to recognize all the positivity and light our friends bring us, especially in times of need. A good friend is hard to come by and this is why you should always let your friends know how much you appreciate and respect them and their efforts. Acknowledging the people in our life for all of the great things they bring us and help us with is a way to bring us even closer to those people and keep those people nearby. Often, friends break apart from one another due to the lack of communication in their relationship. It is vital to consider the ways in which you can save a friendship or savor a friendship. Whether you are trying to stay in touch or simply thanking your friend for being there, a thank you poem can go a long way.

Thank You Poems for Friends

Thank you for all the joy you bring
In times of trouble you always give me a ring
Talking to you always helps the situation
I am thankful for your creation
You deserve a standing ovation
To you I owe my thanks and appreciation
Our friendship has no expiration
You are my motivation

You calm me down and help me control my emotions
You keep me from giving up, you help keep me in motion
You have my full devotion
Our friendship is like the ocean
It is full of life and it is endless
Never will our bond be broken
Never will you and I be friendless

Change is inevitable for some
But our friendship is strong and will not succumb
Losing you would make me feel numb
I want to thank you for all that you have done
With you I have had so much fun
You always know where I am coming from
You shine brighter than the sun

Thank you for being someone that I can trust
Whenever I need your help you never make a fuss
Being friends with you is a big plus
My life is better with you in it
I appreciate your humor and I love your wit
You are more than legit
If you were a song you would be a big hit

Thank you for your kindness
Thank you for your assistance
With you I have never run into resistance
I can depend on you for anything
I hope you know how much joy you bring
You lighten and brighten my day
I appreciate you more than words can say
All that you have done makes it impossible for me to repay

You motivate me to do my best
You are the best friend I have ever had I must confess
Because you are my friend I feel so blessed
The fact that I appreciate you is what I want to express
You give me your full attention
Never do you give me any less

You are always there when I am in distress
Thank you friend
You help ease my stress
When my life is a mess
You help me lift the weight off my chest
I have other friends but you are by far the best
You are loyal and your words are easy to digest

I am so lucky to have a good friend
A friend that does not lie or pretend
A friend that is loyal, honest, and true
A friend that helps me get through
A friend that makes me smile when I am blue
There is no one else in the world like you

You always help me when I am at a loss
You are the most gracious person I have come across
I want to thank you for always being there
As friends we make a great pair
You are always honest and you are always fair
You always know that I am upset and you always care

You are never unaware of the problems I am facing
And you never keep me waiting
Your kind heart deserves praising
You are my best friend and you are amazing
You always keep me on track and you are motivating
If our friendship ended that would be devastating

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How can I ever repay you for the things you have done
I owe more than a lot
I owe you a ton
I am so thankful for all of your care
Whenever I need a helping hand you are always there
Never do you leave me in despair
Together there is nothing that we can’t repair

I hope that this friendship is something that we always share
When I need a helping hand you never leave me in despair
You always show me how much you care
You never deceive me you are always fair
I want to thank you for being a friend that is true
For you there is nothing that I would not do

I will never forget all the fun times that we have shared
In every situation we have faced together you are never unprepared
Your words mean a lot to me and they always will
You are a friend that is far from fake
You are a friend that is real

You always seem to know just how I feel
When I am down in my luck
You make sure I never get stuck
You are a true friend
For you I will always be there until the end
And so this thank you I send
In the end I know you will always be my friend

Thank you friend
I appreciate all that you have done for me to no end
You help me with so much
I am so glad that you are there
I am thankful for this friendship that we share
You help keep my mind at ease and at rest
You are the best friend I have ever had I must confess

Our friendship has come so far
When I am lost you are never far
Thank you for being a part of my life
You are a person with lots of strife
You always try your best, never do you fail
There are a lot of reasons why you are my best friend
Our friendship will always avail

We will be buddies until the end
We are friends and partners in crime
For you I always save time
Thank you for always saving time for me
You are the best friend in the world
You are the bees knees
We never disagree
With you I feel so carefree

You my friend are special
So special that you deserve a thank you
I hope you know that I realize all the things that you do
At the end of the day you always come through
Your voice soothes me and your ideas move me
You are the best friend I have ever had
You make me feel happy when I am sad

There is nothing for you that I wouldn’t do
We are best friends me and you
We will always be close
That is one thing I can guarantee
To the nth degree
When I am lost you help me see
You are truly a part of me
For our friendship I will always fight
Thank you for your foresight

Your light helps guide me on my way
It is always there for me day by day
That is how I know I will be okay
I know you will never run stray
You are a friend who will always stay
Thank you for everything you have brought to my life
I hope that our friendship never fades away

I am so glad to know you
You are my best friend
And I love your mind
You consider my feelings all of the time
I wish I could go back and press rewind
Back to the days when we first met
We made so many memories that I will never forget

You always put me first and for that I am thankful
Your kindness is unbeatable and your good will is unbelievable
When I fall down you are there to pick me up
You pat me on my back and you tell me it will all be okay
I know I can always rely on you to make my day

Thank you for your friendship
It means so much to me
You are one of a kind
I think anyone could agree
You have always made me feel welcome
You have always made me feel accepted
You take away my dread and you help me see
I am grateful for your company


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