Thank You Messages for Baby Shower And Gifts: We love babies and baby showers are thrown to herald the coming of a bundle of joy. Everyone loves a baby shower because they are filled with gifts, food, love and happiness.
By the end of the event, there are usually quite a number of gifts for the baby who is on the way. These gifts have all being thought out and bought with so much care and love for the unborn baby and the pregnant mother and it is only right that the gift givers all get appreciated, this is this article would help.
This article contains an abundance of thank you messages which can be giving to those who gave gifts at a baby shower, these messages can be used exactly as they are on amended by you to fully suit your needs, and it is guaranteed that there is a message in this article suitable for you.

Thank You Messages for Baby Shower And Gifts

Your presence at my baby shower brings me a great deal of joy and I appreciate the beautiful gift you came with, thank you very much.

Your gift is so precious to my heart; I have wanted one of these for so long, thank you very much.

You did not only make time in your busy schedule to be here but you also brought a wonderful gift with you, thank you very much.

It was only after all the excitement had died down I realized I was yet to say thank you for the wonderful gift you gave to me and I hope this message fully conveys my delight and appreciation, thank you.

Darling, your thoughtful gift has gone a long way in creating the baby’s room, thank you very much.

You always give the best gifts and this time you did not disappoint me, thank you very much for this wonderful gift.

You are the very best and you know it, this gift came as a big surprise and I am really grateful, thank you love.

You are an amazing person, though you could not make it for the baby shower, which you were missed at, you ensured that you sent a gift, thank you very much, it means a lot.

I really appreciate everyone at the office for pulling together to get my baby this wonderful gift, thank you very much.

I am honored and grateful that you took your time to make this for my baby, this gift is simply amazing.

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Your gift is a personal favorite of mine and I know the baby would love it more, thank you very much.

I am deeply grateful for all the baby supplies you have given me; you have no idea the weight you just lifted from my shoulders.

Your gift is so thoughtful and so beautiful, makes me appreciate having someone like you in my life, thank you very much.

You not only showed up but brought a wonderful gift too, I doubt I can express my gratitude enough, thank you very much.

I am so sure that the baby would love these gifts as much as my husband and I do and would be delighted to have the love of an amazing person like you, thank you.

I can tell that you put a lot of effort into getting us the perfect gift and I really appreciate it, I know you would play a big part in the baby’s life, thank you for being amazing!

Though you could not be in attendance, you sent

I love your gift; it is beyond perfect, thank you very much!

You and your family put so much thought into putting this gift together and the beauty and originality of it has made it my favorite gift, I am deeply grateful. 

You have always being amazing and special to me and now with this wonderful gift you have given to my baby, I know that you will be even more special to my baby, thank you very much.

I have always known that I had an amazing boss and the gift you gave my baby only reinforces that, thank you very much.

They say it is the thought that counts, and this gift is clearly born out of wonderful and creative thoughts, thank you very much.

You told me you would surprise me and I am very well surprised; thank you very much for such an amazing gift.

You have given us a gift to cherish forever, thank you very much.

I am filled with so much appreciation and love for your wonderfully thoughtful and extremely generous baby shower gift(s), you truly surprised me, first with your appearance, since I know how busy you are and then with all the gifts that you brought with you, thank you very much my love.

My baby is going to have the coolest aunties and I know you would be her favorite, just by looking at your gift alone, thank you very much for keeping up with your traditional of being super amazing; you are indeed a rare and very special gem.

I am thrilled and deeply grateful that you could come for my baby shower and help me celebrate the joy and happiness of this special period, because you mean the world to me. Your gift is one of those baby items I wanted to get but could not due to the price but you made that dream come true, thank you very much my love, you are definitely going to special to me and the baby.

Your gift is truly special to me, thank you very much for all the time and creative energy you invested in it.

Thank you for giving me such an amazing gift, it is clear you took out time to pick out this gift and I am deeply grateful that you took time out from your busy schedule to do so.

Sweetheart, though you could not make an appearance at my baby shower, where you where surely missed, you however tried to send these special gifts which are truly evidences that you always listened to me ramble about things I wanted for my baby. Thank you very much my love.

In writing such messages, it is always advisable to mention the gift or gifts which were given by the recipient of the message, this is because describing the gift assures the person that you actually received the gift and you know what he/she/they sent; also state how important it is to you and how important it would definitely be to the baby, and if they could attend the baby shower thank them for doing so and if they could not let them know you are not offended and let them know they were missed.

For example:

Dear _______________,

You are the most amazing friend ever! I am truly delighted that you could attend my baby shower and help me celebrate the joy of becoming a mother. I am absolutely thrilled with the beautiful pink bib which I am so sure you dedicated a lot of time, effort and thought to create. I also love the beautiful pink tutu; it is definitely by far the cutest and my favorite gift. I am so sure the baby would love these gifts even more than I have loved them, thank you very much.
With love and appreciation,



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