Retirement Wishes For Teachers: Teachers dedicate their lives to making the lives of others better, they have to deal with our stubborn and mischievous antics, they strive to see us become better people and they work very hard to ensure that we learn something new and worthwhile whenever they come in contact with us. Whether it is a teacher in school or a professor in college, the occasion of his/her retirement is a good time as any to appreciate this person for all the amazing work they have done in your life.

If you are at a loss as to what to write, then this article would definitely help, it would contain various wonderful messages which you can either use as they are or adapt to suit your needs. These messages would make them very happy and fulfilled and also make you a very appreciative and happy person.
Happy retirement to that wonderful teacher!

Retirement Wishes For Teachers

Though we were rather stubborn and restless, we admit that you were really special to us and we would always cherish you, as you retire today, do so with the knowledge that all those who you dedicated your life to grooming appreciates you a lot and we would always love and cherish you. Happy retirement!

Now that you are retiring, I realize that I would really miss you, nobody teaches like you, with patience and determination to see the students learn. I will always remember you as the teacher who made me a better student, thank you very much.

You taught us what lay in the books, you also taught us life values and helped us grow with strong character, as you retire today, the educational system has lost a rare gem and future students will not get to benefit from your bottomless well of knowledge. Congratulations on your retirement.

We might have given you hell but you gave us heaven, you made us laugh even when we drove you insane, you held us hope even when you had lost all faith in yourself, even when your life was probably falling apart and your workload was simply enormous, you still made us feel worthy and helped us hold our lives together. We love you very much and we wish you all the best as you retire, you will be missed.

I am glad to see you going on retirement, you have managed to post pone it for so long, but now it is here, I am glad that you would finally be getting all the rest you need, no more annoying workloads or frustrating students, of course as one of your students I would miss you, but I realize that you need to retire. So enjoy your retirement, doing all those things that bring you so much joy.

You made the term “Learning is fun”, true to us and we would always appreciate you for that, we know that even if you are no longer on the school’s payroll, we can always come to you for lessons because you would never hesitate to teach us more. Happy retirement, beloved teacher.

Everything you have taught would always be remembered and treasured, your legacy as a teacher will endure time and your contribution is our lives can never be summarized or quantified. Happy retirement!

We said a lot of mean things, we started a lot of terrible rumors, we hurt your feelings a lot and we are sorry, but putting aside all the foolish things we did, we have to say that we deeply appreciate you and all your efforts to make us better, we want you to also know that you have our utmost and unending respect. Farewell wonderful teacher as you go into retirement.

For you teaching was more than just a job, it was a lifestyle, to you, we were more than just students, we were your children. Thank you for taking us under your loving care, though we would miss you, we know how much you need all the rest that comes with retirement, always remember that we would always love you. We wish you a happy retirement.

School will definitely not be the same without you, I doubt any teacher can sufficiently replace you, no one can make coming for classes feel so good, and no one else can make us want to learn much more, we will truly miss you. Happy retirement!

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Today, we do not just lose a teacher; we lose a mentor, friend, confidante and guardian. We will still come to ask for advice because we cannot imagine living without you. Enjoy your retirement and accept all our love and our best wishes.

No matter what trying challenges were thrown your way, you still managed to do your job with the most cheerful demeanor; you did everything to ensure that your students were amazing no matter how hard it all seemed. Now that you start your retirement, it would be impossible to find one who can fill your boots. Enjoy a wonderful retirement.

Thank you for being passionate, caring and patient, as these have ensured that your students always come out outstanding. Congratulations on your retirement, I advise you use this period to look at your life and applaud yourself for your outstanding efforts in grooming wonderful kids.

You are retiring! Now is the time to celebrate the hours you put in at work, the outstanding patience and tolerance you have relentlessly displayed in dealing with annoying students, frustrating colleagues and nagging principals all your life. Congratulations and all my best wishes on your retirement.

As you prepare to embark on a new phase of your life, I thank destiny for making us cross paths and for making me one of your lucky students. Congratulations on your retirement and keep on being amazing.

As you spend your last day in school as a teacher, I suggest that you take some time to stroll through the hallways of the school and you would realize that at every nook and cranny and on the lips on every staff and students are the words “We will miss you”. You will be duly missed for all your efforts and your wonderful personality and we all wish you a wonderful retirement which would be filled with happier days.

Though we saw this coming from a mile away, we chose to ignore it, to pretend it was a figment of our imagination, we simply remained in denial. But the day is here and you are truly leaving us, we, your students, have deliberated over this and we do not know how we would survive without you. Who would calm us when we are tense, encourage us when we give up, make us eager to learn, scold us when we misbehave, who would be our favorite teacher again? We will truly miss you, but we wish you a wonderful retirement.

You might think we are being dramatic as always, but in truth, you would be dearly missed, for you were the school’s shining star and everyone’s favorite teacher, you made all the dull classes come to life and all the stubborn children act right. Have a happy retirement filled with days happier than the ones you gave us.

We might be throwing a big party because you are going on your retirement, but in truth we are not exactly happy because it is your last day with us. Have a wonderful retirement.


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