Retirement Wishes for Boss: The boss is retiring. This means different things to everyone, for some it means sadness because they really loved their boss, some find it funny because they can now tease him/her mercilessly for getting old and having to retire, for some it is a good thing, because the boss was not their favorite person., but when it all comes down to it, everyone is still most likely going to give the boss a message saying ‚ÄúCongratulations on your retirement‚ÄĚ. For some, a simple cordial message would suffice, for others; it is different, it all depends on their relationship with the boss.
Well, if you are one of those who have no idea what to write, this essay is here to provide you with all the assistance you would need, the article contains several well meaning and heartwarming wishes for the retiring boss.
There would definitely be one suitable for you.

Retirement Wishes for Boss

You have worked long and hard and you deserve a rest, retirement is this sweet rest, have a happy retirement boss.

You would be greatly missed boss, there is no one else who could motivate us all to work harder, you were a leader and no one would be able to fill in your shoes. It was amazing working with you, farewell and all the best wishes on your retirement.

Boss, do not believe that because you no longer work here we would stop asking you for work advice, we would always rely on your expertise and your well meaning scolds to get us in the right direction, but still all the best wishes on your retirement.

Congratulations on your retirement, now you can stop getting a headache because of annoying staff members and frustrating boardroom meetings, now you can lay back and simply relax.

Boss, as you leave us today, it surprises us to say that we would really miss you, because it was so much fun getting on your nerves, have a wonderful retirement.

You are finally being rewarded: for taking this firm to new heights, for being a top notch boss, for all those verbal boardroom brawls, for all the winnings and losses. Congratulations on your retirement!

You are my favorite boss and I would miss working for you, do enjoy your retirement.

Finally, you can concentrate on strengthening family ties, making new friends and reconnecting to old one. Cheers to having a lot of fun during your retirement.

We all wish you had remained young and vibrant; we wish you never had to age and retire, because now that you are no longer our boss, we hate to part with an amazing intellectual, witty and creative person like yourself. Best wishes on your retirement.

Congratulations on your retirement, this is a free pass from life to splurge and just do your thing!

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If we want to view this as a business venture, then your family and friends are definitely profiting from your retirement because you get to spend more time with them, while we at the firm are at a loss because we have lost a rare gem like yourself. Anyways, congratulations on your retirement.

Remember when you told us how you would never grow old and have to retire, because you were terrified if you did we would run the firm into debt, well this message is to tell you not to worry because you have trained us very well and we would not disappoint you, we also wish you a wonderful retirement.

I would miss most especially miss getting on your nerves; working for you was definitely fun while it lasted, congratulations and best wishes on your retirement.

Now is the time to discard the formal office outfits, except of course you are getting all dressed up, and start wearing all your other cooler clothes, I wish you the very best that retirement has to offer.

I am not worried that all your free time will go to waste since you have always being a bundle of energy. All I ask is that you please take out time to rest, to just sleep in late, to just be lazy and cut out on all the work, now is the time to look back on all your achievements and clap for yourself.

Boss, I am so delighted that you are resigning, not only does it mean I get a new boss to annoy, it also means that I can tell you anything and not be terrified of getting fired, but sincerely though I would miss you and I wish you a happy and stress-free retirement.

From the stories I have heard, you have always worked hard, even in your youth, and now that you are retiring I hear that it might be difficult for you to sit still, but as your previous employee I advise that you settle down and rest, be happy and have time for only yourself. Congratulations and I wish you a wonderful retirement.

If I met a genie I would tell him to make me like you, my mentor, I want your skill, your intelligence, your patience, your efficiency, your diligence and your intelligence. I am proud of you boss and I wish you the best retirement one can ever have.

Your retirement might mean the end of a desk job and board meetings, it however also marks the beginning of new kinds of jobs, the ones were you have more fun, the ones were the company is made up of family and friends where there are only amazing and fun activities and the ultimate goal is happiness. Happy retirement!

You always be remembered around here, for how you smiled all the time even when things were not going well, your smile always reassured us that they would get better; for how you always gave us gifts and brought us home cooked meals because you said we had to eat. You were the coolest boss ever and we would miss you so much, but you really deserve to rest and this retirement would provide you with enough rest time. Happy retirement!

Retirement is just what the doctor ordered to feel young and wonderful again, congratulations on your retirement boss!

Though you were quite the annoying grump (I can say this now since you are no longer my boss), I would still really miss your intellect and your ability to push us to work harder. Do enjoy your retirement.

Are you worried that retirement means you are getting old? Then I urge you not to be, instead view it as a chance to be young again, a chance to achieve those dreams you left, to revive those skills you let die, to indulge in those hobbies you ignored. It is time to unwrap the beautiful bundle of miracles, happiness and second chances that life has given you. I wish you a happy retirement!

You were the nicest boss ever and I wish all bosses could be like you, you would be really missed and may you receive all the very best things that retirement brings.

Despite your grumpy nature, you will still be missed, enjoy your retirement.

Dearest boss, now that you are retiring, I hope you would not yell so much and instead find a way to always smile and love; peace and warmth, I believe that would not be hard, have a happy retirement.


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