Retirement Poems for Dad: It’s that day that so many people look forward to for most of their lives: retirement. It’s an exciting time for anyone, really. It’s an opportunity to turn a page and start a new chapter. Find a poem here to say happy retirement to your dad. Maybe he’s been looking forward to have some free time, whether for more sleep, catching up on his favorite TV shows, going traveling, or just relaxing by taking his time. These poems focus on congratulating your dad, acknowledging the years of work and effort he’s put in.

Retirement Poems for Dad

Dad, you’ve touched so many lives with your work,
You were never one to be lazy or shirk
Your responsibilities. You’ve set the bar high
For anyone who comes after you. It’s time to say goodbye
And take some time for you.
Relax, enjoy family, try something new.
Working is no longer a requirement,
So have a very happy retirement!

You’ve accomplished so much over the years,
You’ve been an inspiration to many peers.
You’ve been the very definition of dedication,
Proven by the duration
Of your long lasting career.
Father, this much is clear:
The years that follow have been well deserved,
So I hope that fun, relaxation and self-interest are observed.

Some people jump from job to job,
Some people never work, stay at home being a slob.
But you’ve stuck to it, dad, dedicated till the end,
Someone on whom your work could depend.
It’s time to retire,
But not even that will quench the fire
Within you to learn, adventure and grow.
With all this time, imagine the places you’ll go!

You’ve always joked about counting down the years,
Looking forward to the day that we all would cheers
To your retiring.
Now here we are, father, and your company’s already hiring
To try and fill your large shoes.
Get out the noisemakers, get out the booze:
Your years of work are done!
Now it’s time to have some serious fun!

How does it feel to finish, to retire?
To what do you now aspire?
The world’s your oyster; it’s all yours!
You’ve got opportunities, numerous open doors.
You’ve got lots of time, what will you get up to?
What do you want to see, what do you want to do?
Whatever it is, it won’t be bad.
Happy retirement, dad!

Onwards and upwards, onto something new!
You’ve retired, dad; now what will you do?
Over the years, you’ve put in so much hard work,
Always joked about this day with a bit of a smirk.
It’s finally here; you’ve done it,
With perseverance and lots of grit!
After a lifetime of service, take some time for yourself, old boy—

We’re proud of you, dad.
No doubt you’re glad
To come to your work’s end.
What awaits you now around the bend?
Years of effort winding down,
Lots of free time to paint the town,
Time to rest, read a book,
A new film’s out? You can take a look!
To treat your whims, give into a few temptations.

Change is good for you,
It’s good to pursue something new.
Now that you’ve retired, lots of change coming your way.
Dad, here’s your chance to seize the day!
Do all the things you’ve got on your list,
Do all the things you thought you’d missed.
Go to Tokyo, go to France!
Do anything you like; take a chance!

The world of work feels a loss today,
No doubt there are many who wish you’d stay,
But retirement calls and how can you resist?
If you find it a difficult change, we’ll assist.
Dad, if you’ve any doubts, it’s well-deserved.
For years, we’ve observed
Your hard efforts and long days.
It’s time for a new phase.

What will you do with all this time?
Are there any mountains, perhaps, that you want to climb?
At long last, the world is yours, what will you do?
Enjoy the quiet at home, or go out and do something new?
As in your work, dad, I’m sure whatever you do will be inspiring.
Congratulations on retiring.

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Three cheers for the retired man!
How many years did his work life span?
How much effort did he put in every day?
How often was it hard, but he did it anyway?
On to a life of free time, leisure,
Waking each day and taking pleasure!
This change of situation is long overdue.
Dad, we’re so happy for you.

It’s time at last to raise a glass:
Cheers to dad, full of dignity and class!
You’ve seen each year of work through to the end
And so we gather now to commend
You on your accomplishments and your career.
After all efforts, you’re now in the clear.
Glasses up, doff our hats:
We say a big congrats!

Did you count down every year,
Waiting for retirement to draw near?
I can’t imagine, that’s not like you,
Though I’m sure you always knew
That this day would eventually come.
Now that it’s here, do you feel happy or glum?
Whatever the case, dad, know that I’m proud,
And I won’t hesitate from saying it out loud!

You’ve been there for us though good and bad,
Though Happy and sad,
Through Cheerful and irate.
Now it’s time for us to be here for you to celebrate!
Through all your hard work, dad, you’ve been a great role model.
Never one to tiptoe or coddle.
You’ve reached your work’s end.
Your life’s efforts we commend!

We go to school for years,
Then on to work and years disappear.
Now at last, life can slow down.
Greet each morning with a smile, not a frown.
Dad, the time before you is free.
Spend it how you want. Maybe spend some with me?
Whatever you do, it’s been well earned.
Leave no stone of you retirement unturned.

Retirement, indeed, is no small feat.
What a thrill! What a treat!
You’ve put in your time, so to speak;
Had a respectably long working streak.
Dad, you can at long last relax.
Lie in whenever you like, take your time to the max.
Congratulations on making it here.
Now let’s celebrate with juice, wine, or beer!

Dad, even when you didn’t feel like it, you put in your very best.
You went in everyday for work, never a complaint expressed.
At last you’ve reached the finish line.
No more daily grind— finish at five and start at nine.
Well done, old man! You made it through,
Which is why we celebrate today with you.

On a scale of one to ten, how relieved do you feel?
After endless years of work, does it even feel real?
The light at the end of the tunnel is here at last.
Did all that time feel slow or fast?
Whatever the case, dad, I’m proud of you.
Now onto the next adventure, a chapter new!

A lifetime of service draws to a close.
What comes next, no one knows.
Years of work and stress to shed,
You’ve got a blank slate ahead.
The future’s yours to make of what you will,
Relax, go exploring, learn a new skill,
Do some renovations, fix up your retiree pad.
Whatever you choose to do, happy retirement, dad!

How does one sum up a career so long?
A pat on the back seems wrong.
You deserve a party, some kind of big do.
This is the start of retirement for you!
Dad, I mean it with all my heart:
Your hard work has been in no small part
A huge inspiration.
I’ve truly admired your effort and dedication.

I can imagine you’ll still keep busy.
Retirement won’t slow you down at all.
After years of work, the daily slog,
Retirement will be a ball!
Dad, you did it; you made it to the end.
Your life of work I commend.
Now onto adventures various and new.
Happy retirement to you!

Here’s to you, old man, and the years you’ve put in!
Turn the page for a new chapter of your life to begin.
One door closes, and many more open up.
Opportunities and choice will overflow your cup.
No more nine to five; no more wait.
Dad, happy retirement; I hope it’s great.


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