Never Give up Poems: Like the first men and women that lived on ancient times who struggled against the wilds and great beasts, we of modernity fight against life itself. Sometimes, the burden of living might be too much to bear, but this is when we must pick ourselves up and face it like the warriors we are. Thus, this poetry might come in handy; as the theme for them is never give up! Never give up on the face of difficulties, as harsh as they may be. Never give up upon being exposed to our own weaknesses. Never give up on challenges. Be strong and take these words to heart!

Never Give up Poems

As our wings grow weary,
as our passion becomes dimmed,
as our strength is depleted,
as our inner soldier wants to retreat
to the shadow of eternal sleep,
all becomes filled with darkness…
no, we cannot do this.
Stand your ground, hold your head high,
none of them can defeat you if you are strong!
Never give up on anything!

You have come far.
You have come too far to give up now.
Do not let your weaknesses take over your mind.
Do not allow yourself to collapse
and fall into the void of oblivion.
Dread is not the end of the world!
The Light will always shine in the end if you believe!
Believe it and live on now!

Despair is natural in the sight of your fears.
Your apprehension is understandable,
but you cannot let fear overcome you.
Let that miasma overcome you and you will be doomed.
But know that the light within you can break through it!
Use your strength to overcome this,
this challenge of these fearsome shadows!
Be the warrior you have always been!

Before, your flames were palpable,
heating the air around you with your passion
like the heat waves from the Sahara desert.
Soon after seeing your fears manifesting,
the heat waves became mere hot spells.
What happened to your fire?
I want to see it again!
I want to see your passion again!
Please, endure this time of grieving with resilience!

There was a time when I admired your resilience,
an unyielding warrior that was like a sandstorm,
defeating all enemies before they could reach you.
Now, your sand has become mere dust,
and your resilience gone away to nothingness,
all in a moment of weakness and fear.
Come now, where is that warrior?!
Stand your ground and face these challenges!

Was the impact of fear’s compression too strong?
The gloom of defeat seems to cover you now,
as you wither away complacently
and your humors become putrid within you.
Now you see naught but darkness…
please, stop this! There is nothing to be gained
from lying down in eternal oblivion!
Return to us, great warrior,
return from the void’s clutches!

Like on most romantic movies,
rain seems to follow you
in this sorrowful moment.
However, if you allow this to overcome you,
making you forget all the joy from before,
it will be too much of a tragedy to the world.
Maintain your emotions strong,
let your waters reverberate with your heart’s beat,
reinforcing yourself again
and renewing your mettle!

I seen your intellect before,
seemingly able to solve any problem
that might come before you…
but now, the gales that rose from your thoughts
seem to have become less than weak whispers.
Come now, great intellectual, rise again!
Return the grace of your wits to us!
Let your winds blow again as your ideas flow!
Do not resign now!

You must remain strong!
Be like a hero who never gives up,
no matter what the villain does!
Do not be broken by this Umbral Period!
Do not be broken by this Dark Age!
Lift yourself up with your seraphic wings,
let them shine again with the heat of your flames,
rise up again like a phoenix!
Never give up!

You must survive!
You must not let the grip of anguish crush you like a tiny ant!
The shadows might appear strong at first,
but you will eventually see that their size is minuscule
and that your inner light can face them easily!
The light of life within you is more powerful than you think!
Demonstrate your power and survive!

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Sing again, my dear, I wish to hear your singing again!
Those beautiful tunes, those radiant melodies,
those songs which could brighten up
even the gloomiest person!
Be like the boreal aurora,
glowing with a million colors,
beyond what our eyes can see!
Be the light that reflects upon the deepest snow,
restoring the strength of all who see it!

There are many great people who suffered like you,
who whimpered and cried like you,
as the Muses seemed to have abandoned them to their own luck,
left to their own tears.
You are not alone in this world of grief,
but please, do not linger in it for too long!
Leave that place so we can sing together again!

As the greatest star, whose shining glare blinds all,
breaking through the whispers of the night,
you once hummed songs of praise and odes to joy…
now, you sit down in gloom and remain wistful
as life seems to have knocked you down again.
Do not let your star dim and be eclipsed
by the infamous darkness of this moment!

The thunder roared and rolled with a powerful strike,
an impaction against the skin of the land…
your will was like the lightning strike,
and the earth was the hide of your enemies,
be them actual people or challenges.
Return to those times, great lightning bolt,
be like the weapons of Jupiter Almighty
and destroy these unsightly fears of yours!

Blizzard of the Northern Lands,
return to us with your great frost,
congealing everything in your path,
your heart indurating as needed as well.
Do not melt upon the lowly wiles of the void,
terrifying you with its sordid claws
in the shape of your fears…
return to us like the powerful whiteout you are!
Do not give up now!

You once had the aroma of victory,
sweetening the air with your presence,
filling all with glee and strength,
able to inhibit everyone’s uncertainties…
but now, you yourself are filled with apprehension,
and now you are decaying…
no, you cannot wither!
Don’t let your demons control you
and use you like this!
Be strong and let the light restore you!

Face this strife with the dignity of the shining knight you are!
Be that cavalier once again, glowing like the Sun,
your arming sword gleaming with your power
and able to transfix any enemy that challenged you!
Defeat this trial and let them know your strength!
Be like the light of Heaven, restoring all it touches!
Please, never give up!

As the water which dissolves almost anything,
you have dissolved within your soul
all the woes that came upon you.
Now, you see them all together
and think that they might overcome you.
But do not think that this petty union
can even scratch your tough skin!
Be that pinnacle of might again!

Although your fears have filled you
with the miasma of a defeatist fool,
you must rise again from the ashes you have become,
like the phoenixes of old who resurrected many times
before our ancestors ended up eliminating them!
Do not let your fears be like our ancestors,
resurrect and overwhelm them with your new power!

Knight of light, return!
Do not let the night break you!
Knight of light, rise again!
Cleanse yourself of your fears with your might!
Destroy your fears with a renewed strength!
Great warrior, let your heart indurate again
as your emotions become too much to bear!
Do not allow them to overcome you!


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