I Miss You Poems Ex-boyfriend: No matter the reason you and your boyfriend aren’t together, you’ll find a way of saying how you’re feeling in one of these poems. It’s difficult to break up and it causes lots of different feelings: anger, sadness, reflection, gratitude, and more. This collection of poems about missing your ex-boyfriend explores all of these feelings. It explores how you feel when you’re alone and how it feels when you’re suffering silently surrounded by friends. It explores how we feel when we look back and how we feel when we look ahead to the future.

I Miss You Poems Ex-boyfriend

Now that you’re gone, I don’t know what to do.
I can’t do much else, but always think of you.
Sure, there are a lot of boys everywhere,
But not a single one of them can compare
To what I’ve lost.
I miss you every day.
I wish it didn’t have to be this way.

Every single thing reminds me of you:
My tall bookcase that you put together when it was new,
Pancakes and fruit in the morning with tea,
Every shirt I bought when you were with me.
What I wouldn’t do to once more feel your touch,
And to not miss you quite this much.

I thought I saw you the other day,
But it was just my eyes playing tricks.
If I saw you now, I don’t know what I’d say.
I’d want to find some kind of fix
For the pain I continue to feel,
Even though I know it’s real:
We’re done, we’re through,
But I still miss you.

Now that it’s all come to an end,
I know that you were the very best boyfriend.
I think all the time of how we could’ve made it work,
But every imagined solution is just guesswork.
The fact is, I miss you and the love we shared.
I hope every day that this can be repaired.

Without you, the nights seem longer,
The days drag by, I wish I could be stronger.
But I miss the love I felt with you,
Our days together were far to few.
I want my boyfriend back by my side,
My love, my friend, my guide.
I pray that you’ll come back to me,
And together, we’ll happily be.

It isn’t fair that things come to an end,
Especially my relationship with my boyfriend.
I thought I did everything right,
I told you I loved you often, I held you tight.
I meant what I did, I meant what I said,
And now I can’t get you out of my head.

I smile and I tell my friends that I’m fine,
But how can I be, when you’re no longer mine?
Now that you’re gone, I struggle through each day,
Wondering if there’s anything at allI can say
To let you know how much I miss you,
How much I want my boyfriend back,
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do.

I miss you more than words can express.
Since you’ve gone, boyfriend, I’ve been a mess.
At the end of this long tunnel, I can see no light,
But I’ll carry on knowing that day always follows night.
And I’m sure I’ll feel better with each passing season,
Knowing that everything happens for a reason.

I can be strong on most days,
Despite that we’ve parted ways.
I can wear a brave face.
I can handle my loss with grace.
But that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss my boyfriend,
That I’m not sad that it’s come to an end.
I’ll do what I have to, to try to move on,
But I’m still heartbroken now that you’re gone.

There are days that I think I’m alright
I manage to smile and my heart feels light.
Then there are days when I think of you and all that we had,
And I just can’t help but feel sad.
I think of you more than I should,
But I swear, I’d stop if I could.

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I’m grateful it happened, even if it’s over.
I’m glad to have had you.
I lucked out with you, my four-leaf clover.
But now, no more springtime green, now all I feel is blue.
You were the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for,
With each passing day, I miss you more and more.

I still have all the pictures we took,
I still admire them so and how happy we look.
I was your favourite girl and you were my favourite boy,
And it used to bring me so much joy.
But now you’re gone and I miss you so much,
Miss your sweet kisses, your warm hugs, and your gentle touch.

You told me that I wasn’t like those other girls,
That I deserved diamonds, sapphires, and pearls.
You told me you knew that this would last,
But boy, you went back on your word really fast.
I’m angry, yet I still miss you everyday.
But I won’t take you back, no matter what you say.

There’s nowhere to place blame,
Whether it was you or me, the outcome’s the same.
We’re not together anymore.
It just wasn’t the same as before.
I miss you and what we had,
I feel bad.
I still love you, my dear boy,
And the memory of you – of us – still brings me joy.

It doesn’t make me any happier that we’re both hurt.
When we first met, you were such a flirt.
I fell hard and I wanted you to be my boyfriend.
I couldn’t have imagined how it would end.
It’s over too fast and I miss you so.
You were the best I ever had, I thought you should know.

Some people say there’s a reason for everything,
But I can’t see what good any of this will bring,
For us to not be together, to be apart,
There’s no way this is best for my heart.
There’s strength in numbers. We’re stronger as two.
Boyfriend, come back to me; I miss you.

On Mondays I miss your morning hugs.
On Tuesdays I miss using our matching mugs.
On Wednesdays I miss watching our favourite show on TV.
On Thursdays I miss our long strolls by the sea.
On Fridays I miss enjoying together the week coming to an end.
All week I miss you, you were the best boyfriend.

I’ve stopped looking at my phone,
Stopped hoping you’ll text or call.
I’ve accepted that I’m so alone,
That summer is inevitably followed by fall.
All that goes up, must come down.
Where once I was all smiles, now I frown.
But I hope, boy, that means that though now I miss you,
I’ll happy again one day with somebody new.

Boyfriend rule number one: never let him go.
I’ve learned it too late; now I miss you so.
I didn’t do enough to keep us good,
I didn’t do all that I could.
I should’ve hugged you twice as much,
Should’ve used a more loving touch.
Maybe you’re happy, feeling free,
But I wish there was another rule to bring you back to me.

What I miss most is holding your hands, so strong,
On days at the beach or in the night so long.
I miss the comfort of your embrace,
The feeling of your beard brushing on my face.
I miss the calm and peace following a dispute.
I miss your laughter when you tell me that I’m cute.

I don’t care if it’s for the best or not,
I miss you boyfriend, more than I ought.
I don’t care if it was as bad as it was good,
If anyone could make it worthwhile, we could.
I can accept that every up has it’s down,
Every green leaf eventually turns brown.
That’s life; that’s fine.
Come back and be mine.

The good memories will get me through,
Will help me whenever I miss you.
We’re no longer together, but I can still dream,
I can still plan, I can still scheme
Of ways to try and get you to come back,
To get you and me, boy, back on track.


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