I Miss You Messages For Wife: Husbands cherish their wives; they love them very much and always want them to be happy.

A wife is a jewel to her husband, she is his better half, his team player, his best friend, she always has his back no matter what and she is the love of his life. When a man has being without his wife for a long time, it is quite obvious to those around him, he talks about her often and wants to see her as soon as possible. In the occasion that he cannot see her immediately and in the desire to inform her of how much he misses and loves her, he could send her a message.
This article contains various messages which express to the wife how much her husband loves and misses her; this messages are loving and heartwarming and would make both the recipient and the sender very happy.

I Miss You Messages For Wife

Honey bunch, I miss you very much; I miss your smile and the way you roll your eyes whenever you want to get dramatic.

Whenever we are together time flies with lightening speed but whenever we are apart it moves like a sloth. I miss you very much and cannot wait for when we are together.

Mon Cherie, my love for you is indescribable, I miss your smell and the way your skin feels, I miss the way you dance and I miss your voice. I love you very much baby and I cannot wait to see you very soon.

When I do not hear your voice, see your smile, hear your laugh or feel your skin, I feel empty; I need you to live my love.

You are in all my thoughts during the day and in all my dreams when I am asleep, the distance tries to destroy the magic of our union but it would soon realize that our love is a formidable force.

My love for you is like an inextinguishable flame and no matter what challenges, like this dreadful distance, that life throws at us, I know that we would always emerge victorious.

You are not beside me when I stretch out my arm and it breaks m heart every time I open my eyes and you are not beside me, I miss you very much.

For me, the time which is not spent with you are dreary days and lately all my days have being so gloomy, thus sunshine, I cannot wait to be back home with you so that you could light up my world again.

Imagine the world without the sun, and the internet without Google, that is exactly how I feel when you are not with me.

My human teddy bear is far away and life has become quite a dreadful affair. I do not want you to be so far away because I would not know what to do with myself. I really miss you baby.

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I have being undeserving of you, I try to treat you like a queen but only misbehave and do the exact opposite, my actions have pushed you away from me and I am really sorry for them. My love, please forgive me for acting in such a manner, I would work harder to behave myself, if you were to return to me. I miss you very much.

I screamed at you, I disrespected your feelings and now my love I have chased you away from, I ask you that you should please forgive me and come back home, my life is not the same without your presence, I promise to amend my ways. I miss you.

I know that as of late I have been so busy with work and I have not being around much to help out with the house and the kids, I know I have also been coming home tired and late and getting cranky with you over office issues. I also know that the day you left packing it was my entire fault, I need you back. I am lost without your presence and cannot function properly. I still love you and I always will. P.S: Your husband.

Darling, the home is weird and empty without you in it. I miss my pumpkin very much, please come back to me baby, I promise to always behave myself from now henceforth.

Sweetheart, I realize that you have a difficult job, forgive me for underestimating all that you do and claiming that women hardly do any work. Ever since you left I have come close to insanity, I cannot get the children to co-operate no matter what and I feel really lost without you

Like a ship at sea without a compass and an inexperienced captain on board, I have lost my sense of direction. I have lost all semblance of happiness and peace of mind. Please come back to me my sunshine, baby, I cannot bear to lose you. I really miss you.

The children miss you terribly, I miss and need you very much and the house is desolate without you, please come back home.

I wish I could have carried you with me on this trip, I really miss waking up to you and going to sleep with you in my arms, I miss your meals, I miss your sassiness and your voice, and I miss your smell and your touch. I really miss you my love.

I want to serenade you with beautiful songs that tell of my love for you, I want to hold your hand and dance with you, but I cannot do all that because of this distance so I would make do with this message. I really love you baby and I miss you very much.

I disrespected you, I hurt your feelings, I did not listen to your opinions and I ignored your advice. I am deeply sorry for doing all these, please forgive me.

I miss when it was all so simple and our love was young, I really miss those days baby because these days it seems there is always something to be done and we never have time for each other.

My love, when we are no together I get this feeling that I am missing out on the very best moments that my life would ever witness and I do not dispute it or doubt it because from experience I know that your presence makes everything much more better. Though right now we are far apart, I want you to know that I am deeply missing you and can never stop loving you with every part of my being.

Without your amazing love and care, I feel empty and lost, I feel like a wilted flower, a parched up lake and a broken heart. I really miss you baby.

You are the spring in my step, the joy in my heart, the sunshine in my skies, I hope you believe that I have fully learned my lesson and you would forgive me and return home. I really miss you baby.

As soon as I set sights on you I would wrap you in the best hug you would ever receive, I would kiss you senseless and I would spend every waking moment in your arms, I really miss you my love, my life is not the same when you are absent from it.


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