I Miss You Messages for Husband: A woman’s husband is one of the people that make her happy, he is her pride and joy, her superhero, her Prince Charming, and he is the one who treats her as though she is a queen or a goddess. He is the man she would never want to let go of.

Everyone woman wants to be married to a husband who loves and cherishes her, she wants to always be with him and make him smile, but in the occasion that he is not with her, his absence is very much felt and she would love to express it, she would love to inform him that she really misses him and wants him to be right beside her. 

This article contains various messages which any woman can send to her absent husband, whether he is just down the block or in another continent.
I believe there’s one for you.

I Miss You Messages for Husband

I miss being around you, I miss having you wake me up with kisses and the smell of coffee, I miss your warm hugs and I miss our intimate dates, I really miss having you around, come home soon.

I really wish we had gone for this trip together because I really miss you, the nights are cold and the days are lonely, so please come home soon.

Baby, let us ditch the children and our other responsibilities for the weekend and spend some time with ourselves, because even when you are seated beside me I find that I terribly miss you.

Baby, with the way I miss you, you had better miss me too.

Life has become quite monochrome since you began to place your job over me, baby, please I really miss you and cannot stand this colorless loneliness anymore.

Do not be surprised to receive this, I know you just left for the office but I already miss you, so please return home soon. I love you baby.

I love thinking about you, I love that you are always on my mind and in my heart, because then I can never forget for a second I have the most romantic and amazing man alive for a husband, but when we are apart for so long, I begin to really miss you and it breaks my heart, please come home soon.

Baby you have being gone overseas for a long time, please return home soon, this wife misses her husband and the children miss their father.

The house is boring! Come home early tonight, your wife who misses you has a surprise for you.

Sweetheart, I know I have a rare gem for a husband and a lot of people would be ogling you, well tell them that you are so taken and I do not share, I miss you.

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Whenever you are away from me I feel empty, like a part of me is gone, my heart is in pain and all my emotions are jumbled up. You are the sun in my day, the moon and stars in my night sky, my rainbow. I really miss you.

It is weird sending this since I hardly ever express my emotions, but I really miss you.

I miss my soul mate, my joy, my heart, the one who holds me together. I miss you very much

Do come back from work soon, the weather is perfect for snuggling and watching re-runs of our favorite T shows and making out. I really miss you baby.

I must miss you very much right now because nothing seems perfect or peaceful right now, I do not like the chirping birds and even the silence is unbearably loud, I really miss you.

My moods depend on whether or not you are with me. When you and I are together I am deliriously happy but when you are not I am unbelievably sad, guess which I am right now. I really miss you baby.

You are not just the man I married; you are not just the father of my children. You are my soul mate, you are the missing piece that completes the puzzle that I am, you are the guide to understanding the person that I am. You are the source of my joy, you are the best thing to ever happen to me and now that you are now with me, it feels as though my heart is breaking and my world is ending. I really miss you baby.

When I start missing you I frown, then I smile because I remember how you do not like me frowning, baby I hope you are missing me as much as I am missing you.

Baby, when you return, I am going to relive all our beautiful memories and even add some more to them, I miss you baby.

The feeling of missing you is a heady one, the emotions involved live me drained, but I really cannot help missing you baby.

When I miss you, my world is dull and everything seems to be annoying, I really just want you to be around me.

God! I never wanted to believe that it was even possible to miss somebody this much, but it is a fact, I really miss you and want you to come home soon, or I would come meet you over there, because I really miss you.

It does not matter if you are continents away or just down the street, if I am not wrapped in your arms talking to you or simply being with you, then I am missing you which is what I am doing at the moment.

I do not like missing you but it is a constant reminder that I have a rare gem for a husband, I miss you very much baby. 

I wish I were a magician or that I could teleport, because then I would always find a way to get to you or to bring you to me in a manner of seconds and I would not have to go through this pain of missing you, I really miss you baby.

Whenever you are not with me, I miss out on a lot of fun moments in life because I believe all the best things happen when we are together, I am really missing you.

I really dislike missing you; it is the most painful feeling in the world.

I hate those who get to see you every day; it is really annoying that I am not one of them.

I am in love with you and it is feels as though I am in the sweetest dream ever and I do not want anyone to wake me up but when you are not with me I feel as though I am in an unending nightmare.

When you are not with me, it feels as though my heart has stopped beating.

Our love story is really annoying because what is the point of having my Prince Charming but not always being with him.

Whenever you are here, you make me feel as though I am an angel, a queen and a goddess all at once, and when you are not with me I feel your absence to my soul and would give anything to lie in your arms and feel alive once again. I really miss you baby.


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