I Miss You Messages for Friends: We love our friends very much, they hold our hands during trying events, and they are there during our amazing moments, they teach us a lot and advise us. Simply put, they make us very happy and our lives are really intertwined with theirs.
However, life tends to happen and we encounter events which usually pull us apart from our friends, it could be anything from relocating to a new neighborhood, death, going to a new school, starting out at different colleges, a disagreement, or travelling abroad, whatever it may be, we would begin to miss our friends and would love to reach out to them, to let them know that we really miss their presence in our lives.
This article contains various such messages which can apply to a particular friend or to a group of friends; it can also apply to various situations that could cause the distance.

I Miss You Messages for Friends

Dearest, I wish you did not have to move so far away, school and life in general has being boring, I cannot wait for summer break so we can spend so much time with each other, there is so much I know you would want to know and I am dying to now a lot about your new school and house. I miss you very much love.

Hey, I miss you very much, I wish we had gone to the same college, I hope you are having a lot of fun and staying out of trouble. Soon we would be able to visit each other, until then please keep the entire gist for me and I would do same. Be happy and safe my love, I really miss you.

School is boring without you, the weekends pass by in a blur which I spend in bed, and I really miss having my best friend around and cannot wait for us to see each other soon.

Hey fish, I know you still despise me, you are probably wondering why I have the audacity to call you by your nickname after what my actions have cause you. I am sorry for not having your back when your parents came asking for answers, but in all honesty I only tattled because I felt that it was the right thing to do. You are by best friend, I have hurt you and I know that I will do my very best to make it up to you, but I cannot take us not talking, you are an intricate part of my life and I cannot continue without, there is so much to tell you and so much to ask you. Just know that your friend, frog, really misses you.

I cannot believe that we now live continents apart from each other; it is really odd considering that we were always very close to each other even through college. I hope I get to see you soon because I really miss you.

I cannot really believe you are gone; it is hard to imagine that there is no one to talk into the night with and get into trouble with. I would treasure all our memories together and I am honored that I got the chance to call a precious and amazing person like you my friend, I really miss you.

I am going to treasure every picture we took together and every gift you ever gave me, you are always going to be my guardian angel and my best friend and I would always listen for your quiet and peaceful voice when I feel alone and confused, I miss you best friend.

Dear friend, I am so sad that I had to relocate, if I had gotten a chance to take you along it would being much better but that was not a possibility. However I want you to know that I always miss you and you are special to me. I hope that we would see very soon.

I read somewhere that the true test of friendship lies in not how much fun we have when together but how much we miss each other when apart, if this is so, then I have passed this test in flying colors because I really need my best friend back, I miss you very much.

We are an inseparable duo and no matter how many miles lie between us I know that we would always be in each other’s hearts, I miss you.

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Considering how we were constantly nagging each other it is really hard to believe that being away from you would break my heart this much, but I miss you very much and cannot wait to see you again.

Hey guys! I miss you all very much, there is no fun without my squad and I cannot wait for when we all get together, a lot has happened which I cannot wait to share with you all and I need a lot of advise. We need to meet up very soon and hit our regular spots. I love you guys very much and really miss you all.

You need to come back soon because I cannot do anything right anymore, without your commentary, your wit and your general being, life has becoming boring and bland. So please come back because I really miss you.

College has nothing on this friendship because I know even if you are all the way in another continent, our bond is unbreakable and our friendship unending, I still really miss you though.

In life or in death, you would always be my best friend; I really miss you and would always cherish the moments we spent together. 

I have searched for another friend like you but I cannot find one who would ever match up to you, you are a priceless gem amongst priceless gems, I miss you best friend and cannot wait till we see each other again.

Mom says that she is afraid I might lose my mind and sincerely I do not care, I just want my best friend back. I really miss you, you were my source of sanity and peace of mind and things around here are no longer the same.

I do not want to ever stop being friends with you and when people ask me how long I want to be friends with you I never know whether to say always or forever, because neither seems long enough, I really miss you dearest.

Hey! This country is simply amazing but I knew it would be much fun if you were here with me to explore every nook and cranny, oh well, I am not saying I miss you but get on the next flight and join me here!

Over the years I have made friends by the numbers but really no one compares to you on the friendship scale because you are friend turned family, this message is just to say that I deeply appreciate you as my friend and I really miss you and cannot wait for us to spend time together again.

Today I walked past two laughing girls and I wished we were together so we could laugh like before, adulthood has separated us but you would always be my best friend, I really miss you dear.

You have no idea how important something is until it is no longer there, I really miss you best friend.


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