I Miss You Messages for Ex-wife: The divorce is over, the papers have being signed and the whole thing is behind you. Or is it really so? Anything could have caused the divorce from cheating to major disagreements, but more often than not, people tend to miss their ex spouse because no matter how terrible the person or the relationship was, there is usually something you would still view as a good attribute.

 You still miss your ex-wife, the memories you both shared are still unforgettable. You also want her to know that you miss her; it could because you might want you both to get married again or you might just want to build new bridges and remain friends, for the kids. This article contains several messages which could serve your purpose; you could either use these or be inspired to create yours.  I believe you would find one that would be suitable for you.

I Miss You Messages for Ex-wife

My dearest love, so we have being separated for years now, I just passed by our favorite bar, they still keep our table empty, no one dines there; at the first ice cream shop we visited together, the manager asked me how my wife was and I said she was fine. I know you are comfortable now and you seem really happy, but I am truly lost without you, you are my missing puzzle piece, please come back and complete me. Yours truly, you ex applying to be your present.

I still do not understand how our love story went from Happily Ever After to Happily Never After, but that does not stop me from missing you

I hate you for all the pain you caused me but I still miss you because I never stopped loving you.

I hate you just as much as I love you and I miss you terribly because no matter what no one understands me like you do.

Fate and destiny had other plans for our romance, but I cannot forget you or stop missing you.

It has being a long while since you left and our kids are all grown and asking questions I do not know how to answer, clearly they need their mother’s love, I also need your love. I know you left because you fell out of love with me and I have worked out to become a better man for you and the children. Please baby, I miss you, please come back to me, please come back to the children, they really miss you. I really miss you and I really need you.

Despite how messy our romance was, despite the fact we spent more times yelling at each other than making each other happy, I still cannot help but miss you.

Our marriage could not withstand the storms of life but my love for you would withstand the test of time, I still miss you.

I know you hate me because of all I have done to you but please let us rebuild our bridges and reconnect because in truth, I really miss you. 

Our marriage might have crumbled but the memories will never fade, I will always miss you.

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When I remember you, there are a lot of things I wish I had done better, a lot of things I wish I had said, but since there is no going back all I can ask for is friendship because I really miss you

My marriage to you made me a better person, I miss that we never got our forever after, I would however cherish the time we spent together, and I miss you.

A job ended our marriage but I hope this message restarts it, I am willing to work things out, let us get back together, and I miss you.

Our love was abundant but it was not enough to save our marriage, but I hope this message can salvage what is left of our friendship, I really do miss you.

I am setting aside my pride and stupidity to ask for your forgiveness and a second chance at working things out. 

Despite the fact we spent a lot of time at each other’s throats, I really want us to patch things up and try to work things out, if not for anything, then at least for the children, they miss you and I really miss you too.

I respect your decision to end our marriage so I beg you to please honor my plea that you do not kick me out of your life and the children’s lives, I really miss you.

We might be apart but my heart refuses to accept that this is the case because I still terribly miss you.

We have different addresses, different jobs, different friends and even different spouses, it seems our lives have changed completely but you are still a part of my history and I am still a part of yours and the memories of us have refused to die, I still miss you every now and then, I hope this message meets you well.

Nothing would make us get married again, it took a bitter experience to show us how incompatible we were but I believe it would take a couple of wonderful memories and this message which says that I miss you actually makes us friends again.

I no longer hate you, now I actually miss you and it is annoying.

I stopped loving you long ago, I stopped hating you a short time ago, but I doubt that I can ever stop missing you. 

You were there with me from the beginning and although I know the awful divorce ruined our marriage, I still miss you and would love to get back in touch with you. I need your presence in my life.

For all newly divorced men out there, I advise you not to expect that a flimsy piece of paper would ever end your new with a woman who you have built dreams with, planned a future with, because essentially you have shared life with her. Instead try to make peace with the fact that you would always miss her and she would always be special to you.

I imagine that you are with me during the day to keep myself alive and at night I dream about only you, I miss you.

You might be gone from this world but you would always live in my heart, I miss you my love.

Our love was not always rosy, there was too much fighting and nagging, but there were few moments when it was magical and those moments are the ones I remember and still cherish, those moments make me miss you.

You broke my heart and hurt me deeply, I ought to hate you, but I cannot because without you my life is on pause, you would forever be special to me and I doubt that any woman can replace you in my heart

My heart refuses to forget your love and my mind seems incapable of losing your memories, I miss you.

I wish we had tried to make it work, I really miss you.

Time does not heal all wounds because it has done nothing but worsen mine, I miss you very much.

I miss you still, and I hope you have not forgotten me.


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