I Miss You Messages for Ex-Husband: Divorce could be quite a messy thing; it brings about an abrupt end to marriages and even friendships, especially between the couple involved. It could be as a result of anything from cheating to major disagreements, but more often than not, people tend to miss their ex husbands or ex wives because no matter how terrible the person or the relationship was, there is usually something you would still view as a good attribute. Also, the memories shared and the children involved, in the case of children, also makes it quite impossible to forget an ex spouse.
This article contains various messages which would be suitable to tell an ex husband that you miss him, not necessarily to rekindle the love lost but at least to rekindle the friendship and rebuild burnt and broken bridges, these messages are
I believe you would find one that would be suitable for you.

I Miss You Messages for Ex-Husband

You might call me a number of names when you get it and you would probably tear this up as soon as I realize that I sent it, but please read it first, I write this in all honesty. I know we fell out of love and I became a horrible person, who in turn pushed you away, but I cannot live without you, so please forgive me and take me back, I really miss you.

Hey, I do not want us to get married again, but I want you to know that I still remember you every now and then and in those moments, I miss you.

Hey, I went to the park today and I sat in out favorite bench and I realized that I really missed being with you.

I am not writing to ask you to take me back only to ask that you do not hate me so much anymore, if we can be friends, I would appreciate it because I still miss you. 

I am not writing this because I want us to get back together, but because you left your dump of a boat behind, your dog does not want to stop barking and my back hurts because there is no one to massage it, so please spend only a weekend and clean up your boat, spend time with your dog and massage my back. I really miss you.

Despite the fact that you left your child and I for another woman, I still cannot bring myself to forget you, I really wish I could do, I miss you, our child misses you, do come back and complete this family.

No matter what has happened between us, no matter how complicated our love story was, I would always appreciate that you gave me these wonderful children, I miss you.

Though it has been years since the divorce and we have both moved on, I still remember us and I still smile, I miss you.

Though I hate you very much, I still love you very much and this annoying combination makes me miss you.

Fate brought us together and circumstances separated us but we are left with memories and these I still cherish, I miss you.

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We cannot be married to each other because of our numerous differences but for the sake of our wonderful children and in memory of old times, let us at least try to get along with each other. I actually do miss you.

It has being a long while since we got divorced but the memories we made together have refused to fade and this makes me still miss you.

No one understood me the way you did and I do not think anyone ever will but destiny had other plans for us else I would still be your woman and you would still be my man, I still miss you.

I still believe there is a chance for us, we got divorced because we had to not because we wanted to, I still miss you.

I am tired of hating you, so let us build bridges and let forgiveness reign, let us be friends again, I miss you.

Sincerely, I do not regret ever being your wife, I regret letting things end badly and letting them stay that way, I miss you.

I do not regret the divorce; I however regret that we did not attempt to still be friends after everything.

Our marriage was not meant to be, we ought to have remained just friends, with this in mind, I come bearing a white flag that we end the war and reconnect to save our friendship, or what is left of it. I miss you.

Accepting the reality that I am no longer your wife is hard, I really miss being your wife, I miss you.

The divorce made our past bitter and has affected our relationship today but I am really tired of fighting and I want to say that I miss you.

I want to forget you, I really do, but I cannot, I still miss you terribly.

I have tried to push you away from me and completely detach you from my existence but it is proving impossible so I concede defeat and accept that I still miss you.

It seems that if I accept that what we shared, despite how it ended, was real, then I would be able to move on. So I finally admit that I really miss you and the magic that once existed between us.

I still miss you, despite everything you put me through, it is not because I lack pride or self respect, it is because our love was real.

I cannot believe I still miss you; it is one thing I never thought would happen to me. I do not want to miss you but it is my harsh reality and I do.

My heart wishes for us to try our hands at marriage again, who knows, we could become the new Romeo and Juliet, but my brain knows how impossible this is and I am slowly accepting the harsh reality of things. I just want you to know that I still miss you.

Dear ex husband of mine, do you miss me as much as I miss you because I really hope that you do.

Neither the marriage nor the divorce was easy, our love story has seen lots of turmoil and sadness but in the midst of it all, we still had wonderful moments, and when I remember these moments, I begin to miss you very much.

Despite the messy end of our dramatic love story, I would not change a thing and I still miss you.

Apparently I cannot stop thinking about you, no matter how much of a jerk you were to me, I still miss you.

It appears as though divorcing you was only on paper, my heart and mind are still very much married to you, I miss you very much.

We fought too much in the past, I miss being able to just and be with you, I miss our friendship, and I miss you.

You were a terrible person, and though I wonder why I say this, you had your good attributes, and it is these good attributes that made me fall in love with you and make me still miss you till date. 


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