I Miss You Messages for Ex-GirlFriend: Ex-girlfriends, that girl who you loved but she left you or that girl who loved you but you messed up, or that girl who you could not be with because of several factors external to you both. Ex-girlfriends tend to be missed and remembered, and it is no surprise since they were a major feature in your life at some point.
There comes a time or times, when you would want to reach out to your ex-girlfriend and tell her you miss her. You might be accompanying this message with the plea of getting your former boyfriend position back and the promise to do an excellent job this time, or to tell her that you are glad you ended things but cannot help but miss her.
This article is here to provide you with a wide array of such messages to choose from, there would be one suitable for you.

I Miss You Messages for Ex-GirlFriend

I did not treat you like the goddess you are and I am deeply sorry for being a total jerk, please forgive me and let us try to work out our differences, I doubt if I can live with you baby. I really miss you.

Baby, it is me, again and though I know I am definitely bothering you with my unending messages, I however cannot bring myself to stop. I really miss you; please give me another chance because I am losing my mind without you.

I badly want to forget about you and I really believe that very soon I will, for now though, I still miss you terribly.

I made a stupid decision and ended things with you and I deeply regret my impulsive action, please forgive me and take me back because I really miss you.

I am not sorry for ending things with you, I could not allow myself be taken for a fool again, but I have to admit that I still miss you, I guess it is almost impossible to forget some people because I really miss being with you.

I am sorry for being the world’s worst boyfriend, I embarrassed you and did not care enough, but I swear I have become a better man and I really miss you, so please take me back.

It is ironic that when we were together I hardly ever texted, now I do so every second and it is clear that it does take losing something to realize how valuable it is. Please forgive me baby, I really miss you.

It is has being a long while since we broke up and all the time I have spent it in pain but when I remember you it seems I fall in love again, I really do miss you.

I miss wrapping you in my arms to warm you, I miss rubbing noses with you, I miss long walks holding your hands, and I really miss you.

I cannot turn back the hands of time, though I wish I could because I would give anything to make this work right between us, I really miss you.

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Every second spent with you is valuable in keeping me sane, but I doubt that memories can keep my sanity in check any longer, I really miss you.

I need you back because I cannot go on living like this, you were my source of joy and happiness, my source of light and life and ever since the day you walked out of my life I have lost sense of time and being, I really miss you.

Remembering you is very painful but just the way I cannot stop breathing or die I cannot forget you because then I would be dead. I miss you.

Cupid’s arrow which led me to you is now lodged in my heart and getting twisted about as you have left me, I really miss you.

Baby, please let us give our relationship another chance, I miss you terribly.

Although you have made it crystal clear that our time is over and you have moved on completely, I still lay awake every night wondering what if we were still together, wondering if there is still hope for us, and wondering if maybe you miss me just as much as I miss you.

I cannot forget about you no matter how hard I try, I compare every girl to you and they fall short, our memories are evergreen and I doubt I can ever stop loving you, I really miss you.

Although we did more fighting than loving at least I still had you in my life because now that we are no longer in life, my heart feels terribly empty and painfully sore. I really miss you

Although you chose to walk away from what we shared, I cannot bring myself to do the same, I still miss you.

I wish there was a way to format my heart and clear it of all our memories just like I did to my phone, because these memories are eating me alive and I have being pushed to say that despite everything, I still really miss you.

It is rather ironic that I always saw myself as tough and not in need of anyone but ever since I lost you I have come to realize that the only reason I felt so strong was because I had you cheering me on in everything. I always had you in my corner supporting me and being there for me. I miss you very much.

It is so weird that whenever I remember you, I feel equal amounts of pain and happiness. Pain because I have lost you and Happiness because I once had you, I really miss you.

It took me a second to fall irrevocably in love with you but it appears that it would take eternity to get you out of my system, I really miss you baby.

Our break up was for the best but I cannot get your memories out of my head or the love out of my heart, I really miss you my love.

You walked away from us; I guess that is why it is proving impossible for me to walk away from memories of you. I really miss you.

A new day is supposed to bring promise of better things but all it brings to me is a constant reminder that you are no longer in my life, a painful and constant reminder. I really miss you.

I hope your next does not make you forget me, because mine will not be able to, I really miss you.

I miss the heady and intoxicating feeling I got whenever we kissed, I miss how warm and fluttery all my insides got when we hugged, I miss how my heart beat triples whenever you smiled at me, I miss your words and your touch. I miss you.

I cannot pretend that without your love I am fine, so I send this message to tell you that I really need your love, I really miss you.

You left me and abandoned me to my demons, now loneliness threatens to consume me and I am hoping you would come rescue me very soon, I really, truly and deeply miss you from the core of my being.

I cannot live without you, I miss you.


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