I Miss You Messages for Ex-BoyFriend: Ex-boyfriends, we feel different things and in different ways to and about our ex-boyfriends, all these depending largely on what note the relationship ended. Some hate theirs and others still love theirs, but no matter the several differences, a common factor is that we tend to miss them, and we cannot help it. They were a major part of our lives for some time that we loved and in some cases still do.

At times you would want to inform an ex that you miss him, whether you want to suggest working things out, accept his proposal to work things out or just in hopes that telling him so would purge him from your system. This article contains several “I miss you” messages which would apply to any ex-boyfriend situation, go through it and I am sure you would definitely find one that would pass across your message perfectly well.

I Miss You Messages for Ex-BoyFriend

I do not know if this is a good or a bad thing, but all I know is that I miss missing you.

I am over you but I cannot help but remember our beautiful moments together and then I miss you.

He is not you. He can never be you. You were my first choice; he was my parent’s choice. I miss you.

Hey you, I know in the past we could not get things to work out right because of my father, a strict man whom I deeply respect, I have always loved you and I still do, and I have made him see reason why I have to be with you, so baby, please reconsider this because I miss you very much, I miss what we had, I really miss us.

Wherever I turn there is always something that reminds me of you, this message is not to say that I want us to get back together, but to admit that I really miss you, I hope that after admitting this, these unwanted emotions would leave.

Sadly, I miss you. I do not want to miss you, my friends think I am crazy for doing so and I fully agree but sadly I really miss you.

Hey, I know that your pride might not probably make you want to read this but I could not bring myself to face you so I decided to write instead. I am really sorry that we could not get to understand each other, I know that we loved each other dearly but we were so different and neither of us were patient enough to settle down and listen to the other person. I miss you very much, I miss you holding me and making everything better or pecking me on the forehead when I am being petty, I miss your solid advances that got on my nerves but were all true. Baby, I miss you and I miss us. Please let us get back together.

You really hurt me, I gave you everything and you threw it all back in my face. I hate you very much, but this does not change the fact that I still miss you very much.

Hey, I am sorry that I have not being picking your calls, but I need not apologize because you deserve worse, considering you hurt me and cheated on me with a friend, nonetheless, I am ready to listen to whatsoever you have to say because despite it all I still want you and I miss you very much.

I hate you and I miss you, is it not ironic that you can command both emotions from at the same time.

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I do not love you anymore, of course I cannot forget all our memories and I still tend to miss you every now and then.

You seem to be everywhere I look, in every voice I hear, even when I close my eyes, you still seem there and I know that it is because, against my better judgment, I actually miss you.

I really want to forget about you, to pretend that you never happened, but I cannot. Try as I may, I cannot simply forget about you or erase the memory of you from my mind, it is very annoying that I actually miss you.

I cannot forgive all the hurt that you caused me but I cannot bring myself to forget all the many intimate moments we shared.

I remember with painful clarity everything, all the times we fought relentlessly and all the beautiful moments we spent together and I hate that I actually miss you

I know when I fell in love with you and what caused me to love you as much as I did, I even know the things that caused me to hate you and when I began to hate you, but I do not know why I still miss you and when or if I will ever stop doing so.

I miss you; do not presume that this means I want us to get back together; I just want to get it off my chest.

With the harrowing emotional turmoil you put me through, it is only logical to forget everything we have ever shared but it appears my heart and my brain are not in tandem because my brain is clinging onto pride and ignoring your existence and my heart is missing you terribly. I really miss you.

I know that it has being a while and we do not keep in touch anymore, but whenever I see a place we frequented I tend to remember our time together and I begin to miss you.

I never really deserved you and the more I think about our time together, the more honored I feel that I spent some moments of my life with an amazing person like you, I really miss you.

I do not breaking up with you, I am actually glad I did, which is why I am still confused as to why my heart still pines for you. I really miss you.

You are no doubt the one mistake I am glad I made, I miss you.

We were not meant to be, the universe was never in our favor and I have come to accept that but I think my heart needs another explanation because I still really miss you.

I wish I did not miss you as much as I did because missing you makes me remember all the best parts of our relationship more than I should.

Falling in love with you was a mistake I had to make so I could learn very much how the dynamics of relationships worked. I still really miss you though.

I have already accepted that we were never destined to be but I wonder if maybe people tell me that so I can move on, I wonder if you miss me just as I miss you.

Oddly enough thinking about you still makes smile, although I am very sure I do not want to have anything to do with you again I still miss you very much.

We are strangers with memories, memories I cannot forget in a hurry, I really miss you. 

Although we are now over, we are still friends and this makes me reminisce on our time together and oddly enough makes me miss you very much.


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