I Miss You Messages for BoyFriend: Boyfriends are amazing and when you have not being with your boyfriend over a period of time, you begin to miss him. You miss his moods, his smile, his laugh, his scent, his voice, you miss the very essence of him and you want him to know this.

In search of a loving message which would tell your boyfriend that you really miss him, a message which would touch his heart and make him really happy, a message which is sweet, loving and heartwarming, then you are in the right place. This article contains various ‘I miss you’ messages for your amazing boyfriend and they would save you the process of having to create one. These messages would touch your boyfriend’s heart, they would make him happy and in turn make you happy, and they are also very suitable for everyone.
Hope you find one that perfectly suits your wishes.

I Miss You Messages for BoyFriend

I miss you very much my love, I cannot believe that we are no longer together, this distance is killing me.

I miss everything about you, I miss your laughter. I miss your love for food and music. I miss your smell around me, come back to me baby.

I am missing the very essence of you, your jokes and the mischievous glint in your eyes. I love you very much baby.

Hey baby, if you are wondering whether someone somewhere really misses you then you should know that I miss you very much and it hurts to the core of my being.

I miss how your hands feel on my skin, I miss your kisses, I miss your smell, I miss your voice, I miss the silky feel of your hair, baby I miss you very much.

Come home baby, I cannot stand the fact that you are separated from me, I really just want you back here with me.

Whether you are down the street or across the Atlantic, I still miss you terribly when you are not with me. I love you very much baby.

Whenever you are not with me everything loses its color, life stops being interesting, the day becomes dull. I miss you baby, please come back home.

I cannot wait to get home to you my love; I miss you more than you can ever imagine this distance thing is not working for us.

You went away and you took my heart with you, please come back because I feel really cold and incomplete without you.

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I miss you; it is really that simple, so come back to me.

In your arms and by your side, these are places I would love to be right now. I miss you very much.

I miss running my fingers through your hair, I miss the dimple in your right cheek, I miss the way your palm grasps mine when we are waling together or running. I miss you very much.

This is so embarrassing, I do not like the fact that I miss you so much, but I cannot help you, I miss you so much it really hurts.

No matter how far apart we are, my love for you does not wane, know that I miss you very much and cannot wait to be with you again. I love you very much.

Our happy moments would always outnumber the dull ones, we would be together soon, and do not forget that I love you very much.

Baby, I am sure you have had a long day, I wish you were here so that I could give you a good massage and ensure you get well rested, do not worry though, soon we would be together and that would always be possible. I miss you and love you very much.

Wherever I look, you are all I seem to see, the only face I see in a crowd, the only voice I hear in a conversation, the only laugh I hear in a gathering, everything I see reminds me of you baby, I really miss being with you.

Loneliness is a grave punishment, being away from you is so hard but I believe it would soon be over. I miss you very much baby.

Without you I am incomplete and I feel empty, so come home that I might all find the happiness and the solace I need.

I miss you so much I am in tears but I know that all these would soon be over; the distance is for only a period of time. I love you very much.

Everyone says I must be ill because I have not being myself and I cannot even deny it, missing you has made me so ill, I need you to live baby.

You are my source of happiness and delight at life, please come back so life would have its color again.

Dear boyfriend, I miss you like an idiot misses the point.

Though you are quite far away, you would always be in my heart and on my mind, however I want to feel your hands and kiss you. I miss you very much baby.

I miss how you look at me and tell me I am beautiful, I miss you how you make me feel like I goddess, I really miss you baby.

I miss your beautiful eyes, your shy smile, your golden heart and your warm hugs, the oversized sweatshirt I stole from you won’t do anymore. So please come back to me soon, I miss you my love.

I miss you when the sun rises, I miss you when the sun sets, I miss you when it gets cold, and I miss you in every aspect of my life.

I miss how you kiss my forehead and how your dimple comes out whenever you as much as smile or even frown. I miss you baby, I would be waiting when you come home.

I miss your warm hugs and your funny stories; I cannot wait for the summer when we would see again, I miss you very much.

Baby, I am sorry for acting up, please return my calls and reply my messages, there is only so much of the silent treatment I can handle, I really miss you baby.

Sigh, no matter what I do, I cannot bring myself to stop missing you, so please come back home to me, there is only so much of this distance I can handle. I really miss your presence and your very essence.

I wish you had waited so we could travel together, now we are apart and terribly in need of each other, return from your trip soon, I really want you back around, I miss you very much baby.

I miss you every second we are apart, I missed you the second we parted ways and I would miss you till we see each other again.

I know that you are at work and you would be back tonight, but I am sending this message to say that I really miss you and I cannot wait to see you at the end of the day.

I wish we attended the same college, I really miss seeing you every day and I miss being able to spend an entire day in your arms, I miss you baby.


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