I Love You Poems for Wife: Here is a collection of poems to help express your love for your wife. There are many different kinds of marriages. Some are in the early stages, nearly newly-weds; some are much more mature, having lasted decades already. Maybe it’s been an easy path for you, or maybe there have been lots of challenges along the way. However long you’ve been together, however easy or difficult it’s been for the two of you, there is a poem here to acknowledge the love you feel for your wife regardless of all of those factors.

I Love You Poems for Wife

Sometimes, I don’t understand why you love me.
I argue, I’m messy, and I disagree.
I’m often unfocused and I forget a lot.
Yet in your eyes, all of my faults are for naught.
I struggle to find understand your reasons, it’s true,
But wife, I’ve got a million reasons of my own for why I love you.

Beautiful, intelligent, caring wife,
Veritable beacon in my life,
After all we’ve been through, there’s no other for me.
You’re the only woman that I truly see.
I love you increasingly with each passing day,
And on each of those, this is what I pray:
That our love will always stay strong,
And our years together will be happy and long.

My love for you, while extraordinary, is in the everyday things.
It’s in morning kisses in bed,
The way your cheeks sometimes go red,
Finding your hair all over our home,
The way you sometimes use my shaving foam.
Little reminders of how much I love you everyday,
Not afraid of the future because together we’ll go gray.

I feel like with you, I’ve won the lottery.
I think of you and my eyes go watery.
I don’t know what I’d do without you.
There’s no way I’d ever get through.
You’re my wife, my love, my all.
Stronger and more beautiful than a mere doll,
You are amazing,
The reason the fire in my heart keeps blazing.

Before I met you, my world was black and white,
Like a 1960’s TV show.
I couldn’t see the world for its beauty, so bright,
On my own, I couldn’t know.
Then along came you, bringing colour to life,
And you showed me the world anew.
My world’s in colour, my beautiful wife,
And so is my love for you.

Every day is an adventure with you.
What wonderful things will happen, what will we do?
I thought that marriage meant being serious all the time,
But the truth is, we’re both in our prime
And I’m having the best time of my life.
I love you, my beautiful wife.

Amidst our seemingly mundane, every day routine,
There’s something really beautiful to be seen.
A care for each other that runs so deep,
It’s nearly enough to make a grown man weep.
I love you so much – what you do and who you are.
You’re the stronger, better half of this union by far.

I don’t believe in soul mates and the one,
Yet I do believe you’re the best for me, bar none.
It’s in the years, the love, the downs, the ups.
We started our marriage like children, now grown ups.
It wasn’t fate that made you my wife,
It’s the work we’ve put in that’s made you the love of my life.

It can be pretty scary, commitment for life,
But you’ve made it so easy, my beautiful wife.
Each day I wake up next to you I’m ecstatic.
I don’t know if I can be much more emphatic:
You are incredible, beautiful, talented, smart,
And I love you without end with all of my heart.

I didn’t know that marriage would be like this,
Still finding joy in every touch, every kiss.
I didn’t know that I’d still feel so in love after all these years,
Having been through so many ups and down, smiles and tears.
I never knew that having this incredible woman at my side
Would become my life’s greatest pride.

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Everyday I spent with you is a blessing.
Sharing, loving, caring, caressing,
You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
You’re the best wife that could ever be.
I love you and everything you are and do,
More than the height of a mountain or the depth of a sea,
Every last inch of you through and through.

You leave me speechless sometimes,
Like when your voice sounds like wind chimes,
When you seem to glide along without moving,
When you know my faults but still look at me with approving,
When you smile as if you have secrets untold,
When you hold my hand as if it’s made of gold.
For the rest of my life,
I love you, wife.

You are my better half, by far.
You make me better just by who you are.
You make me want to be a better man,
To strive to be the best version of me that I can.
I want to be a great husband for an even greater wife
Because I love you so much, my partner for life.

Sometimes we disagree and that’s alright,
You see something as day, I see it as night.
They say opposites attract, after all.
So if we don’t see eye to eye, it’s a thing quite small.
We’re in this together, we’re in for it for life.
No matter what happens, I love you wife.

Sometimes you worry that I’ll get bored,
That all of this will become routine,
That I’ll grow tired of what I once adored.
But wife, I could never tire of my queen.
You’re the ruler of my heart,
Numbers one through twenty on my top twenty chart.
You’re dynamic, exciting, always true,
And I will never tired of loving you.

I put all my chips on the table.
I’m all in.
I’ll love you completely as long as I’m able.
I’ll love you through thick and thin.
You’re the woman I choose,
My royal flush, with you I can’t lose.
The day we made our vows, I knew:
The rest of my life would be better for being with you.

Every day is better than the last,
And each subsequent year goes by twice as fast.
It’s thanks to you, my beautiful wife,
That I enjoy so much this married life.
I love you to the moon, beyond and back,
Since we married, there’s been no lack
Of blessings, happiness, surprises,
No matter what life brings or arises.

Lucky doesn’t describe how I feel.
It makes it sound random, almost unreal.
It’s taken work get where we are,
Taken decisions and planning to get this far.
I love you and it’s a choice I make every day.
You’re my wife, not some woman I’ve made out of clay.
I choose to love you forever,
Come whatever.

A happy marriage doesn’t come over night.
It takes some work, some rigour, some fight.
Being in it together makes it all worthwhile,
Makes me glad to have walked down that aisle,
Makes me happy to think of my beautiful bride standing there,
Makes me realise that this kind of love is truly rare.

It’s not about who’s the stronger of the two,
Who’s right or wrong.
It’s about what we choose to do,
Together as equals, how we belong.
It’s about making memories, valuing the past,
No need for everything new,
How we choose to make this last,
How I choose, wife, to always love you.

You’re the first blessing I count every morning I wake.
I strive for my best every day for your sake.
I want to be the best man for you,
In all that say, in all that I do.
I love you so much, and I’ll show it any way I can.
You’re the perfect wife and you deserve a perfect man.

No matter how long you’ve been my wife,
I can’t get enough of you in my life.
I cherish, worship, and adore you,
After all these years, this still feels new.
You put a spring in my step, give my heart wings.
I can’t wait to see what our future brings.


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