I love you Poem for Son: A son is a great blessing to our lives. To know that we have conceived another human being is truly amazing, and thus, it is natural that we want to demonstrate such love. As it is so spontaneous, most of us can easily write a little something to our sons, but some of us do not have time for that, or we cannot express ourselves in words. Do not fret, however, as this article contains many poems to express your love to your son. Short as they may be, these writings might be just what you need for the job.

I Love You Poems for Son

From the first day I have discovered your conception,
I had a mix of emotions like never before,
from the joy of being a father/mother,
to the sheer thought of having conceived you…
to the fear of being incapable.
Even with this, my heart stood strong, and now,
I want to say these words to you:
I love you, son.

Though Light has not blessed me with great power,
great wealth or a life bereft of woes,
she has blessed me with you, my son,
the greatest gift the Heavens have ever given me.
Therefore, may the Light be praised,
for even though I did not ask for power, wealth and stability,
she has granted this to me through you!

The greatest melody in the world, like the sweetest sonatina,
the greatest aroma in the world, like a dulcet jasmine flower,
the greatest feeling overall,
like the nectar and ambrosia of the Olympus…
You make me feel like this, like I am enveloped
by a honeyed love.
From the depths of my heart, I say:
I love you, my son.

A spark of will, a flash of hope,
a whisper of serenity and a shining Light…
those were the fulfilled promises I obtained from you.
Whenever I feel weak, your spark reinforces me.
Whenever I am overwhelmed, your flash strengthens me.
Whenever I feel distraught, your whispers calm my heart,
and with these three, I feel the Light resonating within.

Like the Sun was the child of Fire and Light,
fusing the two to fuel the great power within him,
you are the great fusion of Passion and Blessings,
brimming with energy and kindness,
rebuking any sorrow and darkness that may come!
Truly, I feel my heart bursting with energy
whenever I think of what you are to me, son!

You have melted my heart… you have liquefied it
with the great effect you have had on my life.
You, my son, are like the great Sun, illuminating me.
For you, I would withstand anything
that the Earth may throw against me,
be it the sharp edges from beneath her skin
or the electric energy bursting from her husband’s robes!

Like a flash of light, blinding all those unlucky,
like the thunder that echoes across the world,
like the plasma that sears the Earth,
a revenge from Ouranos…
that was the impact that you had in my life,
like a lightning bolt, crashing against my heart,
bringing with it the energy of love,
the love I have for you, my son.

As the wind gathers within my mind and spirit,
a great power whispers inside me,
growing until it detonates with a powerful burst of love.
The wind are the thoughts of my beloved son,
compressed into my scarred and impacted heart,
the greatest child anyone could conceive,
and I was blessed with an explosion of love,
the love for you!

As the magma of liquefied rocks
that flows like blood within the planet’s veins,
my own burns with the love I feel to you.
As the explosion of thoughts in my mind,
the tornado that slices the Earth’s skin,
my spirit is filled with your essence.
With blood, mind and heart together,
the scission of love cuts through the darkness.

Although you were not easy to raise,
being a child of great spirit and energy,
your hallowed essence made me feel true bliss
and witnessing you grow was the greatest pride I felt…
I am filled with love, son.
My love for you may be meager and unworthy of you,
but please, accept it as a gift from my heart.

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My love for you is like a pebble thrown into the water,
making it reverberate with circular waves of emotion.
My love for you is like the light transfixing the darkness,
reverberating again with the power…
as the echoing power resonates within me,
my love for you must be sung,
and thus, I give this to you, my dear son!

With the emotion that you filled me with,
the tears of joy that overflowed within my heart,
the humors inside my body harmonized with your love…
with all you gave me, I cannot pay you back…
If anything were to threaten you,
I would indurate myself like a wall of ice,
the frost slaying all those who dare harm you!

As the light came upon my heart,
transfixing me with the arrow of Hera,
goddess of the family,
and as the chills of fear followed,
indurating me like the frost of Skadi,
goddess of winter,
the pressure came upon me,
the weight of parenthood seeming too much at first…
but with the love that came along, I was thoroughly rejuvenated!

As the compression of darkness crushed me,
life’s harshness seeming too much for my soul,
your love has birthed within my heart,
piercing through the gloom with your bright Light.
“Thank you” and “I love you” are insufficient phrases,
for the love that I have for you, oh dear son,
is so great that it cannot be described by words!

As your soul gravitated to my indurated world,
I knew it was a reverberation from the Heavens,
a promise of thunder and wind combined
to fragment the woes of the darkness from the Earth,
and as you came and healed my heart,
brightening up my life with your great luminosity,
I rejoiced with my love for you, my beloved son!

Like the fusion of Light and Fire within Helios’ core,
like the detonation of the wind
and the compression upon my heart,
your love has overwhelmed me
with the power known by a few blessed men and women…
the power of Storge.
Indeed, were it not for your blessing,
my world would lack the luster that you gave to me!

After all the scars and stabs I felt upon my heart
and after all its fragments scattered away with the wind,
I feel the distortions upon my energies,
swirling up my thoughts and my words,
making them seem muddled up and confused.
However, do not be fooled by this, son,
as my love for you is greater than any distortion!

With the fusion within Helios’ core,
Fire and Light dancing a waltz closely together,
and with the fragments of my shattered fears,
broken by your Thunder and scattered by your Wind,
a great love was born into an explosion of light,
filling my world with a Radiance I had never seen before
and making me scream: I love my son!

As the Waters of Emotion overflowed and reverberated,
as the Frigid Fears of mine came together and indurated,
as the scars of the past were cut open again by Scission,
and as all the Darkness came together,
forming a powerful Umbra upon my heart,
your light broke through it, filling my soul with love
and freeing me from all woes!

Zeus be damned to the eternal dismay,
for he had not valued the children he conceived.
Yes, I curse the king of the Olympus,
the puerile one bearing the lightning bolt,
for he had not loved the fruits of his escapades
as much as I love you, my dear son.


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