I Love You Poems for Husband: No doubt, marriage has its ups and downs. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s challenging. Yet because of the love you have your husband, because of the vows you exchanged at your wedding, you push through it all and it’s so worth it. In your husband, you’ve got a partner for life. So whether you’re at the start of your marriage or you’ve been together for years, whether it’s always sunshine and light or it’s a journey filled with peaks and valleys, you can find a poem here to express your love for your husband.

I Love You Poems for Husband

I’m so happy that you’re my man.
You do more for me than anyone else can.
I love you for who you are, what you do.
I love you for always being true, always being you.
You’re the best husband for me,
For you I’d climb mountains, travel the sea
Write the world’s longest love letter
Because there’s no one better.

A husband is a wonderful thing
Better than any teenage fling.
A rock when things get tough,
Loving arms for when I’ve simply had enough.
I love you, darling, more than words can say.
I love you more with every passing day.
I can’t wait to grow old with you,
And continue to experience the world together anew.

Marriage used to be so abstract to me,
Something difficult to really understand or see
As something other than just two people
Who’d exchange vows under some steeple.
But husband, you’ve helped me understand
That marriage is something really grand
Through your actions, what you do.
Now that I understand I can also see how much I really love you.

As I walked down the aisle on that wonderful day,
And saw you waiting, all smiles,
I knew that no matter what comes our way,
We’ll get through it, any trials.
I love you, husband, you’re the one for me.
Even now, you’re the only one I see.
You still make my knees go weak.
No doubt we’ve got something truly unique.

Your confidence helps see me through each day.
You make me want to be a better person in every way.
Your strength is what gets me through each night.
Your smile and laughter always make me feel so light.
You make me feel better whenever we talk.
I love you, husband, you are my rock.

When we first met, I couldn’t have known
That I’d never again be alone.
But now you’re my husband for life,
And I your ever-adoring wife.
I love you so much for who you are,
More than I thought I could love anyone, by far.
Let’s keep at this adventure called marriage.
May we never be ungrateful, never disparage.

They say you’ve got to take the bad with the good,
And if there was any bad, I certainly would.
But every difficult patch that we go through
Is a way of strengthening my relationship with you.
So nothing’s bad, rather all steps in the right direction
To loving my husband more and improving our connection.

Every day I think it to myself and know it’s true:
I love you.
I love the way you look at me
Like I’m the only person that you see.
I love the way you hold me tight
During the day, through the night.
I love the way we talk without end.
You’re more than my husband, you’re my best friend.

Sometimes I think we were meant to be.
I’m good for you, and you’re even better for me.
We complement each other like day and night,
Up and down, black and white.
They say that opposites attract and now I know it’s true
Because despite our all of differences, husband, I love you.

Let’s admit it: it’s not always bliss.
We don’t always want to smile, hug and kiss.
Marriage isn’t always all sunshine and light,
But at the end of the day, we make it right.
No matter what happens, I love you for life.
No matter our faults, I’m happy to be your wife.

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I couldn’t have dreamed up someone as good as you.
True, I used to have an idea of a perfect man,
If anyone could exceed him, you can.
You’re better than anything from my imagination.
When I found someone so kind and funny, imagine my elation!
You calm my mind, quell my fears.
I’ll love you for the rest of my years.

We don’t always see eye to eye
And that’s partially why
I love you, husband, as much as I do.
You help me see things from a different point of view.
You challenge me.
And while that doesn’t always fill me with glee,
I know it makes us stronger
And makes me want to be with you all the longer.

The first time I saw you,
I knew.
I knew I had to get to know this man
Who can make me nervous and excited like no other can.
I knew I wanted to be your wife,
Now here we are, connected for life.
I knew I’d love you no matter what,
Even if you’re a bit of a nut.

There’s nothing you could do
To make me stop loving you.
There’s nothing you could say
To make me go astray.
You’re my husband and you’re stuck with me.
Our love’s got roots like a big old tree.
Leaves may fall and branches may crack,
But we’ll just keep on growing them back.

When we said our vows, I meant every word.
I remember my eyes became teary and my vision burred.
I’ve loved you more and more every day since then.
You do things that amaze me, make me fall for you over and over again.
I’m absolutely blessed.
Husband, you’re the very best.

A marriage is a marathon, running far and long.
Not just about being fast, but being mentally strong.
In it for the long run,
And it won’t always be fun.
But in the end it’s worth it,
And so I’ll never quit.
I’m so glad we’re running together, us two.
Husband, I love you.

Some people want flowers or romance,
A candlelit dinner, a slow dance.
I’m happy just to spend an evening with you,
No matter what we do.
Some time with my husband is all I want,
At home or at a restaurant,
Dressed up or dressed down, in or out.
He’s the love of my life, without a doubt.

You are the best man I know,
You’re well beyond the status quo.
I’m so grateful that we wed.
When I look ahead,
The future doesn’t worry me at all
Because I know you’ll catch me if I fall.
I love you so much, every single day,
I love you so much, more than words can say.

Though we don’t always know what’s ahead,
The thought of the future doesn’t bring me any dread.
Whatever happens, we’ll face it as a pair,
No matter what, no matter where.
My husband at my side,
My dearest companion, sometimes guide.
I love you and this adventure of ours.
We’ll keep going, in sunshine or showers.

Marriage isn’t always an easy pursuit,
Not the smoothest, most straightforward route.
Sometimes we rub each other the wrong way,
Or don’t think before the things we say.
But husband, we know each other best,
And always forgive each little test.
I love you through all the good and the bad,
My partner in crime, my cherished comrade.

For better or for worse is what we said,
As we stood at the altar, the future ahead.
And sure enough, husband, through it all,
Through winter, summer, spring and fall,
My love for you grows and grows,
There are no limits that it knows.
With every passing day, week, year,
The strength of our marriage becomes increasingly clear.

Other people talk about the big stuff:
Their husband so handsome, smart, and tough.
But when it comes to you, it’s in the small things:
Tying up my apron strings,
Brushing my hair out of my face,
The way you pack a suitcase.
I love you for all the details, big and small.
I love everything about you; I love it all.


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