I Love You Poems for Girlfriend: You could probably list a million that you love your girlfriend; it’s why you’re with her and no one else. Was it love at first sight? Or were you just good friends to begin with, before developing into something more? What is it about her that makes your heart race—her smile, laughter, humor, intelligence? Whatever it is, she should know how you feel and why. Poems are a very romantic way of doing this. This collection of I Love You Poems for Girlfriend explore the feelings of love in a relationship. Whether you’re perfect for each other or an unlikely match, you’ll find something here to express yourself.

I Love You Poems for Girlfriend

What’s a perfect way to say this?
Maybe say it while holding hands, or after a kiss.
Or wait until a clear night with a beautiful moon,
You know, to really make you swoon.
You're my girlfriend, you deserve perfection
And grand gestures of affection!
No more wasting time, waiting for a cue.
So here it is: I love you.

You’re not just some girl that I kind of like.
When you walk into a room, it’s like a lightning strike.
You electrify me with everything you do.
Everything little thing makes me love you.
I’m so grateful that you’re my girlfriend.
Why you’re with me is more than I can comprehend.

You are a light illuminating all of my dark.
I am a cross and you are a checkmark.
All my wrongs, you make them right.
When I can’t see ahead, you give me sight.
When I feel dead, you revive.
You're the most amazing girlfriend alive,
So much grace in all that you do.
I truly love you.

You’re the kind of girl I want to bring home to mum and dad.
We’ve all got imperfections; none of yours are bad.
I want to tell the world how much I love you.
Do you understand that there’s nothing I wouldn’t do?
You’re my girl; I’d go to the end of the earth
To try and prove my worth.

You often know what I want to say before I’ve said it.
You always know what I want to admit.
So maybe I don’t have to say what I’m about to.
Look in my eyes, you’ll see right through
My cool façade, you’ll see what words I intend.
But just in case: I love you. You’re the best girlfriend.

I’m so happy, so lucky that you chose me.
I’ll make sure you don’t regret it, I guarantee.
You’re my girl; you can have it all.
Whatever you want, it’s your call.
From the very start, you’ve had my heart.
You ought to know I’ll always be true.
I think I’ve always loved you.

Your smile makes me weak in the knees.
When you walk in the room, it feels like 100 degrees.
I hope my praise doesn’t offend,
But sometimes I can’t believe that you’re my girlfriend.
I’m the luckiest guy around.
I feel 10 feet high off the ground.
I feel light and I feel new
Because I love you.

The first time we met I fell in love
And I thanked my lucky stars up above.
I knew that I had to get to know you,
To explore this feeling that was new.
And now here we are,
Come quite far,
You’re my girlfriend, we’re quite a pair.
The love I have for you is something rare.

I’m your prince charming, but you’re no damsel in distress,
No doubt you could outrun me, even in a dress.
We’re a pair, well matched,
Independent and equal, not at the hip attached.
This is our fairytale,
With a happy ending without fail.
I love you with my whole heart
And have done from the start.

I remember when you were still just my crush.
We didn’t speak much, but you made my heartbeat rush.
Time has passed and now here we are, so much more.
You're the greatest girlfriend a guy could ask for.
I love you more than words can say.
I love you more each and every day.

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Sometimes I think we’re an unlikely pair,
I’m quite rough, and you’re very fair.
You’re clever, I’m a bit daft.
The last time I stumbled, you laughed
Because you’re the opposite, full of grace.
Compared to mine, yours is a positively angelic face.
But you’re still happy to be my girlfriend,
And I will love you until the end.

I’m happy whatever we do
Because I’m so in love with you.
We could go out for a gentle walk,
Or chill on your couch, have a talk.
Go out for dinner and a flick,
Or order in take out, your pick.
I just want to spend time with my girl, my love,
It’s what my perfect day consists of.

You want romance? Then it’s what you’ll get.
I’ll shower you in roses, one for each day since we met.
Candlelight, moonlight, whatever you like best,
All my feelings through love songs expressed.
Presents and walks along the beach,
The stars above just out of reach.
My girlfriend deserves it all and more,
She’s the only girl that I adore.

I never imagined having a girlfriend like you,
Someone from a fairy tale with a glass shoe.
I’m so glad that you chose me,
I’ve never been so happy.
I love you so much; I always will.
I’m sure that I’ll never have my fill
Of seeing your beautiful face, hearing your voice.
I’ll never give you up by choice.

This is better than I ever planned.
I’d be happy just holding your hand.
But now you’re my girlfriend; we’re going out.
There are days that I still doubt
That any of this is actually real,
But then I think about how I feel.
I’m so in love with you, this can’t be fake,
Unless I’m dreaming, not yet awake.

You’re the most precious thing to me,
And the only girl that I see.
You radiate like the sun, so bright.
Into all my dark corners you shine a light.
You’re my girl and I love you so.
There isn’t anything about you I don’t want to know.
You’re funny, beautiful and clever.
I hope that this will last forever.

Sometimes I want to shout it out so that the whole world to hear me:
I’ve got the best girlfriend ever, and she’s chosen to be with me!
I love you so much every single day.
Maybe we’ll be something more one day.
Until then, just know that I’ll be true
And always be right here for you.

I love the way I feel with you,
Like everything in the world’s new.
I never knew having a girlfriend could be this good.
I want to say something, but I don’t know if I should.
Waiting for your response fills me with dread,
But I’ll risk it, go ahead.
Your voice, your laughter, your touch—
I love you so much.

A girlfriend like you makes life so grand.
Before we started going out, everything seemed so bland.
Now, sounds are sweeter and colors are brighter.
I can breathe easier and the sun shines lighter.
There aren’t enough words to express just how much I love you.
I am in complete awe of everything that you do.

The first time we held hands was magic.
Saying goodbye to you that night was tragic.
I couldn’t wait until our next hang out;
I didn’t want you to have to have any time to doubt
That we were right.
In the end, there was no argument or fight.
And now you’re my girlfriend.
I love you till the bitter end.

When I’m with you, it feels like we’re the only people who exist.
We stopped time the first time we kissed.
You're my girl, made of magic and all things good.
I love you more than I ever thought I could.
To take you for granted would be a crime.
I hope we last until the end of time.

The love I feel for you has neither limit nor end.
You’re the most incredible, beautiful girlfriend.
For you, I want to be a better man.
I want to do everything I can
To be worthy of your company and your smile.
It’s all worth it even if we’re together for only a while.


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