I Love You Poems for Brother: We often have quite complex relationships with our siblings. On one hand, they can drive us crazy and annoy us to no end. On the other hand, they’re family and we love them no matter what. Whether your brother is your best friend, your role model, your sometimes enemy, your arch nemesis, or your hero, you can express how much you love him through one of the poems here. They explore different facets of sibling relationships, but always ultimately acknowledge the love we have for our brothers.

I Love You Poems for Brother

You’ve always been my role model, brother.
There isn’t another
Who shows so well what it means to be a good man.
If anyone can make me want to be better, you can.
I love you for always being there,
For always showing how much you care.
For always encouraging me to try,
For setting the bar high.

They say that boys will be boys,
And so we play fought, you tried to steal my toys
When we were younger and had no clue
What we grow up into to.
But now we’re here and older,
And you’ve always been a reliable shoulder.
You’re always there for me and I wouldn’t trade you for any other.
I love you, brother.

I know you’ll always be there for me,
And I’ll always be there for you.
When we were young and climbing our favourite tree,
As we got older and we’ve both needed help getting through
Some difficult times.
No matter the struggles, the obstacles, the strife,
I love you, brother, and will for life.

Sure, we don’t always get along.
Sometimes we argue over who’s right and who’s wrong.
Sometimes we really don’t see eye to eye,
But brother, you’re still my greatest ally.
I love you even when we fight.
I love you even when you end up being right.
More than a brother, you’re a good mate.
Keep on being great.

You’ve always looked out for me, and that means a lot.
You’ve been there for me more often than not,
Like some kind of personal super hero, all mine.
You still stick up for me even when I whine.
You're the best brother I could ever wish for,
I love you for these reasons and so many more. 

As far as brothers go, you’ve set the bar high.
You’re the standard that I judge other men by.
You’ve always set for me a good example
And the constant support you’ve given has been ample.
Not everyone can say they love their brother as much as me,
If they knew how great you are, how jealous everyone else would be!

Sometimes you drive me absolutely crazy.
Sometimes you’re annoying and to be honest, lazy.
But the great thing about being siblings it that I love you anyway,
Despite what either of us might say.
The fact is, I think you do a great job being a brother,
And despite how crazy you drive me, I wouldn’t trade you for another.

I don’t deny that we don’t always get along,
But I like to think that nonetheless, our relationship is strong.
You’re still my brother and I still love you,
Even if I think you sometimes belong in a zoo.
We’ve got a special bond for life,
Which includes all the good times, and all the strife.

Sometimes you make weird faces
No matter where we are, in all kinds of places.
You make unusual sounds without a care
And you’re not fussed when people stop to stare.
You’re strange, but you’re still my brother.
I love you more than any other.
I act grossed out by what you do,
But truth is I’m just as weird as you.

Most people complain about their brothers,
But you’re a far shout from all those others.
You’ve always been thoughtful, always been kind,
Compared to the rest, rather refined.
I love you and have since day one,
You make my life more interesting and more fun.
Keep it up, you’re a sibling pro.
A real top-notch bro.

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You never lose your patience with me,
And you give your sagely advice for free.
At any time of night or day,
You listen to what I need to say.
I love you, brother, you’re my rock,
Always at the ready for a chat or a walk.
No matter the difficulty, you’ll help me through.
Keep on being you.

I’ve got no doubt you’d win in a fight,
Yet you also are willing to admit when you’re not right.
You know exactly which buttons to press,
But you also don’t want to cause anyone stress.
Brother, you’re someone I really look up to.
And though I don’t say it enough, I love you.

Some of my favourite memories are the ones where we just hung out.
Watching a film, sharing a drink – that’s what it’s all about.
We don't need some elaborate plan, some big to-do.
And that, brother, is just one thing I love so much about you.
Open a cold one, heat up the grill,
It’s time to chill!

You know exactly what makes me tick.
You know my favourite ice cream when I’m sick.
You know what films I like when I’m sad.
You know which board games make me really made.
You know my favourite radio station.
You know what happened on that one vacation.
You know me better than any other.
I love you, my wonderful brother.

When we were younger, I never thought we’d get along,
But the years seem to have proven me wrong.
No longer just a brother, but also a good friend,
Not just one or the other, but a blend.
We may not always agree,
But I’m always there for you and you’re always there for me.

Because we’ve known each other so long,
Our relationship is really strong.
I love the way you can make me laugh so hard,
The way that in school you were like a personal body guard,
The way you always listen to me,
And give your advice for free.

We’ve been through so much, we siblings two.
Brother, I really love you.

My childhood memories include watching morning cartoons,
Playing with toys and eating snacks in the afternoons.
Spending lots of time with my brother,
Both enjoying and annoying one another.
Here we are now, many years later
And our relationship is even greater.
For the man you’ve become and the wonderful things you do,
Brother, I love you.

I’ve always looked up to you, even when we were young,
Though I’ve been rather quiet, so your praises have gone unsung.
But you ought to know, I think you’re great.
You’re brave, you’re smart, you always tell things straight.
Now that we’re older I can tell you without any hesitation:
I love you, brother, you’re my inspiration.

Sometimes I think that we’re nothing like each other,
Hardly seem related, even if you are my brother.
We have such different views and thoughts,
Yet I still love you lots.
Despite our differences, we’re still kin.
Our ties to each other are far from thin.
Just because we share the same family name
Doesn’t mean we have to be the same.

I love you, brother, you’re the only one I’ve got.
Even when you annoy me, I still love you a lot.
I know that no matter what happens, I’ve got you
And as family, we’ll always be true.
Because of this family bond, we’ll never be strangers.
We’ll be here for each other through ups, downs and dangers.

Friends may come and friends may go,
But of my brother, this I know.
The changing of seasons will have no effect
On how as siblings we connect.
I love you and that will never change.
Nothing can tear us apart, nothing can estrange.
No matter what happens, I guarantee
That you will always be stuck with me.

I’m glad I’m not an only child,
Glad I had a brother with whom to go wild.
I’m glad I have this lifelong friend,
Someone who’s not just some passing trend.
You support me in all my pursuits
And remind me when I’ve forgotten my roots.
Whatever I’m on about, you always understand.
I love you, brother, you’re pretty grand.


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