I Love You Poems for Boyfriend: No doubt everyone has a different, unique reason for loving their boyfriend. Every relationship consists of two unique people, and so every relationship is different. Sometimes everything’s perfect. Sometimes things aren’t, but it’s how you get through them together that counts. Maybe he makes you feel safe, maybe he makes you laugh, maybe he’s your rock when things get tough. Whatever the case, you love him. Here is a collection of poems exploring your love for your boyfriend, whatever the particulars.

I Love You Poems for Boyfriend

I can’t imagine anyone better
For me than you.
With every passing day
This still feels new.
When we laugh,
When we smile,
When we kiss,
When we see each other after awhile,
I’m reminded of how much I love you, my boyfriend.
Whatever the future has in store,
With each day I’ll love you more.

I’ve got the best boyfriend of them all,
He’s handsome, strong, and tall.
But this isn’t the most important stuff –
He’s smart and he’s kind, and as if that wasn’t enough,
He’s thoughtful and he’s funny.
Whether it’s rainy or sunny,
He always makes me happy,
And well, let’s face it, a little bit sappy.

You are more than I could have ever hoped for.
You’re all that I dreamed of and more.
You’re my strong, caring man
And I’m your biggest fan.
I’m your girl, a princess to my shining knight.
I hope you’ll always hold me tight.
I’ll always be true
Because I’m head over heels in love with you.

It doesn’t matter how grumpy or sad,
You always help me see that things are never that bad.
You brighten my day with a smile and a kiss.
You replace my misery with sweet bliss.
You're the best boyfriend, it’s true.
I can’t believe just how much I love you.

I feel so safe with you.
If anyone can take you on, I don’t know who.
When you hold me in a warm embrace,
Put your hand gently on my face,
Spoil me and take me out,
Tell me that you have no doubt
That with me, you can see no end,
I have so much love for you, boyfriend.

I’ll always remember that night under the stars,
It felt like the entire world was ours.
We talked until it was late without a care,
It felt like time had stopped, I swear.
This is what I’ll always remember the most:
Looking at you, boyfriend, my heart feeling shiny and new
And telling you just how much I love you.

I want to go wherever you go,
I want to see whatever you see,
I want these things, even though
I know it won’t be free.
Everything has a cost.
I am willing to pay.
If it means that with you I get lost,
Then I’ll happily go your way.
On me you can depend,
I love you, boyfriend.

Sometimes I ramble too much,
Overwhelm with too many hugs, kisses and such.
I don’t mean to text so much each day,
But sometimes I really want to say:
I love you, plain and true.
There’s no other man for me, but you.
So I do all these things that sometimes annoy,
But it’s all for you, my favourite boy.

I don’t care what we do this weekend,
As long it’s with you, boyfriend.
We can go out, party and dance,
Or stay at home wearing comfy sweatpants.
We can go out for a fancy meal,
Whatever you feel.
Everything we do together feels exciting and new,
Loving you as much as I do.

It’s difficult to express how much I love you.
I love you more than there is water in the sea.
I love you more than there are blades of grass each morning covered in dew.
I love you more than there are words that contain the letter ‘e’.
I hope I’m clear, but if I’m not:
I love you quite a lot.

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There isn’t a pop song on the radio
That can express the way I love you so.
You’re my favourite man and what we’ve got
Is immeasurable, priceless, can’t be bought.
This isn’t just some fleeting romance,
This is love in a great expanse.
You and I, we’ll keep going strong,
The inspiration for a new, hit pop song.

I’m in awe of how such strong hands
Can have a touch so gentle and sweet.
They feel as vast as endless sands,
Yet so gently brush my hair when we greet.
You're the man that I want, the man that I sought,
You’re the man that I can’t help but love a lot.

Let the storms come, and let the rains fall.
My boyfriend will protect me from it all.
He’s brave and he’s strong
And together we belong.
I love him with all of my heart
And I don’t worry when we’re apart -
We’re a pair, we’re a team, we’re two,
And to each other we’ll always be true.

You lift me up whenever I feel down,
You help me feel even better when I’m doing well,
You make me smile when I frown,
When something’s not right, you can always tell.
You’re the best guy for me, it’s plain to see
I love you with all my heart, true and free.

I love when you hold my hand,
And tell me that I’m your girl.
I like to tell you that you’re my man
When you put your arms around me and my heart’s all a-whirl.
You are my favourite person and the only place I want to be
I love you, darling. You’re the only one for me.

Your voice is my favourite sound.
My favourite colour is that of your eyes.
My favourite feeling is your arms, all around.
You’re my favourite of all guys.
My favourite way to spend a day.
My favourite name to say.
No matter what I know that on you I can depend.
I love you so much, boyfriend.

When we’re apart, the first thing I miss is your smile
When you tell me I’m your girl and you mean it.
Your smirk makes me feel like a child,
You make my cheeks go rosy, my heart flit.
Then when I see you again, everything feels new,
And I’m reminded of how much I love you.

I love you boyfriend; you’re the best.
I’m so lucky to call you mine.
I feel happy and I feel blessed.
I’ll make it known on Facebook, Twitter, and Vine.
I don’t care if everybody knows:
You're the one, the one I chose.
We’ll take on the world, just us two.
Together, there’s nothing that we can’t do.

I feel like royalty when I’m with you,
A princess or a queen, deserving of a crown.
I’ll don pearls and diamonds, maybe a glass shoe,
Before we go out and adorn the town.
We’ll dine so finely,
Then we’ll go out and dance divinely.
I love you, boyfriend, my prince, my king.
Together we’ll ruler over everything.

Let’s turn on a song and slow dance.
I want low lights, flowers, and romance.
Lean me back and spin me around,
Lift me up off the ground.
I won’t notice when the music comes to an end,
As I keep dancing with my boyfriend.
I love you,
So I don’t mind if we dance the whole night through.

When we’re together, I feel like we’re the only two
In the whole world. Boyfriend, I love you.
Everything goes quiet and hush,
And I can feel my heart rush
With happiness so strong.
We could be amidst a teeming throng,
Yet you’re all that I see.
Boyfriend, you mean the world to me.

As one person on my own, I was just fine,
But I’m even better when we’re two and I can call you mine.
I love you, boy, you should know.
You bring a light to my eyes, make my cheeks glow.
You make me a better person that I was before.
You make my heart flutter and soar.


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