I Like You Poems for Girls: It can be difficult to tell a girl that you like her, whether you’ve known her for a long time or you just met. Maybe you know her really well or maybe you’re just getting to know each other. Maybe you’re mesmerized by her laugh or maybe it was just a glance across a room that made you fall for her. Whatever the case, there is a poem here to help you express yourself to her. Whether you’re shy or bold, whether you’re good friends with her or still a bit of a stranger, you’ll find a poem here to match how your situation.

I Like You Poems for Girls

You’re captivating in every way,
And I’ve really been wanting to say
That I like you, plain and true.
I like how you look, I like what you do.
You’re the prettiest girl around
And your kindness has the ability to astound.
Knowing these things, I hope you hold your head high.
You’ve got no reason to be shy.

Since the first time I heard you laugh, I knew
Just how much I was going to like you.
You’re a sweet girl, you’re funny
And your outlook on the world is sunny.
I’m a better person when you’re around,
When I feel like I’m floating away, you keep me on the ground.
You’re so swell,
I’m so glad we gel.

I knew it when I saw that look
You made when we first locked eyes.
And the way you smiled absolutely took
Me by surprise.
In awe, I thought to myself, “This girl is amazing.”
And since then I’ve been trying to find the perfect phrasing
To express my recent breakthrough:
I really like you.

It’s rare that we meet people to whom we relate so well
With whom understanding is as clear as a bell.
But with you this is the case
And you’re someone I could never replace.
I like you, girl, a great deal.
Won’t you tell me how you feel?
Do you feel the same
Or am I alone in this social game?

I know we talk and sometimes hang out,
But sometimes I want to scream and shout:
I like you!
I’m not being silly; it’s true.
You’re the prettiest, smartest girl I know,
I decided a long time ago.
I can’t get enough of you; it’s crazy.
You make my eyes light up, my mind go hazy.

It’s not easy for me to tell you how I’m feeling
Because every look from you sends me reeling.
I’ve never met a girl like you,
You’re altogether something new.
I like the things you say,
I like how you live your convictions in every way.
I like you, in every detail,
To the point that it makes me feel quite frail.

When I see you, my heart beats faster,
Over my feelings I’m no longer the master.
Your presence is all consuming; it’s scary.
If you asked me if I like you much, I’d say very.
Girl, I’m going out of my mind.
Let me know if you like me too, if you’re so inclined.

It’s amazing how peaceful I feel when you’re around.
You slow my heartbeat, mute every sound.
I can’t get enough of feeling like this,
And can’t help but wonder how it would feel to kiss
Your cherry red lips, smiling and sweet.
No doubt my life would be complete.
Long story short, I like you.
Maybe one day you’ll like me too.

Even just hearing your name brings a smile to my face,
Makes me excited, makes my heart race.
I get a bit nervous,
Do my confidence a disservice.
Listen: I ought to tell it to you straight.
Girl, you’re the one I want to date.
You’re amazing, intelligent, and kind.
You’ve got a beautiful face and a more beautiful mind.

It’s difficult to describe,
But in a world so large, it can be hard to find your tribe.
It’s hard to find the people you’re meant to be with.
Until I met you, I thought that getting on well was a myth.
I really like you, and that took me by surprise.
You’ve made the sun brighter, widened the skies.

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Sometimes I try to act like I don’t care,
Like I’m not completely mesmerized by your long hair.
I pretend that I don’t find you captivating,
That I don’t wish that we were dating.
But the truth is you’re the only girl I’m into.
Now that you know how I feel, what do you want to do?

I could talk to you for ages,
We could text endlessly and fill pages.
You’re a cool girl and I really like you.
I think you and I could be something new.
I’d like to take you out some Friday night
Watch the sunset, catch a film, have a bite.
It would make my day.
What do you say?

We have more in common than you think.
We both like spaghetti and we both like pink.
I like watching movies, so do you.
You like good music. Well, me too!
My point is that I like you, girl, quite a lot.
And I think that you might like me too. Why not?

I’ve liked you from day one,
When I realized that you’re a lot of fun.
You’re the kindest girl that I know.
I don’t think you’ve noticed me, but even so,
I’ll put this out there with fingers crossed.
Better, they say, to have loved and lost.
Maybe eventually you’ll look my way.
I look forward to that day.

As I’ve got to know you more,
The more my heart begins to soar.
Since I’ve got a better idea of who you are,
I’ve been admiring you from afar.
I want to be the kind of guy who’s right for a girl like you
So that maybe one day, you’ll feel the same for me too.

At first it was just your smile.
And then after awhile,
It was the clever things you said
And I couldn’t get you out of my head.
I wanted to get to know you more,
I wanted to know your very core.
These feelings for me are completely new.
You’re an amazing girl and I’m crazy about you.

After some thought, I can say this now without any doubt,
You’re the only girl I’ve ever felt this way about.
I didn’t know I could like someone so much,
Could want so badly for our hands to touch.
You amaze me with everything you say and do,
And I just can’t get enough of you.

I don’t just find you pretty or cute,
Descriptions like that are so minute.
You’re more than just a lovely face,
Your thoughts, words and actions are pretty ace.
You’re the cleverest girl that I know,
And that’s the main reason I like you so.
Truly, I admire you.
Maybe one day you’ll like me too.

I want to know you inside out,
I want to know what you’re all about.
Girl, you’ve got me in a serious spin,
And I hardly know where to begin.
I like you more than I thought I possibly could,
Probably more than I should.
I can’t wait until you’re mine,
If you should feel so inclined.

I don’t say much when you’re around,
But it’s because I get nervous and can’t make a sound.
My hands shake, I freeze,
I get weak in the knees.
I sound like I’m scared, but that’s not true;
It’s just that I really, really like you.
Girl, I can’t wait
To have the courage to ask you out on a date.

If I say it enough, will it get through?
I like you, I like you, I like you!
You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever known.
Over time these feelings have grown,
And I hope that we can be something more.
If you don’t like me yet, you’re worth waiting for.
Until you’re done debating,
I’ll be here waiting.

You deserve only the best,
You deserve to be impressed.
I’m just a man,
But I’ll do what I can
To get you to notice me.
I think of how happy I would be
To stand next to you.
If you only knew,
You’ve got all of my affection.
I think you’re absolute perfection.


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