I Hate You Poems for Friends: Friendships come and friendships go. If you’re lucky, you’ll both move on and there won’t be any hard feelings. But sometimes that’s not the case and for whatever reason, the friendship ends in a lot of animosity. Maybe this person that you used to get on with so well isn’t who you thought they were, maybe they do something that really annoys you, or maybe they’ve broken your trust. This collection of poems explores the hate we sometimes feel for people we used to consider friends, whatever the reason for our change of heart.

I Hate You Poems for Friends

I can’t stand the way you hold your head up high,
The way you respond to people with a sigh.
I used to think you were alright,
But I can’t look at you now without wanting to fight.
I can’t stand the way you think you’re so great
When all you feel for others is hate.

The worst part is that you still know me so well.
When we were friends I trusted that you’d never tell,
But now all trust is gone.
I hate that you’ve treated me like a pawn
In a game of chess.
After all this time, I must confess:
All this time I’ve only been putting up with you.
I’m glad we’re through.

I didn’t think our friendship would end up this way,
With no more to do, nothing to say.
I couldn’t have predicted how much I’d hate you;
It’s made my world askew.
I’m tired of the way you treated me,
The way you denied it, couldn’t see.
You were rarer than a four leaf clover,
But I’m glad we’re over.

Is this how it ends?
We don’t talk, don’t make amends?
I thought our friendship would last forever,
I thought it would last whatever.
I’m sick of arguing over the same old things.
Do you understand the frustration it brings?
You refuse to see things from my point of view,
And I’m really starting to hate you.

When you’re kids, friendship means so much more.
You find someone you enjoy or adore
And it’s easy!
But these days, I’m finding it hard
I used to think you were a real card,
But I was wrong.
My like for you has turned to hate.
You’re no longer my best mate.
We’re through.

I’m not sorry for what I’m about to say
Because I’m sick and tired of you having your way.
I never thought I could hate you like this,
I thought our friendship would be something I miss,
But I’m so over it.
I don’t miss you, even a bit.
Your attitude’s disgraceful, disgusting at best.
Being your friend was a horrible test.

Go away and stop bothering me.
I don’t like you, don’t you see?
I’m tired of your desperate lines and jokes,
Whatever friendship we had was an elaborate hoax.
I’d say that it was nice while it lasted, but that would be a lie.
How it ever even started, I don’t know why!

I used to think that you were my friend,
I didn’t see us ever coming to an end.
But you betrayed my trust, and now it’s done,
No more laughter, no more fun.
I hate you now, that’s for sure.
Literally anyone else’s company I now prefer.
So long, my friend, this is it.
I’m done with you. I quit.

So many promises now that are broken,
So many harsh words that have been spoken.
I guess our friendship is over at last.
I would say it’s been a blast,
But in all honesty, it’s been a pain.
Most of the time, you drove me insane.
The fact is I hate you now.
I’m sure I’ll manage without you somehow.

There’s nothing you can say or do
To make me stop hating you.
We’re too different and that’s just the way we are.
There’s nothing unusual about this, nothing bizarre.
I’m tired of how you think you know it all.
Your pride has been your downfall.
I’m moving on with my life,
No room for your arguments and strife.

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Our friendship never felt quite right,
The way we would too easily fight.
The way we never had much to talk about,
It was enough to fill anyone with doubt.
I had no idea, though, that it would lead to such animosity.
Our friendship was an absolute monstrosity.
It’s for the best that it’s over.

You’re callous and uncaring,
And I find your company perfectly wearing.
You’re belligerent and boring,
And so I find myself abhorring
All that you are.
The fact that we were ever friends is rather bizarre.
I hope our paths will never again cross,
Never talking again, for me, would hardly be a loss.

I don’t know how to be more clear:
You’re the most annoying person in this hemisphere.
I used to call you my friend,
But that has quickly come to an end.
I can’t even stand the sound of your voice.
When you’re not around, I rejoice.
You’re little more than a source of strife.
Please, stay out of my life.

I didn’t expect to hate you the way I do.
I didn’t mind you so much when our acquaintance was new.
I had been excited to be friends,
But I don’t think we’re ever going to make amends.
My hate for you is so very strong
And I can no longer feign getting along.

It’s best to pretend we never friends.
Whether you agree, well, that depends.
Do you hate me as much as I hate you?
I’m not the same person that you once knew.
And mate, you’ve changed too.
Quite frankly, I find you a bit of a bore
And I can’t stand your company any more.

I’m so tired of the things you say,
Tired of how you always have to get your way,
Tired of your ego trips,
Tired of your unwarranted advice and tips.
We were friends, but now we’re through.
We used to get along, but now I hate you.
Stop texting, stop calling, we’re so done.
No more friendship, no more fun.

I’ve decided that I’m better off without you.
We could try and fix this, but I don’t want to.
When it comes down to it, you’re not a good friend,
So this really needs to come to an end.
I hate that I ever thought you were cool.
Now that I really know you, I feel like a fool.

So much for friends forever,
I guess I wasn’t all that clever
When I thought that we got on well.
As I got to know you, I could really tell
That this wasn’t going to work.
I realized that you’re a bit of a jerk.
I’d say it was nice, but that would be a lie.
The truth? I hate you. Goodbye.

You’re belligerent and loud.
You’re selfish and proud.
I didn’t notice it at first,
But you’re the absolute worst!
I simply cannot be friends with you,
I hate what you are and what you do.
You had me fooled at the start,
But old pal, I’m too smart.
I see through all your smiles,
Now aware of your wiles.

Good luck convincing me now
That you’re not a complete cow.
We were friends, but that’s so finished.
Any care for you I had is now completely diminished.
I hate your self-righteous attitude;
You’re so selfish and so rude.
I can’t be around you without feeling stressed.
Ending this friendship is for the best.

Friends forever?
More like never.
I didn’t think that you were this bad,
But now it just makes me mad
To even be around you.
You’re intolerable at best
And I must have been possessed
To think that we could ever get on.
You’re an absolute con.
Get out of my life.
I’ve got not time for your lies and your strife.

I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to be nice.
You were a real gamble, a roll of the dice.
Sometimes you’re kind, but more often not.
You’re a lot worse than I thought.
We can’t be friends when I hate you so.
I won’t be sad to see you go.


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