I Am Sorry Poems for Wife:  It is important to make amends with your loved one if you have hurt them. We all make mistakes, but when a mistake is made it is important to apologize and set things right. Too often, marriages dissolve and crumble due to faulty communication or miscommunication. Many times people will ignore confronting the problem and then they end up divorcing. Love is important to keep strong, and if you find yourself at a point where you have hurt that love, a poem can help say how you feel and how sorry you are. Of course it is important to tell the person you love that you care for them everyday, but it is especially important to apologize for a wrong doing and make things right in the best way that you can. A marriage is something that can be saved, and if you work hard to keep your marriage happy, it will be worthwhile.

I Am Sorry Poems for Wife

You are my beloved wife
You are the love of my life
You are like the sun
You are full of light
I am sorry for any hurt I have caused
From now on I will always be true
There is nothing that I won't do to prove my love for you
On my worst days you are always there
I am sorry if it seems like I don't care

My dear wife I am sorry for all I have done
Please forgive me
Hurting the person you love is never fun
I have searched high and low for a woman like you
I know I have made mistakes, more than a few
I hope you know that my love is true

You are beautiful to me in every way
I am sorry I could not find the words to say
I want you to know that my love for you is sacred.
I'll do anything to keep you satisfied
My love for you I will never hide
Tell me what I need to do to keep you by my side
For you I will always throw away my pride

Your eyes shine like the stars in the night sky
You keep me afloat your love keeps me high
I would never lie to you, that is something that I would never do
I will forever be true
I am sorry if I went against our love
I love you more than the moon above

Seconds pass and I think about my love for you
Every second we have spent together has been true
Your love makes me feel brand new
Loving you is something I always want to do
There are billions of people in the world but I only want to be with you

You always say the words I need to hear
When you are afraid I tell you that you have nothing to fear
I love holding you close to me when all I can feel is you
Being untrue is something I could ever do
I am sorry if I have pushed the limits
You are my life and the reason I live it

I am sorry that I have hurt you in any way
Your voice is sweet like the flowers in May
Forgive me if there have been things in the past I could not say
I love you more than night and day
You have the light, please show me the way

Words cannot express how sorry I feel
You have never kept anything from me
You have always been real
You are like my diary and you are my best friend
I know I can tell you my secrets and you will never spill
You are my soul within
If you want me to love you I always will

I am so sorry for the stress I have caused
There is no excuse for my actions
I hope this is a problem that we can solve
I should have taken you into consideration but I have been mistaken
I fell asleep and needed to awaken
I forgot how rare it is to find a woman like you
Together there is nothing we won't get through

You always give the best advice
I am so glad that you are in my life
Sometimes I can not believe that you are my wife
I am sorry if I haven't been myself lately, sometimes life gets crazy
I know I have been lazy
I want to make it up to you and give you the love that you deserve
Our love I will always conserve

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Your love is precious like the birds and the bees
You have enough sweetness inside you to bring me to my knees
Your love I always crave
I am sorry if I misbehaved
Our love is something I will work hard to save
Our love will never fade
I will always hold on to the love that we made

Life can sometimes get you down
But you always make me smile when I want to frown
I am sorry that we have not been able to share common ground
To you I will always be bound
You never have to worry I will always be around
Your voice is my favorite sound
I once was lost but now I am found

Holding you is my favorite part of the day
When I am sad you say the right words to make all of my bad feelings go away
I am sorry if I made a mistake
I want you to know my love is real
My love has never been fake
I will always be there when you wake

I love you wife
I will always be a part of your life
You don't have to try to make me smile
For you I will always go the extra mile
I am sorry if this message has taken a while
You deserve the world, you deserve it all
I will be there to catch you if ever you fall
You never have to worry I'll always answer your call

From this point forward I will always give you my best
I love to hear your heart beating in your chest
From this day on I will always give you more of me never less
I am sorry I have made a mess, I cannot rest
I need your forgiveness and your trust
I will never complain again or make a fuss
You are the best wife anyone could ask for
This apology is a must

I am sorry I have broken your heart
I have loved you from the start
I am lucky that I have you in my life
I couldn't ask for a better wife
There is nothing that I will not do to make things right
To keep our love safe I will always fight
Despite all the trouble I have caused I hope you forgive my mistake
For our relationships sake

You will always be the love for my life
You are my best friend and my wife
You brighten my day and kiss my pain away
There are so many thing I want to say
First I want to apologize
How sorry I am is what I want to emphasize
You are my treasure and my prize
You are beautiful and you are wise

Words could never express how real my love for you is
At the end of the day I am glad we are together
I am sorry it has come to this
I hope that you can forgive me for what I have done
I will always stay true to you I will never run
I will fix my mistakes to prove to you my love is not fake

Tell me what measures I need to take
Your love is my escape
I think of you with every breathe I take
You are my muse and this love is our fate
I will always keep our love close
Out of all the people in the world I love you the most

Dear wife I am so glad I have found you
I love being around you
You are my light and my happiness
I am sorry for the past things that I have done
I am sorry for what I have become
Hurting you has made me dumb
From our love I will never run

You are my world and my life
You are a very special wife
You always say the things I need to hear
When my vision is cloudy, you make it clear
Through the years I have always loved you
I am sorry if I have broken your heart
I never want to be apart


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