I am Sorry Poems for Boyfriend: We all make mistakes, some bigger than others, but in the end, we say sorry. This is a collection of I am Sorry Poems for Boyfriend. Whatever it is you’ve done, whether it was a careless action or saying some careless words, there is a poem here for you. Whether it was something really big that you did, something really small, or a series of poor choices, you’ll find the right apology in verse. It’s not always easy to say sorry; it reminds you of what you did and how bad you feel. But it’s worth doing and can make all the difference.

I am Sorry Poems for Boyfriend

I never meant to make you mad,
I don’t know what else I can add
To make you understand.
None of this was planned.
Sometimes we do things without any thought,
Do things that we know we should not.
You’re an amazing boyfriend; I hope you’ll forgive me.
For what I’ve said, for what I’ve done, I’m sorry.

As soon as it was done, I knew I was wrong.
I was too headstrong.
I’m sorry, from the bottom of my heart.
I hope that we can restart.
You’re still my man, ever true,
I still love you through and through.
We all make mistakes, but in the end,
I hope you’ll continue to be my boyfriend.

To err is human, so they say;
It became quite clear the other day.
I didn’t mean what I said,
They were just some words that poured out of my head.
I’m sorry they sounded so horrible.
As your girlfriend, I feel completely deplorable.
I hope we can get back on track,
That soon I’ll have my boyfriend back.

I was thinking, that’s all,
But it’s led to an unexpected downfall.
I should have stopped, should have called you.
I just didn’t think to.
I’m sorry for everything that’s happened, I really am.
I promise you, boyfriend, this isn’t a sham.
Let’s talk it through, you and I,
Talk through next steps, how, and why.

I’m sorry, boyfriend, I know it’s not like me.
I lost sight of myself, you see.
I was speaking and acting like a different girl
And now I’m seeing the consequences of my actions unfurl.
Please understand that I’m trying to make it better.
I’ll keep saying it over to you, in person, over the phone, in a letter.

I hope that eventually you’ll forgive me,
That you’ll understand how sorry I am, you’ll see.
I didn’t mean to hurt you like that.
I realize now I’ve been a bit of a brat.
Boyfriend, I want things back to the way they were before.
Your love and our happiness is all I long for.

I’ll say it over and over until the words cling:
I’m so sorry for everything.
You’re my boyfriend, and you’re all I want.
Let’s make up at our favourite restaurant,
Go out and be happy,
Be a bit sappy.
Please forgive me; it’s all I ask.
And then making it up to you will be my sole task.

This isn’t a test;
You deserve the best
And I’ve come up short.
This isn’t some kind of sport
Where one of us ends up winning.
Can we go back to the beginning?
I’m sorry, boyfriend, for what I’ve done,
Ruined our happiness, ruined the fun.
I want to make it up you,
Get back to being a happy two.

Where do we go from here?
I’ve messed up and now we’re
Not what we used to be.
Maybe you should be free
From a girlfriend who makes things a mess.
But before you go, let me confess
How sorry I truly feel.
What we had was something real.
Can we keep this going?
Can our love continue growing?

Saying sorry isn’t the hard the part;
It’s wondering if you’ll forgive me with your whole heart.
I miss making my boyfriend smile,
I miss when you’d hold me in your gentle style.
I know you’re upset, but for how long?
I’m asking for forgiveness, I know I was wrong.

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I’ve tried to be a perfect girlfriend and failed.
I’m surprised you haven’t bailed.
While you’re still here, let me say
I’m so sorry and will be every subsequent day.
I’ll do what I can to make it up to you,
Though I can never undo
What’s been said, what’s been done.
Please forgive me; I love you a ton.

You said you’d forgive me, but I still want to say
That I’m going to try to make it up to you in whatever way.
You’re an amazing boyfriend, the very best.
If we stay together, I’ll feel so blessed.
I’m sorry for everything, for it all.
I hope you’ll still call me your girl, your doll.

One day, it won’t be so bad.
I won’t feel quite so guilty and sad.
But for now I need to say: I’m truly sorry.
I never wanted to mess up our fairytale story.
You’re still my prince, who I adore,
The one who makes my heart soar.
Will we continue to share laughter?
Can we have our happily ever after?

For days, I’ve been walking around carrying this weight,
Worrying and fretting about our relationship’s fate.
I’ve been keeping quiet, keeping my mouth shut like a clam,
But I need you to know, boyfriend, just how sorry I am.
I’m so sorry for my actions.
I now await your reactions.
Forgiveness is all I ask for,
Nothing more.

I know that at some point we all make mistakes,
But I’m afraid this one takes all the proverbial cakes.
Even though it was an accident, it was wrong.
I’m so sorry to have messed up our relationship after so long.
A guy like you deserves so much more,
Sometimes I don’t know what you stay with me for.

I won’t try to pretend; I won’t try to lie;
I won’t give some excuses for why.
The truth is I messed up. That’s it.
I’ll understand if you want to quit.
I haven’t been an amazing girlfriend,
But I’ll do whatever I can to mend
What’s been broken.
And while maybe it goes without being spoken:
I’m sorry.

I feel so bad when I see you.
I don’t know how to act; don’t know what to do.
You’re a great guy; I’m undeserving.
Here are the words I’ve been reserving:
I’m sorry for everything.
I know it was a shock, a bee sting.
I’ll do anything to make things right.
I’m going to try with all my might.

The guilt I feel is too much to bear.
Every glance and look from you to me seems a glare.
Boy, I know you’ve forgiven me,
But I can’t just let it be.
I’m still so sorry for it all.
The lies I told were pretty tall.
I didn’t mean to hurt you.
I hope we can see this through.

Every day I wake up wondering what I did.
How my sense of right and wrong suddenly slid!
I made some poor choices, no doubt.
I’m not looking for some kind of handout.
I just want to apologize.
I understand if now despise
Me– I’ve fallen short as a girlfriend,
If you want to this to be the end.

With every day that passes, I feel worse,
So hear my apologies in this short verse.
My boyfriend, I’m sorry.
If we’re taking inventory,
Then you’re certainly the better of us two.
I’m hopelessly imperfect; it’s true.
But if you’ll still have me, I’ll stick around.
In all honesty, you're the best guy I’ve ever found.

I’ll do whatever I can to make this up to you,
If it means we’ll make it through.
I’ve said it over and over again,
But I’ll keep saying sorry until it’s been
Long enough and we’re back to good.
Boyfriend, I’m going to treat you as well as I should.
Through every day and night,
I’m going to make this right.

You’re an incredible boyfriend and man,
So I’ll do all that I can
To show you how sorry I am.
Clearly, I’m no white lamb.
But with every inch of my being, I’ll try
To fortify what’s left of our relationship.
I’ll show that what I’ve done is just a blip.


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