Graduation Messages,Wishes,Quotes,Greetings:  Graduations are a symbolic affair. They mark the end of a period and the beginning of another in a person’s life. They are highly important events for all involved, both those of the graduating persons and their loved ones who have gathered to celebrate with them. They mark very important milestones in our lives, ones we do not ever wish to forget.

When a person graduates, there is always excitement and happiness, there are always friends, family members and well wishers gathered around the person to congratulate and wish them all the very best in life.

In the event that you wish to write a congratulatory message to a graduating person, this article contains suitable congratulatory messages for one who is graduating, these messages are suitable for all and are heartwarming, contain advice and express the love, respect and care you would intend to express to the graduating person.

Congratulations Graduation Messages to Friends

The sleepless nights filled with coffee, headaches and the seemingly endless reading has finally paid off! You are finally graduating and you are not the only one jumping for joy! Congratulations on this special occasion in your life!

It is time to go forth into world and pursue all your dreams; this is a milestone in your life, and on this very important occasion I wish you the very best of all life has to offer.

Reach for the moon, if you do not get there, at least you would be among the stars, never forget where you are coming from and where you are headed, success is definitely yours for the taking. Congratulations on graduating!

You can achieve all that you want to with a lot of hard work, focus, patience and determination and you have proven this by graduating today with an amazing result and an exceptionally bright future ahead.

You never gave up even when things were down and it seemed the world had turned its back on you and now you are graduating at the top of your class, you are an inspiration to those who know you and I enjoin you to never change who or how you are for anyone. Congratulations on your graduation.

The world is waiting for you to unleash your ingenuity and potential upon it, all you have to do is to keep on believing that you can do anything and it would be possible to do anything. Congratulations on your graduation!

congratulations graduation greeting card sayings

A wise man once said “If you do not have the courage to lose sight of the shore you can never sail the ocean”, so as you graduate today, be willing and courageous to face the outside world and take on life and its challenges. All the very best wishes in life.

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Congratulations Graduation Wishes to Son/Daughter

More grease to your elbow, more bubble to your hustle. Congratulations on your graduation, I assure you that the very best years of your life are before you, step up and make them worth your while.

My son, you are graduating today and I write this message to wish you all the best things in life, we know that graduation is simply a symbolic and an amazing time because it marks both an end and a beginning; it is a culmination of warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future. May your memories remain evergreen and your dreams become reality.

You are a focused, intelligent and disciplined person and I trust that as you graduate and step into the outside world you would not let the strength of our character be tainted, nor would you allow yourself be deterred from the path towards success. Congratulations on graduating.

Dear daughter, congratulations on your graduation, I am proud that you relentlessly pursued your dreams despite the odds, that you did not allow yourself get distracted and instead worked hard at achieving greatness. On this auspicious occasion where you are being celebrated, I beg you to carry on these traits into the outside world, I ask that you keep believing in yourself and in God’s love for you, may you experience more blessings, may you work harder and develop yourself and ultimately may you find peace, joy and contentment in whatsoever you choose to do.

My big brother is now a graduate and way too cool for school. Congratulations on your graduation big brother! I wish you all the very best things you wish yourself and I love you very much.

Best friend, you are spectacularly brilliant, stubbornly ambitious and fully capable of achieving greatness but I enjoin you to have God with you at all times because with him all things are possible and without him even the possible becomes possible. Happy graduation, accept all my love and all my best wishes!

Somehow you managed to graduate with good grades and still maintain a social life and your sanity when most of us barely escaped with our sanity talk less of social life. I am however really proud of you because you survived and emerged victorious and what does not kill you would definitely make you stronger. Congratulations on your graduation!

This is the start of something new in your life, you are graduating and moving from one milestone to another, you are about to commence a brand new journey, I wish you only the best things and only success in your endeavors.

Graduating with honors is highly important but then so also is proving that you have a stellar character and you have proven this exceptionally well and I am so proud to call you my child. Best wishes to a man of character!

On this auspicious occasion I congratulate you my friend on being a graduate, I know that this is just the foundation of several other achievements and accolades to come. I really hope that this is just the foundation of many accomplishments to come.

Celebrate because today is the day you graduate, do not worry about the future right now, instead, I suggest that you just bask in this moment and enjoy it to the fullest. Be happy today and be very proud of yourself because you have done what many deemed impossible, you have survived college. Congratulations!

I congratulate you today because I believe you have done one of the most amazing things in my books, you have survived high school and all its drama with amazing grades which have kept you at the top of your class. I am very happy that you have achieved this great milestone and really proud of you. As you go on to college, which is another world entirely, I enjoin you to never lose sight of your goal and of your roots. Always keep good friends around you, always have faith in yourself, always have faith in God. Congratulations!

Despite the fact you are graduating today, never stop being hungry for knowledge and success, your loved ones believe that you can take on the world and conquer it and you have our full support too. This occasion has brought you a step closer to the achievement of all your dreams and I wish you all the very best in life. Congratulations on your graduation.

Always remember that you are everything you believe you are, never look down on yourself, your skills or your achievements, and let no one push you around! Congratulations on your graduation and may you receive more love and blessings.


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