Goodbye Poems for Girlfriend: There are a lot of different reasons that you might have to say goodbye to your girlfriend. Perhaps she is going away to pursue her goals and dreams, and though she’s going, you’ll stay together. On the other hand, maybe the two of you aren’t right for each other for whatever reason and it’s time to say goodbye and break up. Whatever the case, it’s difficult. This collection of poems express the feelings you might be going through saying goodbye to your girlfriend, whatever the reason.

Goodbye Poems for Girlfriend

You’re going away for who knows how long,
But I’ll try to remain strong.
You’re my lady, you’re my lass.
And while I know that all difficulties eventually pass,
It doesn’t make me feel any better.
So take a kiss and take my sweater,
Wear it when sad feelings attack,
And return it one day when you come back.

I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again:
Don’t go.
I don’t like goodbyes, I’ll miss you so.
I don’t know what I’ll do without my girl around.
Isn’t there a single word, some sound
That could make you change your mind?
Don’t be cruel, so unkind.
Whatever the case, I’ll wait for you.
We’ll get through.

Goodbye, my lady, my sweet.
If only you could feel my heartbeat
As we part ways until who knows when.
I’m sad and anxious, but then
I’m also extremely glad
For the time together we’ve had.
So even though you’ll be gone for awhile,
I’ll try to see you off with a smile.

What will I do without you?
How will I see things through?
My girlfriend’s going away.
I’m going to miss her every day.
It’s only goodbye for awhile. Even so
I want you to know:
When you’re not around, I’m sad.
Without my anchor, I’m a nomad.
I can’t wait until you come back
And we’ll be happy, back on track.

I’ll miss having you by my side,
Filling me with joy and pride.
Yes, I tell people, this is my girlfriend!
She’s a blessing; she’s a godsend.
I know you need to go away;
It would be selfish of me to ask you to stay.
I hope it all goes well for you;
I’m sure our love will see me through.

I’m not worried about what the future holds.
I’m eager to see how our relationship unfolds.
We’ve got something special, no matter where we both are,
Whether you’re living near or far.
Goodbye and good luck, I’m sure you’ll do well.
I can’t wait to be with you again, my beautiful belle.

Don't be anxious; don’t you worry.
As you go, don’t be in a hurry.
Time will pass however it will,
And all the while, we’ll be together still.
Goodbye, my favourite girl; I’ll miss you, no doubt.
Despite the distance, we’ll figure this out.
Stay positive and always try your best,
Our love and strength will take care of the rest.

As you venture out on your way,
There are a few things that I want to say.
You’re confident, smart and strong,
And though you may be gone long,
You’re going to be great.
It’ll be difficult for me to wait
To see my girl again, so with many a sigh
I’ll wish you goodbye.

What an adventure that lays before you,
Who knows what will happen, what things new?
Though we say goodbye, it’s not forever,
As my beautiful girlfriend pursues this next endeavour.
I hope that you’ll think of me every once in awhile,
And as you do, I hope that you’ll smile.
Good luck as you go,
I’ll miss you more than you know.

Goodbyes are always hard.
They can leave you feeling sad, leave you feeling scarred.
But girl, I’ll try to see you off in good style
Because even though we won’t see each other for awhile,
I know that you’ll come back one day.
While you’re gone, please don’t go astray.
I’ll be here waiting for you.

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When you leave, don’t look back and don’t you cry,
We’ll both be sad to say goodbye.
It’s not easy seeing my girlfriend go,
But you need to do what’s best for you, I know.
We’ll keep in touch, of that I’m sure,
But for the sadness that I’ll feel, I doubt there’s any cure.

I thought we’d last longer, you and me.
When we first started dating, there was no end that I could see.
But it seems our relationship has run it’s course,
No use trying to keep it going by force.
My feelings for you were never fair-weather.
I’ve enjoyed all our time together.
Girl, it’s been swell.

As the saying goes, live fast and die young,
Like our relationship. But listen to what goes unsung:
I enjoyed it all and I’m sad that it’s coming to an end.
You’ve been a brilliant girlfriend.
I hate to say goodbye so soon after we started.
I know it’s for the best, but I’m heavy-hearted.

I had a feeling from the start that we weren’t a good match.
We liked each other a great deal, but I knew there had to be a catch.
Liking each other simply isn’t enough,
And it won’t see us through when things get tough.
You’ve been a great girlfriend to me,
But saying goodbye’s the right decision, you’ll see.

Maybe one day we’ll meet again,
But until then,
You’re a wonderful girl, and I’ve enjoyed every date,
But to be honest, I don’t want to wait
For you to feel that this is right.
Making you like me shouldn’t be a fight.
I wish you the best, I really do.
I hope you find someone who’s right for you.

I keep trying to figure out what went wrong.
I thought it was going so well all along.
But here we are now at a crossroads,
And there’s absolutely loads
That I want to say.
I’ll save it for another day.
For now, I’ll keep it short, my lovely belle,
It’s been great. Farewell.

Everything that goes up must come down.
Every smile will be followed by a frown.
We’ve had a good time,
But it would be a crime
To let this go any longer.
I hope that you’ll be stronger
Than me. I’m sad to say goodbye
To the best girl I know.
I know that you’ll be happier without me, though.

I tried my best, it’s all I could do
To be a good boyfriend for you.
Don’t get me wrong; I know you also tried,
But our relationship was in perpetual low tide.
For all our efforts, it just didn’t work well,
But let’s not dwell
On it. Stop dragging this out, no longer try.
Let’s say goodbye.

They say opposites attract, but I’m not sure.
If that were true, wouldn’t we endure?
But we’re over and far too soon.
No more love, no more swoon.
Goodbye to you, my girl, my heart.
It’s time to do something different, have a new start.
We won’t argue or fight.
We’ll both be all right.

Is there anything I can say to make you stay?
Anything I can do, some heartfelt display?
Girl, you’re stunning and I love you so.
I thought we were happy, so why would you go?
I didn’t see it coming, but I guess this is goodbye.
I hope that one day you’ll help me understand why.

I keep having to remind myself that it’s over.
No divine intervention or four-leaf clover
Can fix our relationship.
But girl, it’s been quite a trip.
The things we’ve been through, the things we’ve done.
Despite that it’s over, it’s been a lot of fun.
I’ll say goodbye, but I won’t forget,
You’ve been the best girl yet.

One of these days I’ll be all right,
I won’t feel lonely day and night.
I’ll move on, but be grateful for what we had.
I’ll look back on you, girl, and I’ll be glad
That we were together for awhile.
Maybe I’ll even smile.
Right now goodbye doesn’t feel great,
But at least I can say it without any hate.


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