Goodbye Poems for Friends: Losing a close friend can be bittersweet. Often we do not recognize how much of an impact our friends have made on us until they are gone. It is important to reminisce on the good times you have shared with your friends but also be hopeful for the future. A true friend is someone that will make time for you even when they are far away. Connections can be saved and long distance relationships can be a great way of forming an even stronger bond. These poems convey the intimacy and admiration one feels for a close friend. Good friends are hard to find and sometimes finding the right words to say to a friend who is moving can be difficult. Often one feels immense sadness and pain in this hard time, and your overwhelming emotions make your feelings hard to express. These poems are a great way to remind your friend you appreciate them and will miss them dearly.

Goodbye Poems for Friends

Dear closest friend
I will miss all the time that we spend
You know all of my secrets and fears
In times of darkness you help me see clear
You are one of a kind
I wish you did not have to leave me behind
I hope we always remain close
Your departure has left me quite morose
Goodbye dear friend, don’t be a ghost

Of all the friends I have had you have been the best
I know I can tell you anything and get it off my chest
You are a great person and full of wisdom
Thank you for being my support system
You have taught me how to stay out of the gloom
I wish you did not have to leave so soon

My time with you has never been a waste
You leaving is a hard time that I have to face
The memories we have shared will never be erased
I know our friendship will never be displaced
Let us always stay in touch
I care about you so much

The time has come to part
We have been friends from the start
I have known you for so many years
I have shared with you so many tears
I will never forget you and your smile
I wish you could stay awhile
I have known you since I was a child
For you I would go the extra mile

Our friendship flows like an endless sea
I can feel you all around me
When you leave I will keep you near
My friend who is so dear
I wish you did not have to leave
This loss is something I will surely grieve
This loss is something I can not conceive

I have gotten closer to you every day
I wish you did not have to move away
I hope that we remain friends forever
And that our bond does not sever
I could never forget you whatsoever
I am only a call away
Though I wish that you could stay
Regardless, it will all be okay

Our friendship will live a long time
Your departure should be a crime
I know I have to let you go
My appreciation for you, I want to show
Thank you for all the things you have let me borrow
Thank you for being a great friend
This does not have to be the end

Our friendship is strong
With you leaving
I do not know how I will get along
You have always been there for me
I have always been there for you
You always know how to cheer me up when I am blue
I know our paths will cross again someday
Until then I will be in dismay

I wish you did not have to go
I wish you could stay
And then our friendship could grow
When I found out you were leaving
I had a hard time believing
How will I adapt to you being gone
I pray our friendship will continue to live on
Goodbye my dear friend, good luck and stay strong

I will not cry
I will stay strong
I know we will always get along
When I needed a friend you were there waiting
Losing you is something I am still contemplating
Good luck to you and all your travels
I know our friendship will never unravel

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The moment I knew you would not be here to stay
I began to cry the entire day
We have shared so much
But I know that we will still keep in touch
When you move away
Life will feel empty and sad
When I think of you
I will remember all of the good times we had

They say it is not a big deal when your friend goes away
But they do not know how I feel
You are more than my friend, you are my guide
In you I know I can always confide
With you I have never had to hide
I couldn’t find a better friend even if I tried

Life will go on without you around
But I will miss you and our common ground
I hope you will visit me soon
You will never fade into the background
I will always keep you close
No matter how life goes
You mean so much to me
You make me feel carefree
You will always be my friend
That I can guarantee

You mean so much to me dear friend
I will always be there until the end
I appreciate all the times that we spend
I know that we will make more memories
On me you can depend
I wish you did not have to go so far
Our friendship will never expire

You are the light that I seek
You are my strength when I feel weak
When the sky begins to rain
You take away all of my pain
I know I can always depend on you if I fall
You are my best friend who I can always call
Our friendship will always stand tall

I can not predict what the future holds
But I know that life will unfold
As we grow and age
I know we will still engage
No matter how far you go
I know we will find a way to allow out friendship to grow
Goodbye my dear friend I will miss you more than you know

Rain is pouring outside
As my tears run dry
I will miss you more than you will ever know
My love for you dear friend I wish to show
I do not know how to go on without you
Of all the people I can trust
You are one of the few

The pain and loneliness I will feel when you are gone
Will stay with me in the light and into the dawn
You are my best friend and mean the world to me
I hope our friendships stays strong like a tree
If you ever need to talk do not hesitate to call
I will catch you if ever you should fall

This does not have to be goodbye
But I can not help but cry
You are one person I can talk to about anything
I will miss all the joy that you bring
You know to light up a room
You take me out of the gloom
Goodbye to a friend who will always bloom

The closeness I feel with you can not be replaced
You know when to give me support and when to give me space
You have been so kind to me
I will miss seeing your face
In my heart you will always hold a place


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