Goodbye Poems for Boyfriend: Sometimes in a relationship, you have to say goodbye. It might be because your boyfriend is going away for work, school, travel, or otherwise. Or perhaps you’re saying goodbye because your relationship is coming to an end for whatever reason. Saying goodbye is never easy. This collection of poems provide a way of saying goodbye to your boyfriend, whether it’s because he’s going away for awhile or because your relationship is past its best before date. The collection explores the host of feelings that you might be going through, whether that’s calm and assuredness, sadness, or anger.

Goodbye Poems for Boyfriend

I resent that you’re going away,
But please understand that this isn’t to say
That I don’t still completely love you.
Even if we’re apart, we’ll get through.
I’m your girl, you’re my man
And if anyone can conquer the distance, we can.
I know that you’ll come back
And everything will be back on track.

A lot of people doubt that long distance relationships are viable.
But if I know anything about my boyfriend, it’s that he’s reliable.
We’re saying goodbye, but isn’t it really see you later?
All the absence we’ll go through will just make our love greater.
You’re going away, but we’ll stay strong.
We’ll prove a lot of people wrong.

Goodbye, my boyfriend, but only for a while.
I’ll try not to cry; I’ll try to see you off with a smile.
And anyway, it’s not really for all that long,
So I know that I can stay strong
While I wait for you to return.
Don’t let my sad smile be of any concern.

I understand why you have to go.
Perhaps the distance will only make our love grow.
There are going to be days when I miss you too much,
Miss your smile, miss your touch.
Saying goodbye is no easy task,
So as I do, I ask:
Can we both agree
For you not to take long before coming back to me?

The other night, I made a wish upon a shooting star
That you wouldn’t have to go away too far,
That you wouldn’t have to be gone away too long,
And that no matter what, I’d able to stay strong.
Goodbye just for now, my dear boyfriend.
Please don’t be gone longer than you intend.

Goodbye boyfriend, I’ll see you in my dreams
Where nothing is quite as it in real life seems.
You won’t seem so far if I see you every night.
Though I might be sad in the daylight,
I’ll find a way to see it through,
While I wait patiently till I can once again see you.

It’s not like this is the first time we’ll be apart,
But every time you go, it strains my heart.
I’m not fond of goodbyes,
So I apologize if they’re punctuated with lots of sighs.
If I could just go with you, I’d be over the moon!
But until that happens, goodbye boyfriend, I’ll see you soon.

I’ll miss your voice, your hug, and your hands.
I’ll miss having someone around who really understands.
But you’re not going away forever,
And our relationship isn’t going to sever.
It’s just goodbye and see you soon, nothing more.
But boyfriend, my heart’s still sore.
I can’t wait to see you again.
I’ll be so happy then. 

As you go, I’ll wave goodbye,
Try to hid the tear in my eye.
I will try to put on my bravest face,
Though I’ll have some tissues just in case.
Goodbye, farewell, and adieu,
Go and do what you have to do.
I’ll manage without my boyfriend for a while;
Waiting for you is a worthwhile trial.

Goodbye for now, my handsome man.
Give me a call on your phone or shoot me a message when you can.
Let me know that you’re doing all right,
If you’re silent too long, it’ll give me a fright.
I can’t wait until you get back;
I’m going to smother you with a massive hug attack.

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Maybe it’s selfish of me to feel so sad,
I really don’t want you to feel bad
That you’re going away for awhile.
We should smile
As we say our goodbyes.
Every relationship has lows and highs.
Boy, I know if we’re meant to be, us two,
Then it won’t be a problem to see it through.

As much as I would like the fairytale ending,
I can’t ignore the signals that you were sending.
It was clear that something wasn’t right,
Even if we didn’t really fight.
I guess I just wasn’t the girl for you;
Maybe we both need something new.
These things often don’t go as planned.
Nonetheless, it’s been grand.

I thought I’d found the perfect boy;
No more need to flirt, act coy.
I thought I’d found someone to call mine.
I thought that everything was fine.
But you don’t want to be my boyfriend;
No, you want to put this relationship to an end.
I won’t fight, I won’t ask why;
I’ll just wave and say goodbye.

This doesn’t work for me anymore;
I just don’t remember what I’m in it for.
We doing get along particularly well
And neither of us ever really fell
For the other.
So rather than smother
With fake acts of affection,
We should each go different directions.
You’ve been a great boyfriend, at least.
Goodbye – consider yourself released.

I’m so torn about what to do;
It’s just that I’m no longer in love with you.
Everything was nice for a while,
But I can’t keep pretending to smile.
I’ve tried to be a good girlfriend,
But with time you’ll come to comprehend
That this just isn’t right.
Farewell, goodbye.
You’ve been a great guy.

Why did you lead me along?
Make me think that nothing was wrong?
I’d much rather prefer you’d told the truth
To you being so deliberately uncouth.
Now it’s over and we’re saying goodbye,
And I’m still not sure why.
I was just trying to be a good girlfriend this whole time.
Is that such a crime?

I should be sadder than this,
Sadder to break up, sadder about our last kiss.
But deep down I know that this is the right thing to do;
You’re the wrong guy for me and I’m the wrong girl for you.
A kiss on the cheek and we’ll go our separate ways.
It was good for a few days.

We learn from every mistake,
But this is one I didn’t expect to make.
I was so sure of you at the start.
I loved being together; I thought of you when we were apart.
But it’s best for it to come to an end.
You’re no longer my boyfriend.
On to something different and new.
Goodbye to you.

This isn’t going to work, though we tried our best.
I couldn’t put it down to one reason, if I was pressed.
I’m not lying when I say it’s been a lot of fun,
But boyfriend, I think you and I are just about done.
Continuing on as if everything was perfect would be a lie.

For some, it’s written in the stars,
Look into each other’s eyes, hear romantic acoustic guitars;
Know they’re right for each other.
Our story has been something of another.
You’re a sweet guy, but we’re just not cut out.
When it comes to romance, we’ve had a drought.
It’s clear:
The time to say goodbye is near.

Maybe one day we’ll be a better pair,
But for now, I feel neither here nor there.
This relationship has become lukewarm,
And maybe for some people that’s the norm,
But it’s simply not enough for me.
I’m sure you agree.
There are much better girls for you
And better guys for me, so let’s say adieu.

I understand why this is coming to an end.
It’s not me; it’s not even you; you’ve been a good boyfriend.
We’ve a good time, but it’s clear that we’re just not right,
And when that’s the case, it’s not worth the fight.
I might miss you when you’re gone,
But it’s still best to say goodbye and move on.


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