Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend: The girlfriend is going away, the relationship is about to become a long distance one, and you want to say goodbye to her in a way that would reverberate through her being and always remain in her heart, it has to be something that would make her smile every time she remembers it. It could be a hard written letter or it could be short sweet message, however you chose to write it, know that it is the words that count and the emotions it generates.

If you are at a loss on how to express all the emotions tumbling about in your heart, then this wonderful article would help you out, contained here are several wonderful messages which can guide you in creating yours, you can also use the messages provided here exactly as they. It is guaranteed that these messages would pass on what you want to say.

Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend

It does not matter how far away you are from me, it does not matter the continents and oceans that lie between us, I want you to always know that my love for you surpasses all these and is unending, I want you to always remember that you are always in my heart and though this goodbye breaks my heart, I understand that it has to happen and I want you to know that I would be waiting when you return my love.

Making friends is not a piece of cake for me, trusting people is almost an impossible feat too but you came along and made both things happen, now that I have to tell you goodbye and I find it hard to do so, but I cannot keep fighting the inevitable, so I say, goodbye, but always be happy and let us try to keep in touch.

Goodbyes might hurt an awful lot but they are preludes to magnificent hellos which warm the heart and delight the soul, as I say goodbye to you my love, I look forward to a wonderful hello when next we meet.

We would always keep in touch, though the distance would not make things feel as I would love them to, instead of waking up to your smile, I would wake up to sweet good morning messages from you; instead of having face-to-face conversations with you, we would have phone calls and Skype video calls. All of these will make the goodbye a lot more bearable my love.

Falling in love is something that I was so sure would never happen, I was a hard core realist who so love as an impossibility, but you came into my life and proved me wrong, now I am a hopeless romantic hanging on to your every word and action and it hurts to say goodbye to my beloved and wonderful girlfriend, but I know that we would meet again but until then good bye.

My beloved, I do not want to hold you down, instead I want you to soar far and wide, I want you to chase down all your dreams and do all the things you really want to do. But my love while you soar and make dreams come to life, please do not forget me because I would never stop loving you. Goodbye my love. 

This is not the end, this is only a phase, one which I definitely detest

Today you hugged me, kissed me and smiled at me, today I smelt your wonderful perfume and I realized with a pang that I would not be able to do that every day, I would really and truly miss you as we say goodbye to each other. Goodbye my love.

My beloved woman, as I tell you goodbye, I will need you to do the following for me: Please always be happy, do not stop finding joy in the simplest of things and do not stop informing me on everything that happens, goodbye darling.

The distance would strengthen our relationship, it would make our love stronger and it would make us like the couples of legends past, this is what I tell myself to feel better about saying goodbye to you my darling.

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Never would I have imagined that we would have a long distance relationship, but here we are actually saying goodbye to each other, this is heart breaking but I know it will soon be over so I would not cry, instead I would count the days until I see you again and relentlessly send you beautiful messages which speak of my undying love for you. Goodbye my love.

What is the meaning of this? Why is all this happening? Why are we saying goodbye to each other? I beg you to not leave me for you are my life source, the fountain of my happiness; I cannot bear to spend a moment away from you. This goodbye is breaking my heart, but I understand that it has to be said.

I will work hard to pretend my heart is not breaking as I say goodbye, I will make up for this sadness with all the beautiful memories we shared as I say goodbye to you, my beloved.

I cannot believe this goodbye is happening, it reminds me of the first we said hello; I never expected either to happen.

We have beautiful memories together and I know we will not stop making them, so let us view this goodbye which I say in this message as a herald to more of the memories we will make together. Goodbye.

I cannot tell you goodbye because it has a note of finality I detest so I would say, that until I see you again, which I believe would be very soon, never lose that sunny smile, that sass, and that cheerful demeanor, never lose the love you feel for me and I would be waiting for you.

I want to only tell you things I truly mean, I never want to lie to you, which is why I would not tell you goodbye because then I would be lying to you.

I do not believe in goodbyes and distance, I believe in forevermore’s and you always being in my heart, I know I sound mushy, but then I do not want to tell you goodbye, instead I say that you would always be in my heat and on my mind.

This goodbye would not last long, I am so sure of that, but I would still say it, Goodbye.

If I give you a goodbye hug then I would immediately follow it with a see you very soon hug.

When we sat together and talked, the days seem shorter but in this space of minutes were I have to say goodbye, it feels as though time has frozen.

Goodbye my love, I believe that when we say again we would never want to part again.

I cannot look you in the eyes and say goodbye because then I would not be able to hold back my tears, so I write this message and I say goodbye my live, I would miss you greatly and I would cherish all of our moments together.

This goodbye has made my world lose all its color and life, made me realize that I could not live without you, made me a very unhappy man. See you soon love.


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