Goodbye Messages For Boyfriend: You will miss him, but this has to happen. Whether he is relocating to a new city or going to work abroad; or you two are about to start a long distance relationship or put an end to an existing one, the thing is that you have to bid him goodbye and you still intend to tell him just how much you love him and how much saying goodbye breaks your heart

This article contains messages which would apply to several situations, whether the goodbye is coming during a breakup or coming at the start of a long distance relationship, these messages would no doubt serve as guides which can help you can create your own messages, or if you desire to, you could use these as they are. Some are sweet, some are sad and some would find a way to make you smile through the tears. Enjoy.

Goodbye Messages For Boyfriend

Baby, I say goodbye now because I know I would soon wrap you in a bear hug and say Welcome back! 

Whenever you miss me, just close your eyes and let all our wonderful memories flash through your mind, and baby I would be close to you. Goodbye.

Though I will survive this phase, I assure you that I would rather have you around, because it is only then that I would thrive, goodbye my move.

I write this message so that you would know how much your girlfriend misses you when you are away from her, I write this message to say goodbye and to let you know that we would not be separated for long.

The realization that you are going away makes me realize all the times I took your love, care affection and constant presence for granted. Goodbye my beloved baby, until we meet again.

Baby, if you look into my eyes you would realize I do not want us to part ways, if you hold me closely and feel my rapid heartbeat you would realize that this breaks my heart, but I know it is only temporary, so I say goodbye.

I cannot bear to tell you goodbye, but this needs to happen for better things to come into existence, goodbye my love.

You swept in and stole my heart and all my affections, now as you leave you did not return these things back to me and I am left feeling desolate and alone. I truly miss you.

Honey, despite the distance that lies between us, never forget that what my shampoo smells like and I will not forget how you smile at me, always bear in your mind and in your heart that you are my dream come true and my happiness. Goodbye my love, we would make this distance thing work.

Though saying goodbye now makes me blue, I smile through the tears because I would see you soon.

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We will be thousands of miles apart but all I want you to remember is that I am not just your girlfriend – I am a girl whose only dream is that yours come true. Goodbye

I cannot fully explain to anyone why there are tears in my eyes, but I know that with a glance you would fully understand, goodbye baby. 

Until we are together again, I would always walk as though in a dream, I would always live in a bubble of sadness because I am incapable of finding my own smile when you are absent. Goodbye my love.

Remember that I would be waiting for you to return, I would be waiting for your hugs and your laugh, for now though I would say goodbye and wait for when you come back to me.

Life should pause because I am saying goodbye to my baby, maybe if it pauses I would spend more time with you, maybe we would never have to say goodbye to each other. Maybe I would never have to shed these tears, but that is not the case, so goodbye my love.

It is annoying that our lives as they are would go one even though we are saying goodbye and preparing to be apart from each other, just know that until you return my life would be a blur, a sad blur. Goodbye.

I do hope that as you leave you are aware that you leave with a big part of me, I do hope that you do not forget just what you mean to me, I do hope that you live up to your promise and return, resting all these hopes, I say goodbye.

I would spend the time you are away holding on to all the precious memories we have made together, holding on to every thought of you and every smile you brought to me and I look forward to when I can be wrapped in your arms again. For now I say goodbye.

I do not want to say goodbye, this message is not to say that, instead this message is to say that I await your return with all the love in my heart.

It is ironic that I never expected to fall in love with anyone, especially not you, but now we are here, staring at each other, fighting to keep tears and a horde of emotions at bay. I say goodbye grudgingly but baby please return home soon because without you, I lack happiness, I do not have a life.

I probably sound mushy and weird (considering that you are yet to leave me) but I anticipate the day I open my door and see you standing there smiling at me, for now though, I simply say goodbye.

I have never loved another, the way I have loved you, you are the best thing is that has ever happened to me and saying goodbye to you feels like my heart is being pulled out of my chest because I have never missed anyone this much. Goodbye.

Everything happens for a reason, I really hope that the reason is worth all the heartbreak we are experiencing. Goodbye my love.

This goodbye is really painful but the knowledge that we would meet again makes the pain a lot less. Goodbye my love, until we meet again.

As I bade you goodbye, my heart breaks with each step you take away, and I do not want this to happen, but it already is, so I would wait for your return while my heart breaks slightly daily. Goodbye.

No matter where you go or where I am, no matter how far apart we are, I want you to always remember me when you are at your down moments and smile because I will keep making wishes and saying prayers so that all your dreams come true. Goodbye, my love.

My love, it might seem to others that continents and cities lay between us, but to me, you always live in my heart and on my mind and you are only a heartbeat and a thought away. Goodbye.

This trip means a lot to you and I know that I cannot stop you from leaving, but I also cannot stop the tears from falling, I cannot stop my heart from, but I would keep a brave face and smile because I do not want you to be hurt by my sadness and stop smiling. Goodbye honey.


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