Good Night Poems for Girlfriend:  In order to keep a relationship strong and stay connected to your loved one, telling your girlfriend how much you are thinking of her at night is a great way to show your love.Not only does wishing someone a good night put a smile on their face, but it can also bring you closer to the one that you love. It is important to stay close and connected to the people that you love because without them, life can be tough. Showing your girlfriend how much you miss her and how you wish her sweet dreams is important if you wish to hold onto her and be with her for a long time. Wishing someone a goodnight is simple but it is also highly important and deemed admirable. One should always be willing to go the extra mile for the person that they love and these poems provide a meaningful way to show one’s love.

Good Night Poems for Girlfriend

Goodnight my sweet
You knock me right off my feet
There is no need to be discrete
Your love makes me weak
Your love is what I constantly seek
When I am around you I can not speak
You take my breath away
I will always love you all night and all day

I hope your dreams are magical
For if you have nightmares I will be filled with gloom
If I was there I would chase all those nightmares out of your room
Someday I hope that you can be my bride and I will be your groom
You are sweet like the flowers that bloom

I hope you sleep well
I know we will be together forever
Only time will tell
You are the girl of my dreams
I am under your spell
From the heavens you fell
You are an angel in my eyes
Goodnight does not have to mean goodbye

I can not wait to see you in the morning
Until then for your love I am mourning
You are the sunshine after it is done raining and storming
You are the apple of my eye
I never want to say goodbye
If we ever parted ways I would cry
Goodnight my sweet butterfly
I wish I could hold you close in my arms
I wish I could shelter you and protect you from harm
Do not forget to set your alarm
So that I can see you in the morning
And keep you dry when the rain is pouring
It won’t be long until I see you again
Until then I will close my eyes and pretend

I hope your night goes well
I miss the way that you smell
It is not hard to tell I am under your spell
Your love keeps me going
And our love keeps on growing
I hope you have a goodnight
You are my light and you are always glowing

I hope our love is always strong
I think about you all day long
I wish I was there to hold you tight
You are like a star in the night sky
You shine so bright
You are my light
I hope you have a good night

You are the love and the light of my life
I love when I can hold you close to me at night
When you are away I miss you so badly
When I am with you I like to kiss you madly
You are sweeter than sugar and honey
You are worth far more than money

I miss you during the day
I miss you at night
To keep your love close I will always fight
You are the only one in my sight
With you everything is going to be alright
I hope you sleep well
I will see you at first light

You are the only thing I need
I was lost without you
You turned my grey skies blue
Now you are the only one I come to
A goodnight is well overdue
You make me feel brand new
Let me know what I can do
To make your night better
I wish I was there to warm you like a sweater

You make my heart beat so fast
I fell for you so fast
I hope that this love will last
You make me forget about the past
With you I always have a blast
I hope your dreams are filled with beauty
I hope your skies are not overcast

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Goodnight baby I love you so much
Your hands feel like a feather
You have such a soft touch
I wish I could be your pillow
So you could rest your head on me
I hope that in your dreams tonight you fly
Your love makes me feel so carefree

Goodnight my true love
You take me high like the planes above
When I am with you I feel like I am floating
To you I will always be doting
You make my dreams come true
I was so lost before I met you
When we are together I have the best view

I know that our love is true
No one else in the world comes above you
I wish I could kiss you softly and tell you goodnight
But for now I only have these words that I write
I hope that I get through to you
For you there is nothing I would not do

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me
Before you came into my life I was blind and could not see
The world felt so dark and empty
Then you came and light filled me completely
You are my sun
You are my moon
You always know how to brighten up a room
Goodnight my love I will see you soon

You set my heart on fire
You are someone that I truly admire
Not only do you give me love, you also inspire
You are my one and only
Your love always takes me higher
Our love will never tire
Goodnight to the one that I desire

Our love shines bright like the moon
You always know how to make me swoon
I need so much of your love, not just a teaspoon
I wish I was there to hold you close
You are the one that I love the most
Goodnight to my precious girlfriend
My heart I send

When we are together I feel so good
I would hold you close tonight if I could
You make me feel so understood
You take me back to my childhood
When days were much simpler and free
Your waves crash over me
You are my shining sea

I hope you know how much I need you
I am stuck to you like glue
When we have a problem we always talk it through
I am proud that I am the one that you look to
You know I will always have your back
Love is the last thing that we lack
I hope you have a goodnight
Without you here I feel like an insomniac

I hope your night treats you well
I am so in love with you
I am under your spell
You always bring me back to life
When I feel like I lost my strife
You give me so much to look forward to
I love just being around you
Goodnight beautiful
I hope you know I will never be untrue

There is no limit to the love that I have for you
Into my life you appeared out of the blue
To you I will always be true
I wish I could hold you every second of every day
I hope that you hold onto to the words that I say
In my head your voice will always play
Goodnight I hate that I am away

You leave me breathless
But you love never leaves me restless
I want to confess this
I love you more than air
For you I will always be there
For you I will always care
Goodnight to my angel
We make a great pair

When you are gone I feel so sad
I know our love will last
Our love will never go bad
Our love is much more than just a fad
You are the love of my life
Someday I will make you my wife
Until then I want to wish you a goodnight
I wish I could kiss you and hold you tight


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