Good Night Poems for Friends:  Friends are very important companions in our life. They bring us joy, hope, and laughter. As the saying goes, friends come and go, but true friends will always stay by your side and be there when you need them. A good friend can come in handy. You never know when you need someone to help you get through a tough situation. Friends are great at putting the pieces back together when your world crumbles and can help you get back on your feet. Friends are a great asset and they deserve love and appreciation just like anyone else. Telling your friend goodnight is a great way to remind your friend that you are thinking of them and that you are eager to spend more great days with them and be in their company. These poems embody the spirit of a true friend and accomplish the feat of letting your friend know you are thankful they are in your life.

Good Night Poems for Friends

Goodnight dear friend
Today was amazing I can not even pretend
We did so much and had a ball
I will be there if you ever do call
I know that our relationship will always stand tall
Goodnight my friend we have been through it all

You are such a joy to be around
You always know how to calm me down
When I am with you I never frown
I always get excited when you come round
I hope you have a goodnight my friend
Today is not the end
Together we have so much time to spend

Friends come and go but true friends always stay close
True friends are always there when you need them the most
You are such a great host
When people meet you they always boast
You deserve a toast
Goodnight true friend
I hope you are never a ghost

I wish you a good night
I hope your dreams do not bring you fright
If so I hope that you fight them with all of your might
You always know how to make me feel right
When the world is dark and gloomy you make it bright
I hope that you sleep tight

Today was a good day with you my friend
I hope that we will be laughing and cracking jokes until the end
I appreciate all the time that we spend
When my heart was stepped on and broken, you helped it mend
A goodnight poem is what I want to send

I hope that you hear me out you are one of a kind
You are a great friend with a great mind
I think about you all the time
I hope that you enjoy this rhyme
When I want to give up, you help me climb
Wishing your friend a good night can’t be a crime

You are my closest friend
I am sad that our day together has come to an end
I had so much fun in the time that we spent
You are someone I could never resent
I hope that your night is quiet and full of peace
I hope that all of your worries cease
I know that your luck will increase

You always keep a happy spirit
With you I cherish every minute
You always bring joy to my day
I appreciate your friendship in every way
Your smile shines so bright
When only darkness is in my sight
I hope that you have a goodnight
You give me so much light

You have been my friend through and through
For you there is nothing that I would not do
Each day we spend together feels brand new
Your dreams are yours to pursue
Out of all the people I know I can always count on you
I hope you have a goodnight my dear friend
Thank you for always staying true

You bring joy to everyone you meet
There is no one that you will not greet
You never judge and you never hold a grudge
You push me further when I need a nudge
I am thankful you are my friend
I hold onto all the times that we spend
Goodnight to you and all the grace that you send

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You are so fun to be around
You always make me smile
When I am hurt and need a friend you always go the extra mile
I hope we stay friends a long while
If I need someone to talk to I know who to dial
Have a goodnight and rest easy
Let me know if you ever need me

As a friend you have always been there for me
When we are hanging out I always feel carefree
You make it easier to breathe
You always tell me that I can achieve
I hope that your dreams are filled with happy visions
Being your friend was a good decision

In every situation you always know what to do
When I need your help you always come through
I hope your night goes well and your dreams are new
I know we will always stay friends after everything we have been through
Thank you for being a true friend on which I can always depend

You and I have been friends for a long time
A friend like you is hard to find
Positivity is what you always send
Thank you for being the best
With you there is no contest
I hope you get a good night’s sleep and lots of rest

Goodnight my dear friend who is always there
No matter what happens to us I will always care
My memory is flooded with the good times that we have shared
Never have you cheated me, you have always stayed fair
You my friend are very rare
I think that we make a great pair

If I lost you my heart would tear
I am glad that we get along so well and that we share
When I need something you are always there with a hand to lend
On you I depend
I hope that we are friends until the end
Goodnight my dear friend

Happy times is what we share
When you need me I will always be there
I hope you realize how much I care
Having a good friend by your side is very rare
You and I make a great pair
I hope you sleep good tonight
Without you in my life my world would tear

I know we will always stay close
You are my friend with the most
You are such a generous host
On you I love to brag and boast
You deserve a big toast
You help me see the bigger picture and focus on the now
Goodnight to my best pal

You are my friend and my confidant
You are someone that I would never taunt
I have your back and you have mine
We will be friends a very long time
It is like we can read each other’s minds
Have a goodnight I hope you like my rhyme

Tonight I am thinking of you and all that you do
For a friend you are quite true
In fact you are the truest of them all
When we get together we always have a ball
I hope your night goes well
In fact I hope your night is swell

Everyday that I spend with you is great
I love when we can hangout late
Being best friends was our fate
You are top rate and you always tell it to me straight
Never do you lie
You are my ally
I hate when we have to say goodbye
I hope you have a goodnight
On you I rely

I could not ask for a better friend
You always say that you will be by my side until the end
I believe it is true and I want to thank you
For always being there when I need someone
You and I always have so much fun
I hope your night is good
You are number one

I am so lucky to have a friend like you by my side
In you I know that I can always confide
With you I never have to hide
I can always be myself
You always put away your pride
You are my friend and my guide
I hope your night leaves you satisfied

When I am in trouble you always help me out
I know you are on your way
I never have a doubt
When you are upset
You never scream and shout
You slow down and take the best route
I hope your night is far-out


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