Good Night Poems for Boyfriend:  Wishing someone a goodnight is a sweet and caring way to help someone get a good night’s rest and ensure that your loved one is aware that you are thinking of them. Telling a boyfriend or a loved one goodnight brings you much closer to that person because it establishes the fact that they are the last thing you think of before you close your eyes. Often, wishing someone sweetdreams may calm them down enough to receive a peaceful and rested sleep. It is hard to sleep without the person that you love and telling them how much you miss them and how you are thinking of them is the key to keeping a relationship strong. Sometimes in life people need reminders from the people that they love. These reminders can show how loved ones truly care and prove that they are willing to take time out of their life to make you smile.

Good Night Poems for Boyfriend

Good night my love
I hope that you dream
And wish upon the stars above
You make my heart flutter like a dove
Our love is something I never want to get rid of
I hope that you dream
And see me there
Sweet dreams my love
I hope you know how much I care

I hope you sleep well tonight
I am so glad that you are a part of my life
You light up my world, you are my light
To keep our love safe and sound I will always fight
I hope that your dreams are happy and bright
I will talk to you in the morning
You are never far from my sight

You lit up my day and now it is night
I hope that in your dreams you take flight
If I was beside you I would hold you tight
With you everything feels so right
I want to kiss you in the moonlight
I can not wait until we reunite

Goodnight I love you more than you know
Even in darkness you always glow
When I am around you I am filled with gusto
I hope that we always have each other and we never let go
My love for you will always grow
You make me feel high when I am feeling low

Thank you for making my day great
You are always on time
You are never late
I can not wait for our next date
I am glad that falling in love was our fate
I hope you sleep well
I know that tomorrow will be even better
You deserve a love letter
You are warm like a sweater

I wish I could hold you and kiss you goodnight
Not being with you really does bite
You light up my mood like the moonlight
With you I know everything is going to be alright
You make me feel like I climbed the greatest height
You are my brave and strong knight

You are my only light
When all is dark you are my sight
You are never wrong, you are always right
I am so glad that we never fight
You make me feel like I have wings
You make me feel like I can take flight
You are never impolite
I hope your dreams are not filled with fright

I hope your dreams are lovely like you
And if they are not, I hope that you make it through
Tomorrow will be brand new
There are so many things that we can do
When I need love you are the person that I look to
Together there is nothing that we can not do

You are my best friend
I hope our relationship never comes to an end
You are the best person for me, no one could ever contend
I always cherish all the love that you send
You are a person I will always defend
With you I could never pretend
You always have a hand to lend

I miss you and wish you sweetdreams
I hope your imagination bursts at the seams
If you have a nightmare, I hope that you do not scream
You and I make a great team
You always know how to take away my steam
Your smile shines bright like a moonbeam

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You make me feel so safe and sound
I always miss you when you are not around
My love for you is full and bound
When I was lost you came into my life, now I am found
You have helped me gain so much ground
I hope that you sleep well under the moon that is round

I wish I could kiss you goodnight
I wish I could hold you in my arms so tight
When you are not around I always feel fright
You are like my knight
You protect me from any plight
With you by my side I feel alright
I can not wait to have you in my sight

What a day it has been
I wish I could feel your skin
I hope that your dreams are happy
I hope that your dreams are serene
You are sweet like ice cream
Things are not always what the seem
But you make my world feel supreme

You are the last person I think of at night
When the world is dark, you serve as my light
When I have a bad dream, you always tell me it will be alright
I need to hold you and I need you in my sight
I hope you sleep well and think of me
I hope your dreams are carefree

There is something about you that makes me smile
I hope that you stay in my life a long while
When you leave I feel so upset
But then I think about the day that we met
When I think of you I never fret
Sweet dreams to someone I could never forget

I love holding you close when the moon is out
We have never had a falling out
My love for you is true and devout
With you I know I have taken the best route
You make me want to scream and shout
I hope your night is okay without me there
Even when you are gone, I can still feel you everywhere

I hope that you get rest and a peaceful sleep
You are someone I will always keep
You swept me right off my feet
You are so wonderful and sweet
When I am cold you warm me with your heat
I wish that I was there for you to hold under your sheet

You are an amazing person inside and out
You always seem to know what I am thinking about
I know that we will always have each other beyond any doubt
When I am lost, you always show me the best route
Sweetdreams to my favorite light
I can not wait to hold you again at night

Your love is something I could never go without
With you I have no doubts
We never fight and we never shout
I wish I could hold you so tight
You are my daylight
You make my heart ignite
I fell in love with you at first sight
I miss you so much tonight

I am so lucky to have a boyfriend like you
When you hold me close I know that our love is true
To keep you happy and satisfied there is nothing I would not do
You make me feel so happy when I am blue
When I am tired you make me feel brand new
Your sweet dreams are overdue

You always know the right words to say to bring a smile to my face
Wherever you are, that is my favorite place
You always know when to give me space
I just wanted to touch base
I hope that your night is filled with light
I want to wish you a happy goodnight

Sweetdreams to the person that I truly love
I hope that your dreams are peaceful like a dove
You are someone I would never get rid of
You always know how to make things right
You never go out without a fight
I wish that I could kiss you goodnight

You are the person that I always dream of
Every time I look into your eyes I fall in love
I wish so badly to hold you tonight
It does not seem fair, it does not seem right
I know we will be together soon
I can not wait for morning light


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