Good Morning Poems for Girlfriend:  The morning is a perfect time to start anew and conquer your dreams. Mornings are the start to a brand new day and be the start of a brand new future. Telling someone good morning is a kind and selfless act because it shows the person who you told good morning to that they are one of the first things you thought of when you woke up. When it comes to relationships, it is always important to put the one you love first. You should let the person you love know that they are beautiful and that you wish they have a good day each and every morning. Not only will this put a smile on their face but it will also bring you closer in your relationship with that person. These poems are filled with fun and romantic ways to say I am thinking of you and I hope that you have a fresh start to your day.

Good Morning Poems for Girlfriend

Good morning my love
You take me high like the birds above
You bring me peace like a dove
I hope your day is full of fun
I know you are always on the run
I love you so, more than you know
Good morning to the one that will always glow

It is a brand new day
And I have so many things to say
You are beautiful in every way
I hope today brings you much joy and happiness
Thank you for your lovely tenderness
I hope your day goes smoothly and it is not a mess

Good morning to the one that shines
I think about you all of the time
You keep me in line
Your love should be a crime
It makes me want to climb
To reach you I would walk forever
I will love you in any weather
If you get cold you can wear my sweater

I hope your day is filled with sunshine
I am so lucky that you are mine
Your touch sends chills down my spine
You are more than fine
You send me to cloud nine
I hope you like this rhyme
You are divine, you are my lifeline
Good morning to the one that I think about all of the time

May your day be bright and beautiful like you
If you ever need me you know I will always come through
To keep a smile on your face there is no limit to what I would do
You help me pursue and you are never untrue
Good morning to the person that I love talking to

Good morning to the one I love
You are beautiful inside and out
You are the only one for me I have no doubt
When I am away from you I want to scream and shout
You are someone I can’t go without
Good morning to a girl who is far out

Good morning to the girl of my dreams
I hope your day is filled with good things
Someday I want you to wear my ring
Our relationship is much more than a fling
You make me want to sing
Your voice soothes me
Your words move me
You make me feel so free

I hope your day treats you well
I love your eyes and the way that you smell
From the heavens you fell
We will be together a long time I can tell
You are my light
You are my friend
You make me feel so good inside I can’t pretend
I hope that we stick together until the end

Good morning I hope your day is bright and new
You have so much light inside of you
You have always been true
To stay by your side there is nothing I won’t do
I am glad our relationship has grown
You mean more to me than anything that I could own
Your love is better than money
Your kisses are sweet like honey

You are my only sunshine
You are my best friend
You are the love of my life
There is no need to pretend
My heart is what I send
I am glad we have been able to make amends
I hope your day is filled with light
I hope that we will be together until the end

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Good morning to the person who always brightens up my day in every way
Seeing you makes me smile more than I can convey
I hope our love never goes away
I love all the faces that you make
My love for you is true
My love for you isn’t fake
I hope our love is never at stake

I am so thankful that you are part of my life
When I am without strength you give me strife
Someday I hope to make you my wife
I love looking into your eyes
You are the best girlfriend
You are so smart and wise
Good morning to a love that will never die

You have never told me any lies you are so honest
I would never make you cry
Your love takes me high
I hope your day is filled with light
Good morning rise and shine I am so that you are mine
I wish we could be together all of the time

I am so eager to see you
For you I always stay true
when you are away I feel like mourning
The sun is asleep and the rain is pouring
I hope you sleep well
For you I really fell
I would do anything for you, I hope you can tell

With you in my life is much brighter
I love when we pull an all nighter
For our loves I will always be a fighter
You light my soul on fire
You always take me higher
I hope your day is filled with light
I hope you slept good last night

Today is a new day
You light up my world with every word that you say
Our love will continue to bloom like the flowers in May
You make me smile in every single way
I love wishing you good morning
With you is where I always want to stay

Good morning to my ray of sunshine
It makes me so happy to know that you are mine
I think about you all of the time
You are the first thing I think of when I wake up
You look beautiful without any make-up
You open my eyes when they are shut

Good morning to my sunshine
I hope this message reaches you in time
You are well worth the climb
Being as beautiful as you should be a crime
I hope you enjoy this rhyme
I can not believe that you are mine
My love for you will never decline
I love the way that you shine

I would never leave you behind
A love like yours is very hard to find
Before I met you I was blind
I could not see all the beauty in the world
And then I met you and it all unfurled
I hope your morning leaves you with a smile
I will be thinking of you all the while

You make me feel so alive
You give me so much drive
When I am down you give me hope
When I have problems you always help me cope
You are all I need
You make me feel like I can succeed
This morning I hope you are in the lead

I love talking to you in the morning and each day
You make me smile in so many ways
It is crazy how we met
Your eyes are like a sunset
We have not seen anything yet
The best times are yet to come
With you I always have so much fun

Being with you feels like a vacation
Each morning I see you brings me to a higher elevation
Wherever you are that is my location
You are full of good vibrations
You deserve a standing ovation
I hope your morning is peaceful and full of meditation
I hope your morning is full of relaxation

You invigorate my senses
You lighten up my mood
Beauty is the only thing that you exude
I love your thoughts and the things that you say
You always find a way to make my day
I hope your morning is amazing in every single way
If I lost your love I would be in dismay
With you is where I want to stay


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