Good Luck Poems for Exams: No one likes exams. They’re stressful, time consuming, and flat out no fun. Offer some encouragement with a poem from this collection of Good Luck Poems for Exams. Throughout these short verses are messages of encouragement, camaraderie and advice. While most of them suggest that preparedness is best, if the receiver of your poem hasn’t revised well, there’s still something here for them. One of these poems might pair well with a comforting meal, the exam-writer’s favorite sweets, or a few laughs to help them relax before exam time.

Good Luck Poems for Exams

You’re prepared long and hard,
Now it’s time to go the extra yard
As you’re about to sit some important tests.
A few requests:
Don’t give up, no matter how much you might want to.
Remember that you will get through.
Double check all that you write,
And keep the light at the end in sight.

It’s been a challenging path for you.
There are lots of things you’d rather do,
But you’ve got this one in the bag.
Sure, exams are a bit of a drag,
But this is will unlock doors.
The world will be yours.
It might not be fun, exams are such pests,
But whatever the case – good luck on your tests!

Good luck on your exams upcoming!
No doubt you’ve been busy thumbing
Your way through practice papers and old notes.
I could go on with personal anecdotes
About this or that experience on a test,
But when it comes down it, you just need to try your best.
With all this revising and reviewing,
You know what you’re doing.

Challenges make us grow stronger,
So while you may wish for your revising to go on no longer,
It’s all for the best.
You’ll be brilliant on every test.
You’ve worked hard, night and day,
And so while I’ll very loudly say
Good luck on your exams,
Let’s be honest, you don’t really need it.

Everyone has their own ways of preparing
For exams, including revising, reading, sometimes despairing.
You’ve done it all, whatever you need to do
To confidently make it through.
Long days and nights,
Drinking coffee, keeping on the lights.
Good luck with it all, you’re going to be great,
Whether you need to write essays, tick boxes, or calculate.

No one likes exams, awful things.
Just think of all the stress revising brings.
(Not that I need to be telling you;
Old hat, really, nothing new).
But I’ve no doubt that you’ve conquer them all,
Even if it won’t be a ball.
Good luck when it comes down to it.
You’ll be just fine; you’re a real wit!

You don’t need a horse-shoe or a rabbit’s tail
To ward off the possibility of a fail.
You’ve prepared long and hard,
Highlighting, quizzing, handwriting every revision card.
I’ll wish you good luck, though, nonetheless
If it helps ease any of the stress!
Keep thinking of the end and of the bliss—
You will get through this!

You might not be prepared as you’d like to be,
But take it from me:
You’re going to do great.
Studying makes us all irate,
But once your there, exam in front of you,
You’ll find a focus that perhaps you never knew,
And once they’re done, in retrospect, they’ll seem quite small.
Until then, good luck on it all.

All you can do is do your best,
Prepare in advance, be well rested for every test.
Worrying will get you nowhere;
Give up your concerns in a prayer.
Good luck as you go into this challenging phase.
Remember: one day there’ll be no more exams and essays.
This too shall pass,
And when it does, we’ll raise a glass.

This is something most people have to go through,
Not that that makes it any better or easier for you.
But know that we understand,
And if we can give you a hand,
We absolutely will.
Exams aren’t exactly a thrill,
But you’ll get through it, even if it isn’t fun.
Good luck on every single one! 

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Best Wishes for Exams

Good luck on your exams; they’re nigh.
Just try to picture in your mind’s eye:
Confidence, victory, success!
You’ve studied hard, no need to guess.
Don’t you waste your energy with worry.
Make sure you’re not doing things in a hurry.
But never mind me, I’ll no more nag.
You’ve got this one in the bag!

Panicking? Breathe in and out.
Free your mind of any doubt.
Remind yourself that you can do this.
It’s OK if one or two questions you miss.
It may feel like you’re going up a hill that’s steep,
So make sure you get plenty of sleep.
Count lots of sheep and maybe even lambs.
Good luck on your exams!

At the end of this tunnel, there is a light.
Nearly the end of exams; the future is bright!
In the final stretch – keep going!
Make sure those brain juices keep flowing.
You can do it; we believe in you!
There’s nothing you can’t do.
We’ll be cheering you on, wishing you the best.
Good luck on every test!

It was never going to be easy, we know,
Which is why we’ve been cheering you on as you.
They’re nearly done – almost time to celebrate.
Not much longer to have to wait.
When the exams finally come, I wish you good luck!
May you with a stroke of genius be struck!

Patience, clear thinking, and a good pencil or pen
Will help you see you through when
At last these exams begin
Approach them with a grin.
You’ve studied hard; you’ll be all right.
Try every question; fight the good fight.
Chin up, you’ve got this, no feeling blue.
All good luck from me to you.

You can hope and pray
That you’ll succeed on the day,
But the best thing to do is be prepared.
No revising should be spared!
Sure, sneak in some sleep to be well rested
So that you’re alert when you’re tested.
But in case that’s enough, and with anxiety you’re struck,
I’ll wish you a healthy dose of good luck.

I’m not worried about whether or not you’ll do well.
You’ve revised thoroughly; you can do this; I can tell.
Approach your exams with confidence knowing that you’ve got this.
Keep your eyes on the prize and on the post-exam season bliss.
Along with your stationery, bring your knowledge and wit.
Best Wishes on every exam you sit.

Exams are rarely as bad as you think.
You go in, do what you need to; it’ll be over in a blink.
It’s normal to be nervous, I suppose,
So make sure you complement revision with repose.
Remember these words: this too shall pass.
And on the other side of your exams is greener grass.
Best Wishes!

When you go in, try to relax.
Ignore how worked up everybody else acts.
You’ll do best on your exams with a calm brain.
Being anxious can drive a person insane.
Meditate, breathe, do what you must.
In your ability, always trust.
Good luck when the time finally arrives.
Be confident on your exams, and know that everyone survives.

Good luck on your exams; I know you’ll do great,
Even if they’re something you absolutely hate.
They’re a fact of life, and you’ll get through.
Know that I’m here cheering for you!
Go in, do your best.
It’s only a test.
Quash the anxiety and nerves that are brewing.
Keep your head high; you know what you’re doing.

Whatever you do, don’t panic.
Exam time is often nothing short of manic,
So it’s important to maintain a good perspective.
Remember your objective:
To do your very best.
Whatever advice you’ve heard, ignore the rest.
Good luck on each exam; I’ll be thinking of you.
Your good efforts will see you through.

Exams build character, or so they say.
We learn who we are when in the fray.
So approach your tests keeping this in mind.
You’ll be a better person for them once they’re behind.
Sagely advice successfully given,
I hope you’re feeling adequately driven.
Try your best—
Good luck on every test!


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