First Anniversary Poems for Couples:  First anniversaries are a very special day and should be properly celebrated. A first anniversary is a special time in one’s life and should be cherished and carefully reflected upon. Anniversaries are a time for the recognition of love and happiness, and first anniversaries are an important milestone in one’s life. First anniversaries are a great time to cherish the love that you have made with someone and relish in the beautiful life that you have made with your special someone. Anniversaries in themselves are special and mean a lot in a relationship, they can bring about wonderful memories that one can keep for a lifetime. The memories couples make on their anniversary are often some of the best memories they share in their lifetime. On the occasion of a first anniversary it is vital to tell the person you love that you are glad to have made it one year, and hope to continue to be with them for years to come.

First Anniversary Poems for Couples

To make you smile
I will do whatever it takes
My love for you is real
My love for you is not fake
I love waking up next to you
And holding you close at night
I hope that we never fight
I wanted to give you this message
To prove that my love is true

My heart beats for you
There is nothing I will not do
I will always be true
You brighten my day
I love you in every way
I hope I never hurt you or do you wrong
Your voice is my favorite song
I hope that our life together is long

We made it one year
It is time to celebrate and cheer
Being with you has been the best
You make my heart beat faster in my chest
I will always give you more of me, never less
You are my best friend and my lover
I could never find another
Our anniversary is here
And one thing is clear
I love you and we will be together for many more years
This past year with you has been amazing and fun
There are so many special things that we have seen and done
And one thing is clear
You are the one

With you I feel complete
Your smile is so sweet
I love to hold you close
To my friends and family I always boast
You are so special to me
In my eyes you are all that I can see
I hope you know how much I care for you
Happy anniversary to a love that is true

I am so grateful to be with a person like you
Everyday we spend together makes me feel brand new
You took me out of the dark and into the light
Our love I will never fight
Your love is so precious to me
You make me feel so wild and free

Kissing you is the best
I love when you rest your head on my chest
This year has been amazing I must confess
I know there will be many more to come
Into my arms you can always run
I hope our love is never done
Happy anniversary to the one

We have spent one year in love
You shine brighter than the stars above
You bring me peace like a dove
There is no one else I would rather spend my life with
You are the truth, you are not a myth
Happy anniversary to my favorite person
Our love will only grow, it will never worsen
I am so thankful to be with someone like you
You are beautiful and your heart is true
For you there is nothing I would not do
I hope you know I am invested in our love
And your kiss takes me high above
Everything you do makes me smile
I hope that we stay in love longer than a while

I am glad we are walking this road together
May our love always be strong and never sever
We will make it in any weather
My love for you could never be measured
You are my heart, you are my treasure
Happy anniversary to the person who brings me the most pleasure

I will always remember the year that we have spent
From the heavens you were sent
I am so glad you are a part of my life
Today is our day to celebrate
I am thankful this love is our fate
Being with you has been great
Finding your love was worth the wait

Your smile lights up my day
I can never find the right words to say
You are sweet like the flowers in May
With you I want to stay
I could hold you in my arms forever more
In regards to our future together, I am eager to see what is in store

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You are the light that I seek
Your touch makes me weak
If I lost you, I would ache
My love for you is real
My love for you is not fake
Happy anniversary to the love that will always make
You have my heart, our love will never be at stake

Your smile shines brighter than all of the stars
I know that together we will go so far
You are the most beautiful person I have ever met
Our love hasn’t seen anything yet
We still have a long way to go
As long as you are beside me
My love for you will always show

We have come a long way
But we still have far to go
This year has been amazing just so you know
I hope you feel the same and I hope that it shows
When I am with you I feel complete
I love you from your head all the way down to your feet

Happy anniversary to the person who makes me smile
For you I will always go the extra mile
I love your grace and I love your style
I hope that you will stay with me awhile
If you are ever lost, I will find you
If you need me I will always be behind you

I am so lucky to have a person like you
A person who has a beautiful smile
A person who is true
My heart feels full now that you are around
To our love I will always be bound
I was lost but now I am found
I am so glad that we share common ground

Happy anniversary to my love
You send me higher than the clouds above
When I fall you always catch me
When you are unsure you always ask me
We fit together like a perfect puzzle piece
We always fight about who loves each other more
But rest assured neither of us loves each other the least

You always give me the best advice
Together we have made such a beautiful life
I appreciate your love more than you know
No matter what my love for you will always show
You make me smile when I feel low
I love your mind and I love your soul
You make me feel complete
You make me feel whole

Happy anniversary to the love of my life
This year has been wonderful and full of pleasure
I am so glad we could spend it together
Our love will remain intact in any weather
My love for you is overflowing and cannot be measured
If we stay on the same page, our love will never sever

I will love you forever
You are my greatest treasure
We can do anything together
I will always stick by your side
From me you never have to hide
You can always be yourself
Happy anniversary to our love and our health
You mean more to me than any wealth

With you I feel whole
I hope you always stay, I hope you never go
My love for you will always grow
You deserve the best, I will never give you less
My love for you is real, I must confess
Happy anniversary, you are a world above the rest

I feel so honored to be a part of you
Thank you for always being so true
To make our love last there is nothing I would not do
The past year has been a blessing
And our love is still brand new
Happy anniversary to the person that completes me
You are the light that helps me see
I will always be true
I would never do anything to hurt you
I love you more than anything
Your love makes me want to sing
This is a real love, this is not a fling
Happy anniversary, I know there will be more to come
Our love will keep on going, it will never be over and done


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