Happy Fathers Day Poems: Father's Day is a day that reminds good father's out there that they are loved and appreciated for their hard work and sacrifice. It is important for fathers to be recognized, especially if they are doing all they can to provide a good life for their families. Many father's work hard and go the extra mile so that their children can get to the places that they want to go and fulfill their dreams. These poems explain all the great things a father can bring to one’s life and how father's are all different but share a similar bond. This bond is created by blood sweat and tears as many people watch their father's work down to the bone to give their children a brighter future. For those father’s that strive to do their best and take responsibility in life, these poems provide a humble way of saying, “Thank you.”

Happy Fathers Day Poems

Happy Father's Day to you
Thank you for always being honest and true
On you I can always rely
You are the best guy
I know how hard you try
You always help me without asking why
You deserve a relaxing day
May all your problems go away

I am glad we are close
Out of all the people I love I care about you the most
I know there is a reason you are my dad and that makes me glad
You've taught me to see the good even in the bad
You always keep your cool and you never get mad

I respect the man that you are
You being my father has gotten me far
You really set the bar
If only everyone could get as great as you
There is nothing our planet could not do
You are my hero
Who always comes through
Happy father’s day from me to you

It is Father's Day but I appreciate you all year long
You are the bravest man I know and you are so strong
Thank you for helping me grow
I appreciate all that you do for me more than you know
These words are not for show
They come from my soul and I hope they make you feel whole

You are the best father that I know
The love you have for me is something you always show
I hope these words get through to you
When I was a kid I stuck to you like glue
You made me so happy
You never made me blue
Let me know what I can do for you

Anything you wish I can manage
With you as my father I feel like I always have an advantage
You always hit it out of the park you never miss
You are someone I could never diss
Happy Father's Day
I hope your day is great in each and every way

I used to want to walk like you
I used to want to talk like you
You were my hero from day one
You always played games with me and we had fun
But our life together is far from done
Many more memories will be made ,
Our relationship will never fade
I know that time will tell and I am not afraid

I never knew how hard it was to be a father until now
I look back on all that you did for me and I think how?
You worked so hard to put food on the table
You always spoke the truth and never spoke in fables
You tried hard to provide for me and care
No matter what you were always there

You taught me times are hard but you still have to try
You taught me how to walk
You taught me how to run
Now I'm teaching you how to let me fly
I dread the day I will have to tell you goodbye
I know I will cry
Great father’s are hard to come by

A good father is someone that protects his child from danger
A good father is someone who uses discipline but not anger
A good father is someone who goes the extra mile
A good father is someone who stays in your life longer than a while
You have done all these things and more
You are undefeated no need to check the score

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You have showed me more than anyone else
You showed me how to stand up and fend for myself
You taught me how to use my mind so that I do not take the wrong direction
You've given me your love and you've given me protection
Happy Father's Day to a man with spirit and heart
You are a father who has played their part

I am thankful to have a father who cares for me like you do
You've always encouraged me to do what I want to
You say happiness is the key to life
To unlock the door you must have strife
You always encouraged me to follow my dreams
Even if the world isn't what it seems

You taught me that with dedication you can find a higher elevation
In life you said there are no limitations
You are a real father
Not an imitation
You know how to set things right without intimidation
Thank you for being so patient
You have a good vibration
Happy Father’s day

I remember all the times we have spent like they happened yesterday
All the times we spent laughing and carrying on
The memories that made our relationship so strong
You are always right you are never wrong
You are never weak you are always strong
You give me the words I need to help carry on

For years I watched you work your fingers down to the bone
So that I could have a home
A place to call my own
You've done so much for me and now I see
I look up to you for being so self-less
You mean so much to me

This poem is dedicated to a father who is perfect in every way
To a father who always knows exactly what to say
To a father who knows how to inspire
To a father that I admire
And after reading this, it's okay to be a cryer
You will still be strong in my eyes
Your light is clear like the brightest skies

Happy Father’s Day to a real man
Happy Father’s Day to the dad with the plan
Thank you for the shoes on my feet
And keeping me out of the street
You are my protector and my guardian
Thank you for walking me into kindergarten
You did a good job raising me
You are strong and wise
Like an Oak tree

You are the person I look to
You are the person who stayed and raised me
You never flew
At my lowest point in life
You knew what to do
Thank you for being there for me through hard times
Happy Father’s day I hope you like these rhymes

I am truly grateful to have you as a dad
With you in my life
Things have never gotten too bad
Even in those times of pain
You always knew how to be sane
My favorite person you will always remain
Happy Father’s day
Thank you for being humane
Thank you for being able to sustain

You are much more than a father
You are a leader and you are my teacher
You have taught me more than any book
I respect your outlook
And I respect you as a man
You are the best father one could get
You always have a game plan

Happy Father’s day to an honest man
I am your biggest fan
I admire the way that you withstand
You always know what to do and how to act
And you have always had my back
There is nothing that you lack
You are the best father in the world
And that is a fact

Thank you for all the times you spent with me
You raised me well
You taught me to see
You opened my eyes to what is real
Words cannot express how I feel
Happy Father’s day
I hope you know that I appreciate all that you do
You are the best and that is true

I love every part of you
For a father you are very true
I have never questioned your logic
You always know what to do when things get chaotic
Happy Father’s day to the best father I have ever met
Happy Father’s day to the best father I could ever get


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