Farewell Messages for Teacher: Teachers hardly seem to receive the endless love and appreciation that they truly deserve because they put in a lot in the course of their jobs, from tolerating mischievous children to grooming great adults for tomorrow. Now the teacher is leaving, whether it is for retirement or to start a new job, but this is a good occasion as any to appreciate the efforts of the teacher, so gather the class together and shower the teacher with all the appreciation and love he/she duly deserves.

If you all are at a loss of what to write or say to your wonderful teacher, then you can get inspired by this article to create your own or use the messages made available you if you wish. These messages are sweet, appreciative and heartwarming, and they let the teacher know that you all wish her good luck in every aspect of her life.

Farewell Messages for Teacher

Learning will never be the same without a teacher as superb and eloquent as you. Goodbye.

You taught us a wide variety of things, both what we needed to learn and what we wanted to learn, goodbye favorite teacher. 

You made learning fun, you made us want to know more, as we bid you farewell on this day then you should always keep in mind that you are, and will always be, a vital part of our lives. Goodbye!

We do not say goodbye because we want to, because that word only makes us sad and blue, instead we say so because we understand that you have to go. We say goodbye to a wonderful teacher.

Great men and women, people across all professions and occupations, had their dreams come to life because they all had a great teacher, today we say goodbye to such a teacher, one who made us believe in ourselves, who taught us hard work and patience. We love you wonderful teacher, goodbye.

Wherever you go we know you would easily win the hearts of your students, because you are simply amazing, but we do not know where we will find a wonderful teacher like you. Goodbye.

We cannot really say farewell because come what may, you really and truly live in our hearts. Goodbye.

Maybe for you, this was a way of life, something you did without expecting anything in return, but for us, your students, learning from a wonderful and superb teacher like you is an unforgettable and wonderful experience. Goodbye.

As you leave us today, listen to the prayer we say: May you find your new job not much to your liking, may your new students be so annoying and disappointing that you would deeply miss us, may your new colleagues be boring and frustrating and may the new Principal be a total nag. Simply put, may you come back to our school and be our teacher once again.

You might leave us today but your teachings and the unending love you showed us and the deep faith you had in us and our abilities would stay around to keep us going and make us happy.

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From the classroom sessions, to the take home assignments, to the group works, to all the advice you gave and all the inspiration you provided. You filled us with tenacity and determination, motivated us to succeed and made us believe in love ourselves. We say thank you for all these and fare thee well as you go make another set of students love and believe in themselves just as much.

Goodbye Messages for Mentor

We are taught to never be anyone’s shadow or let another person influence our decisions but with a great teacher like you, these pieces of advice would be duly disobeyed, your teachings would affect our decisions for years to come. Goodbye.

Though you were paid to only teach us schoolwork and give us homework, you did more, you helped us to develop strong characters, and you taught us hard work, patience and love. You would always live in our hearts and on our minds. Goodbye.

The strength of every good school is not in its asset or the wonderful facilities, it lies instead in its caliber of teachers, it lies in the ability of the teachers to impart wonderfully on the students and this is the last teacher. Farewell.

We go through a rollercoaster of emotions when we bid farewell to an amazing teacher like you, we pray that we get another just like you or better still that you change your mind and stay, we cry and try to smile as we bid farewell to our favorite teacher.

Whenever we were with you we always felt at home because you acted as though you were a surrogate parent to us, as you leave today, we say goodbye and how much we love you.

You are the best learning tool your students ever had, as you bade us farewell today, we wish you only better opportunities, more achievements and blessings for you. Goodbye.

My beloved teacher, you are indeed my favorite by far and telling you goodbye… is definitely the hardest thing I have had to do as a student. I will miss you, I will miss your advice, your intellectual words, your kind heart, your patience, and your determination to see me become better, heaven knows I would even miss all the time I spent with you in detention. Goodbye favorite teacher, I would be sure to keep in touch.

I am so jealous of your next set of students because they are about to get an angel as a teacher and they have no idea how lucky they are, they had better not hurt you or stress you, but instead they should appreciate every moment that they get to spend with you. With these words, I bid thee farewell.

I am sure it surprises you that on this sad occasion of your departure, everyone is down and desolate, do not be surprised because despite how troublesome the students were, how annoying your colleagues were or how nagging the principal was, please realize that you were priceless and we never thought we would be separated from you, we would truly miss you. Goodbye.

I hope the school is aware of how much it has lost with the loss of a teacher like yourself, because we the students are heartbroken to see you go.

Beloved teacher, we might be bidding you farewell but in truth we can never forget you or the wonderful things you taught us and in our hearts you would always be with us. Goodbye.

It is unbelievable that this is happening, that we have to say goodbye to a rare gem like yourself, it engulfs us in a sea of sad emotions and we are overcome by the memories we have you, memories which we intend to hold dear to our hearts, your teachings would live eternally in our minds, we might be smiling but inside we are crying. Goodbye.

You always made it fun for us. Goodbye.

Education is a concept in itself but learning from an excellent teacher makes it a possibility and makes it fun too. Goodbye, you will be missed.


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