Farewell Messages for Friends: Friends are super special and when something comes up that separates us from them it can cause us to be fully heartbroken, we do not want to say goodbye, but we cannot keep fighting the inevitable. To say farewell to these special people you can choose to write a lengthy letter or a short sweet message, either way, you want them to get the important information: that you would definitely miss them very much.

This article contains various messages which would serve this purpose, of course one might not be enough for your message so you could combine several to create that message you want your friends to part with or you could use this article as a guide to create yours. 

So darlings, do not cry, instead pour your emotions in a letter or a message and watch your friend’s face light up when you hand it to them. 

Farewell Messages for Friends

I do not want you to go but I understand that you have to; I would really miss you and promise to always keep in touch, farewell beloved friend.

I have hurt your feelings several times in the past, I have taken your friendship for granted and now I regret all of those times I did not tell you that I love you and I regret all the times that I did not show my appreciation. I will really miss you.

Best friends are rare gems, priceless wonderful angels kept on earth to make us happy and save us from our own foolishness and I have found my own special angel and now I have to tell her goodbye. I do not want to because it means we would not have daily sleepovers, it means I cannot stroll over to your house, but I know that no matter how it gets, we would still keep in touch and no matter the distance, you would always still save me from my own foolish decisions.

Our friendship has being my source of strength, it is the best thing to have ever happened to me, all the best parts of my life have being with you, you taught me to love myself, you made me understand that I was important, you made me believe in myself and now you are leaving me. I cannot believe that I have to say goodbye to you. I would miss you terribly, but you would always be in my heart and hence never far away.

I have never being so happy that social media exists till now, when I realized we would have to say goodbye to each other, but despite the oceans that lie between us and the great distance, you would never be far from my heart, your recent pictures will always be there for me to see, your voice will always be there to hear and we would always still be able to keep up with what happens in our lives. I will really miss you.

Goodbye, this word has brought me so much sadness on this day that I have to tell you goodbye. 

This is so not fair! Why do we have to be separated? Who will be with me when I am down? Who will listen to my corny jokes and still laugh? Who will see me at my worst and still find me appealing? Whose hand will I hold when I am sad?

You are unforgettable, the memories we share would always live in my heart, you are special and beloved and now I say goodbye.

Seeing you makes me smile, knowing that you are in my heart makes me much more delighted, knowing that we are friends and would always be makes me really fulfilled. Right now though, I do not feel any of these things because I am about to say goodbye to a beloved friend and I cannot imagine living without you.

No matter how far apart we are, I am not worried because I know that distance has nothing on our friendship, I would miss you my love.

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Wherever you go and no matter how far away from me you are, I urge you to never forget that you are really, truly and deeply special to me, you are the epitome of a true friend and it hurts to tell you goodbye though it has to happen. I wish you the very best, you are a beloved friend.

I do not want to say goodbye because it would give it all a sense of finality, so I say that until we see again you keep on being the wonderful person you are and even if we eventually lose touch, which I believe will never happen, I want you to always remember how special you are to me.

Goodbye Messages for Friends

Dearest friend, please do not forget our bond because of the distance that is about to lie between us, remember that I am always here for you, so please always smile and be happy and whenever you are down or feel alone, just know that I am always with you. With all the love in the world, I say farewell.

I am not going to say goodbye because I plan on visiting you, so I would say that you should keep your phone on and always be ready to update me with your life happenings, and you can be very sure I would do the same, this distance has nothing on our friendship.

I am asking myself what I am going to do now that you will not be with me every day and I cannot come up with a logical answer, so I simply say that you should never forget this bond and I will never forget you and as soon as w can, let us hang out again. Goodbye beloved friend, until we meet again, which we definitely will.

I do not say goodbye because we will never see each other again, I say it because I know I would see you again and I cannot wait for that day to come already, so goodbye my friend, see you soon.

You say you will be back soon, that the distance is not forever, and I trust you very much to believe in anything you say. So goodbye for now and I await our reunion.

Making friends is not a piece of cake for me, trusting people is almost an impossible feat too but you came along and made both things happen, now that I have to tell you goodbye and I find it hard to do so, but I cannot keep fighting the inevitable, so I say, goodbye, but always be happy and let us try to keep in touch.

It feels as though the world is coming to an end, I cannot believe that my friend is leaving me, saying goodbye to you is something I wished would never happen but here it is happening, I will really miss you. Goodbye wonderful friend!

Goodbye is not the end, it is only a phase that would end soon and a new phase called Hello would begin, so I say goodbye darling friend.

We will keep busy with the memories we have made while together and I know that distance will not sour our friendship but strengthen it, so as we say goodbye let us also prepare to say hello and envelope each other in wonderful hugs.


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