Farewell Messages for Boss: How time flies, the boss is leaving and there are quite a number of emotions and reactions, while some would miss him/her, some really are not fazed, but either way, it would be really nice of one to send a message to the boss, wishing him/her farewell as they depart. These messages would make them happy and who knows, though he is no longer your boss today; he/she might be the stepping stone you need to catapult your career tomorrow.
So if you are at a loss on what to write then this article would help, it contains a number of wonderful an creatively crafted messages which you can give to your soon to be ex-boss, these messages can be used exactly as they are or you can use them as guides in creating yours.
It is guaranteed that there is a suitable message in there for every departing boss.

Farewell Messages for Boss

Beloved boss, though you made us very angry with your ability to scold and nag us and your perfectionist ways have driven us insane, we will still admit that we would miss you very much. Farewell boss, we wish you better opportunities in life.

You were less of a boss and more of a leader, at other times you were like a colleague to us, a friend, you understood our plights and shared in our celebrations, as you leave us today, we wish you all the very best. Farewell boss!

Sincerely, I am delighted that you can no longer nag me, but I am still very much unexcited and terrified about to prospect of getting a new boss. Farewell amazing boss!

You are a respectable person, an intellectual and wise person and your ability to relate well with everyone regardless of race, creed or status would be always respected. We fare thee well boss!

You inspired us to greatness, you made us believe in ourselves, and you taught us to derive strengths from our weaknesses. From the onset you have let us know that you were grooming us to be able to handle all the work when you would leave us, we promise not to disappoint you, and as you leave, we promise to keep your legacy alive.

As you leave us we know it is all for the best but we cannot help to say that the office will not be the same without your esteemed self being on premises to make things feel normal. Farewell boss, may you get happier days and better opportunities.

You were a superb boss, you gave us directions and chose to lead us instead of bossing and ordering us around, you chose to smile at us and encourage us even when it was clear that what we deserved was to be scolded endlessly.

You helped shape my career, you helped me make the right choices and you provided the solid foundation to place my feet. You are a special breed of boss and you would always be cherished, farewell boss!

We bid farewell to you and we say sorry to your new colleagues because they have no idea the kind of boss they are about to get, you would grill them and make them put in extra hours, but at the end of the day they would be smiling to the bank and at all their success stories.

Boss, you infected us with your determination to succeed, your positivity even in the worst times and your ability to find a solution to any problem. Now that you are leaving us, we would work very hard to keep the flag up high and the legacy you built alive.

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Goodbye Messages for Boss

Now that you have stepped down as the boss, please leave a guide book for your successor so that it would not be difficult for him/her. Farewell boss, until we find an avenue to meet again.

I believe that though we had a boss-employee relationship within the office walls, now that you leave us and cease to be my boss we can successfully cultivate a warm and friendly relationship. I wish you all the very best as you leave this company, may you have better opportunities.

You taught us that when we loved our jibs we were more efficient and you helped us learn to love our jobs no matter how stressful we got. Thank you for being an excellent boss, may you always have employees and colleagues who love you and respect your efforts, and may you always be rewarded for your efforts and amazing nature.

Considering that our relationship started off on the rough foot, I am glad that we have become such great friends, I would miss working in the same place as you, I would miss our cheerful banter and your witty replies, your desire for perfection and your ability to push anyone to work better. I wish you all the very best as you leave us today.

As you prepare to leave this firm, I want to give you a billion reasons not to because I cannot imagine working for another boss; I believe no one would be as superb as you are at this job. Farewell and all the best in your new job.

Your constant presence, though imposing and sometimes scary, was always awe inspiring, your words were always motivating, encouraging and reassuring, totally capable of relieving us of our stress words. Indeed on behalf of the entire firm, I bid farewell to a boss extraordinaire, superb and eloquent, hardworking and patient, one who would be dearly missed.

It probably surprises you that we would all miss you so much, considering how many times we managed to frustrate you, we have learnt so much from you and we appreciate that you were our boss. Thank you very much and fare thee well, more grease to your elbows and more success to your activities.

Boss, you are delighted and excited to leave us and work elsewhere, this message is to say that we will really miss you and to warn you that though we might have been difficult, your new employees would make you really miss us, because I doubt they would be as nice as us. Farewell boss.

It is impossible to quantify your impact in my life and in the lives of a number of my colleagues, it is not just about the perks and promotions you gave us but also about the character development, the encouragement and the inspiration, you are invaluable to us and our careers have come this far thanks to you. So I say farewell boss and I believe that you would get more laurels and achievements.

Finally, you cannot yell at us and scold us anymore, we might also miss you too, but as you leave this firm and stop being our boss, we pray that there would be only wonderful days, more blessings and more achievements for you.

Boss, brainstorming sessions, intense arguments and boardroom discussions would be different without you, but farewell and best wishes. 

I really want to leave with you because in truth you were the reason why my job was amazing, but as you cease to be my boss today, I want to push away all the sadness and instead be happy for you and with you because this is a big step in your career and I do not want to be selfish. Farewell boss!


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