Congratulations Messages For Grandparents: At the birth of a baby there is a great deal of excitement and happiness. Congratulations are being made to the parents of the baby, and it seems everyone forgets the grandparents, who actually play a very vital role in the lives of these babies, everyone knows that is the grandparents that pamper and spoil the babies as they grow up.

For a person becoming a grandparent, this is an amazing experience, as their own children bring forth other children into the world, this is an amazing thing. When people get older, they tend to have a deeper appreciation for life and its numerous beauties; they are especially excited at the prospect of becoming grandparents.

Do you know a person who just became a grandparent and you would love to send the person a congratulatory heartwarming message? This article contains such messages which they would be absolutely delighted to receive.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Grandparents

Hey new grandparent! This is a beautiful and momentous occasion for you and I share in your happiness! I write this message to welcome you the Grand Order of Grandparenthood where you are invited to be laid back and cool, your job is to spoil and pamper them, and it is time to bring your inner child to life as you enjoy your grand bundle-of-joy! Congratulations!

Dear Grandpa, you have another grandchild and I am fully aware that this child is about to experience all the happiness life can offer because you are the grandparent here, I would know, I am also your grandchild. Congratulations on getting another grandchild!

My-oh-my, is it my eyes or does the baby remind me of you. I know you would show this newborn all the love in the world and the baby would never want for food, candy and affection. All my love and congratulations on this special moment!

I wish the newest addition to your family much love and sincerely I wonder who should be deemed more blessed, the baby who has you for a grandparent or you who has become a grandparent. Congratulations and all the best wishes

Greeting Card Wishes to Grandfather and Grandmother

Despite this being your first grandchild, I simply know you would make an amazing grandparent! Congratulations on the newest addition to the family tree!

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Happy Birthday Messages For Your Grandparents

Oh dear! I do not know whether to be absolutely delighted for your grandchild or fear for the parents because I know that you would spoil that baby to death but you need to shower all that love and affection on another person and what better option than on your grandchild.

Dearest friend, you have a new bundle of joy to spoil pamper, fuss over, get gifts for, the possibilities are endless and I can see that you are set to have so much fun! May your new grandchild provide you with an endless supply of love, cuddles, giggles, smiles, hugs and entertainment that would be your own fountain of youth! Congratulations on this amazing occasion!

Hey wonderful person, now you are a grandparent and you have a miracle that fits perfectly well into your arms, reminds you of early motherhood doesn’t it? Oh well, now you get a chance to lay back and simply relax, you don’t have to chase after anyone anymore, that is the parents job, all the grandparents do is to lay back and have fun! Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild!

This is the start of your journey as a grandparent, the arrival of your grandchild is a testament to the abundance of experiences that you and the baby would experience, so gear up and prepare for an adventure you would not want to ever end! Congratulations on becoming a grandparent!

Dear newest grandparent on the block, it is payback time! Remember when you children didn’t listen when you told them to tone down the noise? Oh well, it is time to buy your new grandchild all the toys in the world and assist them in making quite a ruckus. Congratulations on becoming a grandparent, I trust you would do well to represent other grandparents well!

Hey wonderful person who just became a grandparent, I guess you are both overwhelmed and delighted by this new feather to your cap. It seems that every moment in your life was building to this all important one, the moment when you become a grandparent, congratulations on your new role, I wish you all the very best.

Grandchildren are an extension of your children hence they deserve more of the love you have to give, I know you will be the very best grandparent to this child and ensure that this wonderful gift of life and love has a childhood and if possible a lifetime that would always be cherished. Congratulations on being the newest grandparent around!

Did you think that old age meant all of life’s best moments had ended? Then you definitely did not realize you were going to be a grandparent soon. Well, here it is, the big and momentous occasion, now you can celebrate grandparent’s day, now you can be young again because a baby can bring out the youth in anyone. I really congratulate you on your new and wonderful role as a grandparent.

Grandparents, you raised your children together, now pamper your grandchildren together. Congratulations.

Your wonderful children have given you an even more wonderful gift: a grandchild and I know that you would teach this baby all you know, be a source of joy, love and stability for the baby, I also know that you would teach this baby all that is needed to ensure his/her absolute happiness and success in life. Congratulations and all my best wishes!

Ready, Set, Become Grandparents! I know this is a new stage for the both of you but I know that you two will go on to become the most amazing grandparents the world has ever encountered. Grandpa I am sure that you would assist this baby in carrying out various mischievous activities and Grandma, I am sure that this baby would never run out of candy and between the both of you I am very sure that this baby would never run out of patience, a listening ear, kindness, love, gifts, a shoulder to lean on, words of wisdom, inspirational stories, backup plans, new clothes, food, candy, amongst other things. Congratulations and all my best wishes as you ascend your new position as grandparents!

Hey newest grandparents around! Being a grandparent is basically being a parent again, but being the cooler parents, the parent all the kids love, well you are basically parents with frosting and the grandchildren would love you very much! I offer you my hearty congratulations, all my best wishes and all my love!

Dear Grandparents, while you pamper your grandchild, this I am sure you intend to do, also teach them everything you know with all the love you have to give, make great efforts to make them wiser and equip them with the skills needed to survive!

As a grandparent your roles are special and important because you are instrumental to giving your grandchild a good foundation in life. You are the child’s first storybook, first toy, first best friend and first advisor. The things you do to and for your grandchild and the things you say to the child would e instrumental in his/her formation. Congratulations on this auspicious occasion, accept all my love and my best wishes!


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