Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Wife: Here are more ways to say, “Happy Birthday!” to your wife than you ever thought you needed. Some are naughty, a few nice… no, wait that’s the Christmas theme coming out, and we all know that people start celebrating Christmas way too early as it is! Some are funny, and surely some will miss the mark. A few are sweet and will make anyone listening declare how wonderful a spouse you truly are (let’s be honest the accolades are what this is all about right).

If you make it to the bottom of this list without finding a quote that you like then quite frankly I am literally out of ideas to give you!

You only have one day to use up all these quotes until her special day is over. Then you have to wait a whole year to tell how wonderful she is. Or I guess you could just keep the happy birthday wishes rolling all year just to spice it up a bit. Either way, you better get moving.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Wife

To the most wonderful woman in the world, Happy Birthday. I don’t know how I got you to marry me.

I’m pretty lucky to be the best looking guy around, it means that I got to marry the best looking woman! Happy Birthday!

Another year older and still more beautiful. Happy Birthday!

Today isn’t just a celebration of another year older, but a celebration of being with you for another year. Happy Birthday wonderful!

Today is your special day, but you are my special one every day. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to oldest twenty-five-year old that I have ever met. I don’t know how many times you can turn twenty-five, but no one seems to be questioning the oddity!

Every year you get a little older, but there is no reason to be sad. Because every year I get to know the most wonderful woman a little better

Have you started to feel old yet? It’s really something that you will have to self-observe because I don’t feel safe talking about a woman’s age. Happy Birthday!

They say time flies when you are having fun! You must be having a blast. Happy Birthday!

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Every birthday we get to celebrate makes me love you more and more. Happy Birthday to the most loved wife in the world.

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Every year older you get the more beautiful you become. I’m glad to be the one that gets to watch the transformation. Happy Birthday!

Every birthday you have reminds me that I want to be there for the next one, and next one, and next one. Happy Birthday, beautiful!

Happy Birthday to the old woman I call my wife. I can’t believe we made it this far together.

Happy Birthday to the sexiest woman alive. I must be either really lucky or really sexy myself to have landed a babe like you. I’m gonna go with the latter because I can!

Remember how you used to look forward birthdays. Now people are too afraid to ask if you feel any older! Happy Birthday my grumpy wifey!

It’s a good thing tradition doesn’t mandate the cake be as old as the birthday girl because I don’t know if they ate cake in the dark ages. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Wife

What’s another year to a woman like you? You’ve had enough of these now we can probably stop having parties. Happy Birthday!

You’ve stuck with me through the good times and the thin times. Through the dad jokes and the kid jokes. Happy Birthday to the craziest woman I know!

Although our years are numbered I am so glad that I get to spend each and everyone with you, my beautiful wife. Happy Birthday!

Every year you get more and more dear to my heart. I thought after so many my heart would run out of love, but it continually grows. Happy Birthday, Love.

What better reason to celebrate than my beautiful wife orbiting the sun for another year! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! I love you more than I can express, but I hope this gigantic ice-cream cake will help you understand.

What could be better than celebrating another year of wonderful life with the most wonderful wife?

This birthday instead of presents I just want to shower you will my love and affection. What’s that? Oh, shoes will be just fine you say…

It’s quite shocking that you have made it to another birthday. With a husband like me who needs kids?

I’d like to blame the gray hairs on my head on some other woman, but you are the only woman for me. Grey hairs and all, Happy Birthday!

What would the world be like without you my beautiful wife? Well, I guess colors would be dimmer, and happiness would be lost. Here’s to another year colorful, happy year.

They say women live longer than men. Do you think it’s because a man couldn’t bear to live without his wife? I’m so grateful for every year I get to spend with you. Happy Birthday!

Another year older means you have spent another year with me as your spouse. I’ll say Happy Birthday as often as I can because I can’t bear the thought of a day spent without you.

The world around us may be crazy, but you have always been the constant in my life. Happy Birthday!

This year you get a little older but more importantly, you get a lot more love from your husband, Happy Birthday!

It’s been twelve months since we celebrated last. Happy birthday to a woman who can make that time feel like just one day.

Happy birthday to a woman who couldn’t have possible aged a day since we first married.

Happy birthday to the woman who made me believe in magic. How else could I explain your excellence in this world of mediocrity?

This year I don’t want to celebrate you getting another year older, but the fact that I got to spend that year with you by my side. Happy Birthday!

I love and hate to celebrate your birthday. On one hand, I love that we have one more year full of memories together. On the other hand, I morbidly think of how few birthdays we get to spend together. You are the woman I wish I could have a million birthdays with.

We only have a finite number of birthdays. I want to make this one worth more than a million lesser birthdays. I love you in every way possible, Happy Birthday!

Last year I wished you a happy birthday not knowing any way you could make me love you more. Here we are a year late and astoundingly I can’t help but notice how much more I love you.

Each year my love grows a little bit more for you. Each of your birthdays’s I think surely this year my heart won’t fit in my chest any longer. Alas, here I sit with my beautiful wife astounded that my heart isn’t the size of a house with how much affection I feel for you.

The best way to celebrate your birthday as my wife is to enjoy the presents and compliments and ignore all the jibes I make about your age. I know they aren’t funny but I can’t help myself!


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