Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Twins:  It is an amazing thing and a great blessing in life to have twins. Having twins in the family is like saying that it is always double the fun. Twins bring about twice of everything – twice the joy, twice the love, and twice the blessings from above. They are considered to be a miracle of life.

In this article, I have composed several birthday greetings for your lovable twins. In their special day, make them feel extra special by greeting them with heartfelt messages. More than the material stuff that people usually give during birthdays, it is wise to give them something that they can keep in their hearts until they grow up. Enjoy reading and choose the greeting that would best fit them!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Twins

Having you guys in our family is a total blessing! It is always double the laughter and double the fun. Happy birthday!

Double person, double birthday celebration, double the gifts and double the greetings! Have fun today and happy birthday!

As twins, you complete each other’s lives. And again, as twins, you complete our family’s life. I love you and happy birthday!

There are times that I ask myself if got your names right. Twins confuse me a lot but no matter, I still love you guys! Enjoy this day and happy birthday!

We are forever grateful to God that he gave both of you to us! You are one of the biggest miracle that we have in our family. Enjoy this special day and happy birthday!

They say that the best things in life come in pairs. And you two are the living proof of that you bring twice the blessings in the family. Happy birthday, twins!

On this day, it is always double the fun. Good thing I bought two gifts. Happy birthday to the best twins I know!

I am always seeing double whenever I see you. And that is a blessing because a miracle of life is standing right before my eyes. Happy birthday to both of you!

You may have shared the same features in the face, clothes and shoes but you are completely unique and lovable in every way possible. Happy birthday, guys!


In this special day, I hope and pray that you enjoy each other’s company until you two grow up the men that you dream to be. Happy birthday, twins!

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Since you are twins, I will greet you like this – Happy birthday happy birthday! I hope you both enjoy this special day!

Today, I hope and pray that you won’t fight over my one wish for both of you – I pray the you live your life to the fullest and that you may find joy in everything that you do. Happy birthday and I love you!

To my twins, God has created you inside my womb together. He has entrusted me with a miracle that every mother dreams about. I will always be here for you, I love you and happy birthday!

They say that two identical twins should always have identical gifts. I don’t want you guys to fight over material stuff so I will hug you and say happy birthday, homies!

Everybody dreams of having a twin, and you two are very blessed to have each other. I pray that you make the most out of this day. Happy birthday and I love you!

You are too blessed to have been born with your best friend. I pray that you cherish each other and that you will always have each other’s back. Happy birthday and I love you!

Sometimes I think of the struggle in families who have twins. They are always seeing double. I love you girls and happy double birthday!

Twice the wishes for the birthday of my favourite twins in this world! Happy birthday and let’s go party!

Twins are a beautiful invention of God. They are born out of God’s grace and their mother’s love. You are valuable and happy birthday!

When I am with you, it is double the giggle, double the fun, and always double the trouble. I am so blessed to be friends with you guys! I love you and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Twins

Happy birthday, first twin! Oh! It’s your birthday, too? Happy birthday, second twin! I was kidding guys! I hope you enjoy your day and happy birthday!

You are blessed greatly to that you and your best friend gets to have the same parents. I hope both of you enjoyed your day! Happy birthday and God bless you!

Thank you for all the great times that we shared together as we grow up. As your older brother, I hope and pray that you may find joy and success in everything you do. I will always be here for you. Happy birthday, siblings!

Life is unimaginable without the two of you. Imagine how quiet our house will be? Happy birthday to the best twins I know!

No matter how old you two get, you will always be my baby brother and baby sister. I will always be here no matter what. Happy birthday and I love you!

I have been blessed to have two brothers in this lifetime. I will never exchange you for anything or anyone else. Enjoy your day and happy birthday!

Did you guys know that you were adopted? We just invented this day to be your birthday. Kidding! Happy made up birthday, twins!

You are the two best little blessings that we have received. We love you so much and we will always be here to support you in all your dreams. Happy birthday and I love you!

I am proud to be called a big sister of the cutest twins that we have in town. Remember that I always have your back whenever you need me. Happy birthday to our youngest and I love you!

Today, I pray that success will always follow your footsteps and that your love for each other will continue to grow as you take on your life’s journey. You were born to have each other’s back. I am so proud of both of you and have a happy birthday!

Everybody wants a twin, but some kids get one. You are greatly blessed to have a twin! Enjoy your special day and happy birthday to both of you!

A better is even better for twins like you because everything comes in double and it is always twice the fun. Happy birthday and may God bless you always!

To my twin sisters, I wish you a happy birthday and I want you to know that we love you every single day!

Not everyone is blessed to be as lucky as me to have twin brothers in the family. Although we sometimes cause chaos at home, it was always fun spending time with you guys as we grow up. Happy birthday and stay awesome!

To the twins, my biggest birthday wish for is that you should stay the way you are. Do not ever change because we love you for who you are. Happy birthday and have fun!

I planned to offer you a trip to the moon on your birthday. But when I thought about it, it felt more proper to just greet you and give you a hug tight! Happy birthday to the best twins I know!


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