Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for your Son:  Remember when that bundle of joy first entered your life? Do you recall the first time those tiny fists grabbed your finger and you knew you could conquer the world for this little one? He is the son that your life revolves around, and you haven’t even realised how quickly he has grown up. Think again of those bright, shiny eyes and recreate the magic that parenthood has showered upon you. Maybe it is time again to make him realise how special he is to you! Grab a few sketch pens and pen up a heartfelt letter for the ‘apple of your eye’, or give him an honest smile and a bear-hug on this special occasion. Let him know what being your son should feel like, and envelop him with these few kind words, a gentle patting on the back and don’t forget to shower him with wisdom for his future well-being!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Son

I do not promise you life will be easy. But take it with a pinch of salt, and it will be one hell of a ride! Happy birthday, dearest son!

Whenever life feels difficult, remember, son, you’re here with Divine providence. Happy birthday!

Look up, the sky is infinitely gracious, it colours each day with feelings for the Sun, just as you colour our lives. Happy birthday, son.

They say problems are the way to grow in life. Happy birthday from one of yours!

Every year you get one step closer to becoming the upstanding man we know you’re capable of being. Happy birthday, son.

They say success is a fickle friend, but failure teaches you until the end. May life give you many such birthdays to see both! Happy birthday.

Fire a heart, light a soul, remember you’ll be loved, until you’re very old. Lots of love and wishes, son. Happy birthday!

We pray, on this day, that you may find all the happiness in world at your feet, that you rise to your responsibilities and celebrate your achievements. Happy birthday, son.

For a very long time you were our responsibility, but today you are our achievement. You make us proud. May you always be this wise, kind and compassionate, son. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes and Messages for son

As you complete one more revolution around the Sun, you’ve become the centre of our Universe. We are such proud parents, Happy birthday!

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They say happiness can be found in the darkest places. Until you came along, we never truly knew light. Happy birthday to our radiant child!

Your bedtime stories were our daily escape into our fantasy world together. May you grow up one day to build such an ideal world for yourself, son. Happy birthday!

In a world of darkness and difficulty, you were my respite. Learn to appreciate the little things in life, son, you never know you might be someone’s strength. Happy birthday.

You were a shining stroke of luck to strike our simple lives. Let your extraordinary existence illuminate the lives of others as you grow older. Happy birthday, son.

Bless the angels in heaven for they have blessed us with one. You may cringe on reading this, but you may one day experience the satisfaction of watching your young man grow into a handsome, wise man and feel the same. Happy birthday, baby boy!

As I entrust you over to life, from one mother to another, I shall always watch over you, and hope that she does too. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Son

May your innocence live long, your friends be honest and you learn to love with no barriers. Wish you a very happy birthday!

Sometimes some people enter our lives to tell us what we’ve been missing. You were one such welcome presence in your parent’s lives, love. Happy birthday.

Today, make a wish. If it comes true, know that you’re loved. If it doesn’t know that someone up there knows better, because you may not get what you want but you’ll always get what you need. Happy birthday.

You’re never too old to be kissed by your parents, in front of your friends. Yes, we know how to embarrass you, so behave yourself. Happy birthday!

A wholesome life is filled with the mistakes of the past and the wisdom for the morrow. Hope you have a wholesome life ahead. Happy birthday!

Do not fret over what you’ve not been given. Another year on this Earth, a home with a loving family and a bright future. May heaven keep showering its blessings upon you, son. Happy birthday.

Life has given us many dark times. But with you every dark cloud had a silver lining. Keep shining! Happy birthday!

One day, your mother and I wished for a miracle and our wish was granted. We named the miracle __________. Happy birthday, son!

I’ve travelled over the world and seen many strange and amazing things. But never as amazing as when I came home every night to watch you sleep. As you’ll grow older, you’ll realise your home is truly where your heart is. Happy birthday to mine!

We often take for granted the simplest things in life like a family sitting round the table, having tea. There is something so magical about having each other, forever. I love you son, nothing will ever change that. Happy birthday!

Look above, the heavens brought you down here to bestow upon us a mischievous bundle of joy! And on the anniversary of that day, wish you a happy and long life ahead!

May your belly be always be filled with food, your head with dreams, and your arms with the ones you love dearly. Wish ours will always be around you, happy birthday!

Promise that you’ll visit your old man as he gets older every day, but waits to see your face with a smile on his. Have a glorious year ahead, happy birthday!

You have taught us so much more than we have taught you, son. And as you grow up, you’ll realise that there is no better teacher than life. Happy birthday.

Being a parent is not easy. But it has been an exciting adventure, an uplifting experience and a life-long odyssey that I continue to enjoy having you as a son. Happy birthday!

I take this occasion to say always care for those weaker than you, help those in need and forgive those who need a second chance. I ask you this only because you have proven to be an ideal son, and that has only raised our expectations from you. Happy birthday!

Love moves the world in different ways and you have moved ours as happy parents to a loving child. Happy birthday, son!

If they push you down, you rise higher, as the phoenix from the ashes, but you don’t need to burn to see your light is purer than theirs. I’ll always be there for you, son. Happy birthday!

Live a life with no regrets, make wishes with a heart full of hope and even the years won’t make you feel old! Happy birthday from your dashing young father!

A young mother has a lot to worry about, but as you grew older, you only proved that you were the responsible, sensible, kind young man I took pride in raising! Happy birthday, son.

Remember one life lesson, son: Never change. Be proud of who you are, no matter how much the world might make you be someone else! Happy birthday!

They say live and let live. I say live, learn, flourish and teach! Keep up the good work, son. May you have a long life ahead! Happy birthday.

What goes around comes around, and I hope you don’t think me vain, when I say, I must have done some great actions in my past to deserve a son like you . Love you, son, happy birthday!

Since you’ve moved out to study for college, your mother and I have divided our chores. She does the job of worrying about you, while I do the job of calming her. Haha, enjoy your freedom and grow and learn responsibly, son. Happy birthday.


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