Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Son-in-Law:  It’s that time of the year again. It’s your son-in-law’s birthday. How to say happy birthday to a man who simultaneously took your beloved daughter away and is the love of her life. It’s quite the mix of emotions. Since you are here reading this I can safely assume you need some help in the way of birthday wishes.

Do not fret though I have spent the time to give you birthday wishes that will fit just perfectly to your situation. If you have a strained relationship I have some safer options that will keep you from harming your relationship with your daughter.

If you have a bit stronger relationship I’ve included some more humorous quotes. These may seem insulting to a stranger but should be endearing to the addition to the family that you had very little say about.

Enjoy the variety, and hopeful one or more of these quotes will be fitting for you.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Son-in-Law

I do believe that we should be giving presents and singing happy birthday to my daughter for your birthday. She is after all the one who has to put up with you all year long.

Happy Birthday to the son I never asked for and quite honestly didn’t want.

I know you are not my son by birth but you were chosen to be my son by my beautiful daughter and that is more special by far. Happy Birthday!

I don’t know why we celebrate a birthday for the man who put so many gray hairs in my spouse’s and I’s hair when you dated my daughter. And now that you are married begin to put gray hairs in my daughter’s hair.

How to say happy birthday to the thief that stole my most prized possession and then smiles at me because he knows I don’t want to go to jail? I guess a gritted teeth smile and a strained “Happy Birthday!” will have to suffice.

Well, son, you are getting to be an old man, you best slow down before you start looking like me!

Happy Birthday son and remember that shotgun I was polishing when were first met is still just as serviceable today as it was then.

Happy Birthday! I should be saying thank you! There was a time I doubted my daughter would ever move out of the house.

happy Birthday cards for son-in-law

Happy Birthday to the man who makes my daughter happier than I have ever seen her before.  Happy Birthday Son-in-Law

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You deserve a celebration. I may joke with you and poke fun at you, but I love you as my own blood happy birthday!

Happy Birthday son and thanks for sticking around. I know our family isn’t known for quiet reunions and good grammar, and nice manners!

It’s that time again. It’s your birthday, but honestly, I think we should celebrate your mother for birthing such wonderful addition to our family.

You were the son I didn’t ask for but love. The son who I didn’t have to feed and bathe. You were by far the easiest to raise because some other woman did all the hard work. Happy Birthday!

My daughter used to say she was going to marry me when she got older… What made her pick you over me I’ll never know. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Son-in-Law

I know we don’t always see eye to eye but today on your birthday I want to put our differences aside. I can’t imagine a better husband for my daughter enjoy your special day.

I’m glad we don’t agree on everything, and sometimes our spouses say that our friendly discussions sound more like arguments, but I couldn’t imagine another man that I would like to better battle wits with. Happy Birthday!

You came from a different place, different family, a whole different life, but you have meshed so well in our family it’s like you were custom made to be here.

I want to say happy birthday but since you decided to take my daughter from me and not even apologize for it I think I’ll just stare at you from across the room until you are uncomfortable.

Happy Birthday! I hope you get a piece of cake that the candle wax has dripped on.

I meant to grab you a present for your birthday, but instead, I got myself one. I should be rewarded for letting you live with my daughter.

You are a good man, and every time I see my daughter look at you with love in her eyes I know that you were a good choice. Happy Birthday!

Well, this year looks like the year that you start growing up. Maybe you can put down the legos and pick up a hammer for your birthday.

Happy birthday! I used to have to pick up those hair ties and dirty sock that my daughter left around the house. Ever since you came into the picture the only dirty socks I handle are my own.

You’ve always treated my daughter well. For that, I say thank you and happy birthday!

You are a real special man and you deserve at least one special day so I can say that. Don’t expect me to get this mushy any other day.

I just want to say this once, Happy Birthday I love you son. Now, whenever I’m railing at you about how to do something or just generally a grump I want you to think of that sentiment and know that is how I really feel.

I don’t always let it show but you are truly the son I never knew I wanted but I don’t know where I would be without you. Happy Birthday!

I’ve watched you go from some punk that wants to take my daughter to a dance, to some punk that wanted her hand in marriage, to some punk that takes care of my grandkids, to some punk that I couldn’t imagine life without. Happy Birthday, punk!

Happy Birthday! Where would we be without you in our lives? Well, I guess I would have a lot more hair, but that’s beside the point.

Every year you get older and I’ve got to say it’s starting to show. Happy Birthday!

I just want you to be aware that I only tolerate you so I can see my daughter. So Happy Birthday, but don’t talk to me.

Happy birthday to the man that raises my beautiful grandkids. They are what make having kids worth it.

I’ve never been really sure about how I feel about you, but when I see the way your kids, my grandkids, adore you there can be no doubt you are a great guy! Happy Birthday!

You are a son, father, husband, brother, and much more. Happy birthday to a guy who fills all those roles with class!

How does it feel to be another year older? Better yet how many times have you heard that question today?

Another year has gone by… So… Where are the grandkids. That’s pretty much the only reason I gave you my blessing to marry my daughter.

Happy birthday! Ever since you have been in the family I have someone to tell my dad jokes to who hasn’t heard them one hundred times. It’s also great that you laugh at every one of them because you are too uncomfortable to not. Let’s keep it that way.

Well, I think now that you are another year older, it’s time we tell you the truth. We only put up with you because we love our daughter.


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