Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Mother-in-Law: For many of us, our Mothers are the most important person in the world from the beginning. They continue to play an important part in our lives as we grow up, venture out into the world, fall in love, and get married. Once this union occurs we are fortunate enough to have one of the most influential people that nurtured and helped mold the person we are deeply in love with, become a part of the family.

In this piece, I have put pen to paper, so to speak, to help wish your Mother in Law a very happy birthday. You will find the perfect way to send the happiest of wishes her way and make her day a little brighter. Whether it be funny, heartfelt, or just up lifting. Even if you want to accomplish that with quotes from famous people, sometimes they are able to convey what you are feeling in a better way.

Happy Birthday, to my Mother in Law!!

Not only are you my Mother in Law, but I am without a doubt blessed to have you as a genuine and close friend. Happy Birthday, I Love You!

Words cannot express the wonderful wishes and blessings I send to you on this glorious day. Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays!

I should have known that a great person like your son/daughter, would have had to have a great Mother like you. Happy birthday! So glad you are my Mother in Law!

Praying that God bestows upon you; Peace, Love, Protection, and Happiness. On this, the day of your birth. I Love You!

God has blessed me in life with the love from two Mothers. One by blood, and the other by choice. Happy Birthday to my Mother in Law, may you get everything you have dreamed.

You became my Mother in Law years ago, I remember this day like it was yesterday. I could not have asked for a truer or more noble woman to be my Mom. I love you and Happy Birthday!

“Once blessed with a wonder mother, I am twice blessed with my Mother in Law”
Wishing you the Happiest, Warmest, and Most Marvelous Birthday! There is no one who deserves it more than the best Mother in Law. Hoping you have a Happy Birthday!

I thought about getting you an emerald necklace, a diamond tennis bracelet, or a nice jade ring. But, in the end, no valuable gem or jewel could attempt to show what you mean to me. Happiest of Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday God Bless you, Mother in Law, Happy Birthday to you. I love you.

Birthday Wishes Mother-in-Law

Mother in Law true meaning: M: Motivating | O: Outgoing | T: Thoughtful | H: Humble | E: Earnest | R: Reliable | I: Inspiring | N: Nurturing | L: Loving | A: Appreciative | W: Wonderful. Here’s wishing you the best birthday imaginable!

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Thank you for the love, happiness, and caring you show to me. I am very fortunate to have a Mother in Law like you. Love you

You hear stories of Monster in Laws! but you can forget that I have a beautiful, caring, and dear friend as a Mother in Law. Happy Birthday!

I am so grateful that I get to share this day with you! Wonderful and loving Mother in Laws like you are very rare, so this makes me truly blessed. Happy Birthday.

Wishing you the best of days, not only on your Birthday, but every day in between! You deserve it, as you raised the man/woman of my dreams. Happy Birthday to my Mother in Law, I Love You!

No present, nor wish could give you what you have given to me. Welcoming me into your family; the love, and the friendship I have felt. May every day be a glorious one, as you deserve nothing less. I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday Mom.

I know we have our difference, but know I will always put your child and grand-children first. With that wisdom that should make, not only for the Happiest of Birthdays, but every day after that. I Love you

May God shower you with blessings and happiness on this the glorious day of your birth. We have many things to rejoice for. Happy Birthday to my Mother in Law and dearest of friends.

You were a terrific role model for my husband/wife, I can only hope to set the same kind of example with your grand-children. You are the best. I love you and Happy Birthday.

Cherished Mother in Law, wishing you nothing but the very best and brightest day possibly imaginable. Happy Birthday.

To my dear friend and Mother in Law, sending you the sunniest of days. On this, very special one, the day of your birth. I love you.

Brightest blue and cloudless skies, are what I wish for you on your birthday. Happy Birthday to my other Mother.

Funny Mother in Law Birthday Wishes

I guess you are not that big of a Monster in Law…Just Kidding. Happy Birthday

You are not like those horror stories that you read about from other daughter in law’s. You are so much better. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday

Thank you for passing on the good looks gene to my spouse.

Grapes age and turn into raisins. My Mother in Law ages like a classic red wine. Here is to many more years.

Women give birth every day, it takes a very Special Woman to give birth to a legend.

I thought Mother in Laws were supposed judgmental, make my life inconvenient, and be completely overbearing. That is sounds nothing like you.

I thought about baking you a cake for your birthday. I did not want to give you something to complain about. Besides, I already know you could have made a better one.

Happy Birthday! Hopefully you will not find anything to complain about today

Happy Birthday to my Mother in Law. You are the preeminent expert on how to keep a house clean…I’ll deny ever saying this. I love you.

At times, we may act sweet towards one another, and at others sour. Sounds like we complement each other, or we have the makings for a dish that is full of flavor.

Without me, who would fall short with the housekeeping, cooking, and general welfare of your son/daughter and grand-children? Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Mother in Law, and Thank you. For teaching my husband/wife to the essentials of cooking…by looking up restaurant menus and phone numbers online. I love you

Thank you, for not putting your son up for adoption. Had you, I would have never met a woman that would become one of my best friends. Happy Birthday to my Mother in Law

It warms my heart to help celebrate another birthday for my dear Mother in Law. A few more of these and soon you will have enough wrinkles to pass as a set of blinds. I love you.

With your guidance and love, I know now the proper way to clean the ring around the tub. Happy Birthday.

To the woman who has endured the pain of childbirth every day she has put up with me, since I married her child. Happy Birthday Mom.


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