Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Girlfriend: When you reach adolescence aside from physical changes, it is also the time where in you fully develop your critical thinking skill and of course it is also the time that you fall in love.

To most guys, they’ve started courting girls and got the big “YES”. Starting a relationship may seem easy but keeping it is a different story.

To keep the relationship a lifetime, a man needs her girlfriend to be happy. One thing he could do is make her birthday a very special day. One way is to send her romantic birthday wishes. Prioritize your girl and make her realize how special she is to your life.

Check out some unique ideas about birthday wishes for your girlfriend below.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend

I am the luckiest person in the world because I have you as my girlfriend. Happy birthday my love

Every birthday is a gift from the above. Enjoy it, happy birthday my love

To the prettiest lady I ever saw, happy birthday

Happy birthday to the most beautiful, wisest, and caring girl I have

To my prettiest girlfriend who showed me how to love truthfully and makes every ordinary day to a special day, Happy birthday

You are a person who deserves everything good in life . Happy birthday baby

I wish all your dreams will come true like how you came when I dreamed of you. Happy birthday

I’m glad that you stole my heart. Please never give it back. Happy birthday my love

Happy birthday to my girlfriend who is as beautiful as the sun and kind as a kitten. Thank you for making my life complete

You are the best girlfriend anyone could have. I wanna say thank you for choosing me as your man. Happy birthday darling

Birthday wishes for your Girlfriend

If I had a chance to be granted a wish I’d wish to live forever with you. Happy birthday my love

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I wish that this is the birthday that you would never forget. Just have fun and thank you for being the best girlfriend ever

I would rather have a day with you rather than a year without you. Happy birthday

I wish I could be the richest man on earth, so I could buy anything you’d wish. Happy birthday darling

Happy birthday to the person who never failed to make me smile each day

Happy birthday baby, I promise to make your life happy just like how happy I am when you came to me

The first time I saw you I told myself you are the girl I wanted to spend my whole life with. Happy birthday darling

I hated the world but when I saw you I hated myself because of not seeing how beautiful you are. This time I wanted you to know how blessed I am to have you, Happy birthday my love

I am so grateful because out of all the people in the world you have chosen me as your man. I love you. Happy birthday

I tend to fail in every challenge that comes on my way but when you came all of that changed. Thank you for love. Happy birthday

Happy birthday to the person who colored my life my life from morning to night

I hope that a heart full of love will be enough to make you happy on your special day. Happy birthday

In the world full of strangers, how lucky I am to have you as my girl. Happy birthday

I may not have diamonds to give but I have a loving heart that is willing to sacrifice everything for you. Happy birthday

Happy birthday to the only girl who looked at me as I am his knight in shining armor. I love you

They say that no one would ever love me, thank you for proving them wrong. Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Girlfriend

I prayed for an everlasting love and when you came I know it was granted. Thank you for being here, happy birthday

Dear darling, never give up on something that you really want like I never gave up on you. Happy birthday

There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them or they need you. In my case, I needed you. I love you and happy birthday

Don’t ever underestimate yourself because for me you are perfect. I love you and happy birthday

I am very happy to have met someone like you who is tired of the games too and your loyalty matched mine. Happy birthday

All I want is to wake up every morning with you beside me. Happy birthday

I was having hard time defining life, but when I found you that’s when I realized that you are my life. Happy birthday

Never regret any decisions you have made in your life as I never regretted not giving up on you. I love you more each day. Happy birthday

My love, I just wanna let you know that you are already enough to complete my whole life. Happy birthday

There are things that I only found in you and even though sometimes we argued I’m not willing to give you to someone else. I love and happy birthday

Even if you’ll break my heart I would still talk to you with the same excitement and respect that’s because I really love you. Happy birthday

I tend to forget the things you have told me but I will never forget how you made me feel. Happy birthday my love

I know that all relationships have their ups and downs, I just wanna say thank you for not giving up on me. Happy birthday

I wanna say thank you for not only being a girlfriend to me but also being my best friend. Happy birthday

I have the worst past but I know I will have the best future with you. Happy birthday

I may not be your first love but I will make sure that I will be your last. Happy birthday

Happy birthday to the person who made me believe in magic of how two people find each other. I love you

I wanna thank you for being my reason in waking up each day. Happy birthday

When I first saw you, I fell in love and I knew you are the one. Happy birthday

Happy birthday to the girl who stayed with me even if she has all the reason to leave. I love you


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